Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!

Item Madness Mafia 2.0 - Game Over!


He probablby ended up in the wrong neighborhood.
Poor soul.


Rip robin


Rip Dedenne.

RE: Roles.

These are my thoughts: Mechanic and Saboteur AND Tinkerer OR Gunsmith + Thief and Keymaker + First Aider and Cutler pretty much are guaranteed if one exists and the other doesn’t.

So with that said…

We would definitely have a Mechanic or Keymaker out of the remaining six town as one of those two match with the one out of the four mafia potentials.

I’m also going to guess that both First Aider AND Cutler are in as one is silly without the other.

That leaves us with three town roles to confirm.

This is assuming the roles WEREN’T randomly chosen from the list but I doubt Zoska would implement roles that can effectively do nothing like FA and Cutler.

This game will also possibly be short due to numbers so imma doubt Baker is in.

Blacksmith would likely be in to protect town if Keymaker isn’t otherwise mafia is too powerful.

I don’t see Tinkerer being in honestly because Gunsmith fits Sab more as Tinkerer is more likely to stuff themselves over with the 50% and they MAY get a gun if they are right and kill them vs blindsiding the GS and getting multiple guns that way.

I’m pretty sure Snowman isn’t in because none have been passed.

So from that said above my guess is:

First Aider
Robin Hood

With the remaining one either:
Forager, Santa, Trickster and Enchantress.

Then for mafia:

Cat Lady

(The above is if we rule out thief because Saboteur is more likely - and if we have Thief anyway then the last town is Keymaker leaving Fabricator or Cat Lady the “undecided”).

What are y’alls thoughts? Is there anything I’m missing?


Well that’s a lot of thinking right there.


Right, let’s see if we can get something going with a random vote.

[Vote] Glitter


That is a lot of thinking indeed… I’ve been thinking about what you said but I can finally put my thoughts down now that I have the time…

I guess that would make this RE: RE: Roles…

You didn’t really address it, but you’re probably right about Fabricator + Gunsmith being in the game, because what would Mafia be without a ton of guns flying around? And I’m soft-confirming the Thief (and I guess Keymaker?) for reasons stated already. If you were asking for stuff you missed, Nica, that’s my input.

Between the Saboteur and the Cat Lady? As of right now, I’d have to lean towards Saboteur, although I don’t get your reasoning behind it. If there were a Cat Lady, then the only two reasons whoever the Cat Lady visited wouldn’t have mentioned the cat yet is either they forgot to check the thread, or the Cat Lady, by chance, visited their Thief and now knows the identity of the third Mafia. The last scenario is the worst case one, I think, but for now I’m just crossing my fingers that the Saboteur assumption isn’t dead wrong and going with that.

If this is the case, then I’d bet that either the Mechanic or the Tinkerer are in the game off of that… I actually think at least Santa or the Enchantress is in the game too; otherwise, we’re kind of in the dark about any role or alignment clues entirely. (They weren’t last time, but I think it’d be fun and different, okay?) Oh, and Robin Hood’s dead.

Town: Robin Hood, Gunsmith, Keymaker?, Mechanic OR Tinkerer, Santa AND/OR Enchantress
Mafia: Fabricator, Saboteur, Thief

For the last two Town, I have a few thoughts on those too, I guess…

  • While I will point out that the Baker was in last round and therefore not an impossibility, I admit it was kind of useless so I wouldn’t bet against it being taken out. On the other hand, I don’t understand why you ruled out the Snowman at all, would you care to explain that?
  • First Aider and Cutler definitely have to go together; I don’t know if I completely believe that they’re in the game just yet though.
  • If the First Aider and Cutler are not in the game, which I am actually inclined to believe may be true since we already had that last time, there’s still the Blacksmith, Snowman, Trickster, and Forager to choose from.

All this assuming I didn’t screw up somewhere down the line. It’s just guesswork though, so I’m not going to try to cement these as fact just yet.

Pressure voting sounds good, I have a few things I’d like to try. I’m willing to believe that the Mafia is actually more likely to be among those who have spoken already, because blah blah blah Discord mafia chat and all, keeping active in the thread, etc., so I’ll just go with [Vote] Kitty. You usually have a whole lot to say, so I want to see if you’ve got any ideas, seeing as we have a little more than 12 hours left. (Might need an extension though because nobody has really said much yet, much less voted :eyes: )

I would vote Lorelei but we don’t want to bully the new players just yet, do we? :3


[Vote] Nidoking

For stealing my avatar…there can be only one…


[Vote] Magipika :heart:

im sorry i forgot this exists i dont have the mafia players role tag
ok lemme read the paragraphs of text, again :sweat:

1 - why is ho-oh ruling out thief when magi said that she got an item stolen? even though it could be robin hood’s last thieving around it’s still a major possibility. could be trying to hide the fact that a thief exists while making a move to fellow mafia? or am i possibly reaching
2 - i haven’t actually read the possible roles oops ill go back to the discussion of that later
3 - i think the only way to really know if there’s a cat lady in this game is if someone got a cat. did anyone get a cat?


I didn’t even notice Magi’s post when posting. If that’s the case then we probs don’t have Cat Lady. Fab just seems VERY likely because it’s an item heavy game.

I’d say Blacksmith may not be in the game then.

Also Magi’s new post: Snowman would have snowballs thrown already. Most players here are… item friendly.

" They can visit a player during the Night Phase to give a snowball that can be thrown at another player during the Day Phase. A player with a snowball thrown at them will be role blocked the following Night Phase. The Snowman is immune to snowballs."

People would throw or mention they have gotten it if they did imo. Nobody gave any information really except yours I overlooked so I think everyone went the safe route last night with items.

@Zoska can you confirm thief stealing someone’s item notifies the player? Same with Robin Hood? Or does only one of those roles notify?

That way we can confirm you’re not 1/3 mafia Magi. I’d rather have at least one confirmed town at this early point.


Both Robin Hood and Thief notifies the player if they successfully steal an item.


Who are you tho? Very suspicious

Anyway someone visited me and gave me a gun so make of that what you will


Short reply atm cause pain but several of tge roles should be easy to confirm with notifications.

We should see if anyone cab confirm a cat visit since Magi pretty much just tokd us we have a thief.


Giving this a 24 hour extension. Stop being stingy with those votes.


I mean, Magi has basically softclaimed? I guess? You seem adamant a Thief is in the game, so what do you know that makes you think that


[Vote] Magipika

Too suspicious. Could be a cover up


Because I got something given to me and then stolen from me? My former item is either on a corpse or a Thief right now, but I don’t know if Robin Hood would have any reason to swap stuff around so early. Not sure why that’s softclaiming, maybe if you read really hard between those lines though. If nobody seems to have gotten a cat then we basically confirmed the other three roles anyways.

I feel like a lot of people might just not be claiming their items yet out of security, snowballs included. On the side note, if your gun wasn’t fabbed already Nidoking, it’ll probably be sabbed as soon as possible.

Sorry to hear that, but you’ll probably regret it.


The vote on Magi seems bogus to me and Nido isn’t really helping with his randomness at this point so…

[vote] Nidoking


Jd ec and Lorelei havent posted yet so still unsure if catlady does exist; dont rule things out just yet immd.

Also cant ensure that x role doesnt exist bc people havent claimed they got an item; unless you’re sure that sab doesnt exist etc


I’ve posted multiple times.


and they were of such quality that you may has well have not.