It me?

It me?


Hello, I’m new to the site, but I joined the Discord server a few days ago as “Spaget.” I was looking for a nice Pokemon server to join and Safari Zone’s just seemed to be it lol. Um, I like making art, video games, photography, etc. Pokémon Yellow helped teach me to read when I was smol so this franchise just means a lot to me. ^^


hi welcome and i love your avatar!
i don’t think we’ve talked that much on discord but over there my name is idc whats in ur hair. great seeing you on the forums! :smiley:


Spaget Hi!!!

Omg its nice to see you here, I hope to see you around the sections (entertainment anime areas mostly :smirk:) and maybe talk later on, hope you enjoy it here!


Hello! Welcome to the forum!

You like photography? That’s actually really cool!

Hope you like it here!
(I like your profile pic too, I loved Okami!)


Omg y’all are so nice haha I’m ecstatic to be here and meet new people with similar interests.

Taking photos is so fun and Okami is my #1 fave game. ^^



and I love photography!!

such a shame that where i live is boring and there’s not that much to take photos of though… a lot of why I haven’t taken photos of much lately.

welcome to sz though and i hope you enjoy it here!! o/


Oh my god, your icon is beautiful! * o *

Ah, same, but then again I should also really make a better effort to get out of the house with the sole purpose of taking photos. A vehicle would make that much easier tho haha


Hi hi welcome to the forum! :heart:


Welcome! I love your profile pic!


Thank you, beautiful people~ <3