Is it worth buying a membership to avoid ads?

Is it worth buying a membership to avoid ads?


I know some sites and services give you other perks for becoming a member, but if it was just to watch something ad-free would you do it?

I don’t mind watching a couple ads per episode if it means I can still watch a show for free. I can check texts or something during that time anyway, so I wouldn’t get the membership.


I don’t have membership even when something DOES offer perks and stuff… I was raised somewhat frugally so we didn’t buy a lot of things, much less the equivalent of “in-app purchases” or “DLC” for stuff that was already fine on its own. I don’t have Adblock for the same effect, but I don’t feel bad having to endure a few ads because it supports the site that you watch the show on, although I do mute the computer or take out my headphones because they can be pretty annoying sometimes : P


A d b l o c k e r

Seriously it works on crunchyroll stop wasting your life with AT LEAST 10 ADS PER EPISODE.

Also there’s so many places to watch things lately buying a membership seems overrated