[Interest Check] Turbo Games

[Interest Check] Turbo Games


Turbo Mafia games are short games that tend to last around an hour at most. They play out just like longer mafia games, except all of the action occurs at a much faster pace, which results in both a nice, quick experience (as opposed to games that can last up to a month or more) and a more intense game.

With how quickly Turbo games go, they do require much more attention than longer games—but thanks to the compounded time and Safari Zone’s live replies mechanic, it’s a lot less effort for the players in the long run, and it makes for a faster learning experience for newer players, especially since multiple games can be played in a short period of time.

What I’m wondering is if anyone here would be interested in participating in a Turbo game. I have a basic ten player one set and ready to go (which can easily be modified if more than ten people are interested), but I’d like to make sure the interest is here before posting any, considering the game can’t stay in sign ups nearly as long as a typical game.

Additionally, if there is interest, a thread could be created (or this one could be utilized for it) where players can opt-in to be @tagged by the GM when new Turbo games go up.


I’d be interested in trying it!


Funny, I literally just now mentioned something similar before seeing this.


I would be interested in it! If you’ve ever played the game MIDNIGHT it’s probably more like that? We just need a heads up when the hour slotted the game would be.


Sounds alright


I’d be down. Sounds like an interesting concept


I’d be fine with anything, truly, so consider me in!


I’m in depending on the time!


Okay, cool. I’m thinking to begin we could set one up at a specific time, perhaps that repeats weekly (and then maybe boost the frequency up), and if it ends up working out, people can start setting up their own games of it whenever.

I’ll try to figure out what time would work best for the initial one and hopefully give a fair amount of heads up, so people can see about being available for it when it happens


It’s not the same people, but you can take a look at the polls for the discord voice calls to get a general idea of the most available times that people are online and willing to do things. Discord Voice Calls!

Edit: Which coincidentally, is like right at this very moment. Saturday 18 -24 UTC


As long as they’re not too late at night for me (It tends to be the case for me in most cases) I’m definitely interested