Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!

Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!


[vote] Abstain

I’m not sure 100% who to trust yet. I have a few reads but they’ll be confirmed when the phase ends. We’ll see. It all depends on the Nidoking result.


I haven’t noticed oop


For that matter, all of the people you mentioned have all posted more than once; either they have nothing to add, or they don’t need to say anything. Whether that be choice or strategy is yet to be seen.

If we want a Nidoking result, I’m more than happy to make one because I don’t think I deserve to leave my fate to a tie vote just yet. Stacking on a random vote so early on me for trying to analyze roles bothers me, even though I don’t know if Maf would have let someone do something like that. Maybe he plays like EC? I guess I can always claim later if this vote turns out to just be bait.

[Unvote] Kitty
[Vote] Nidoking

It’s not as if the random vote yielded anything more than expected anyways.


Night One

Oof, an actual Day One lynch. Too bad the person they killed was innocent.

@Nidoking is dead. They were the Forager.

You have 24 hours to send me your Night Actions. Remember to let me know if you decided not to use your NA.

The Players

Dedenne as Robin Hood
Nidoking as the Forager


I wasn’t mafia lol owned


Day Two

Woo, that was a long night. The GM died for a bit, there. Anyway, you know the drill. Stuff happened, items were passed, mafia stabby stabbed.

@Ho-Oh is dead. She was the Gunsmith.

You have 48 hours to discuss and decide who to vote. Abstaining is allowed.

The Players

Dedenne as Robin Hood
Ho-Oh as the Gunsmith
Nidoking as the Forager


Well that went bad really fast.


No guns allowed!


Good luck town. Maybe I should have been more quiet … but I didn’t want to get lynched for being too quiet. Alas!


imo Nica definitely set herself up as a target last phase. I’d mafia are paying attention even if we can’t really vouch for how active they are or aren’t.


Sorry, I disappeared after my random vote and now I’m a bit sad that it was used to lynch a townie.

Don’t really see anything wrong with GP or Magi’s vote though, especially since Magi’s was self preservation. I don’t really see why there was a Magi wagon in the first place.


Well, it wasn’t much of a wagon really. Chura voted Magi without any real reason (exploratory?) and Nido followed along with equally little reason if not less. So there’s not really any trends there to look into as far as I can see.


Random votes in a nutshell.


i mean im p used to omgus-ing on d1
does anyone have info?


This is the issue we have, the game so far has been a real misnomer. There’s been no massive wagons from what I can see, the only real lead we had into anything was Nica setting herself up for a kill by delving perhaps too much information at once but otherwise we would’ve got nowhere due to contributions or lack thereof that day.

I can’t remember action order, would GS gun get given before they die?


I think yes.


Looks like random voting will rule the day again.

[Vote] Tyler


You’re not even gonna try to make a case on anyone?

[Vote] EvilChameleon


Well, it could’ve been a giveaway that Nidoking was acting a little too suspicious to be Mafia, possibly, but from my standpoint I could either let myself die, or lynch someone suspicious. I don’t think there’s much else to say on that front. It’s a shame that Nica drew so much attention to herself but that’s the risk that comes with trying to be leading Town.

You do realize this might be MYLO or worse, depending on the items involved, right, EC? The only reason you’d want to pull a stunt like random voting right now is if you want Town to lose, because Mafia can more easily pull off a lynch like that; the only thing I can’t figure out is if you wanted to try this because you don’t mind being mislynched, or if it was a bad Mafia strategy. I’d rather not start a wagon though without knowing if you have a reason for what you’re doing.

So far, this game has surprised me in that nobody has really gone quiet, and we’ve got quite a few of the veterans left standing… I can’t say I have any solid suspicions yet though. One thing that has got my attention is that Lorelei has made quite a few posts the last few days, but none of them have had any substance. I know they’re new, but it feels a little bit like someone feigning an active Town member with less experience. I’ve not gotten too much outside information that seems like it could be of use, but that’s just where my suspicions lie.


EC might deserve to be lynched for that but honestly he’s not acting out of character really so chances are he’s actually town.