I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 24 “Talking a Good Game!”
Yay we meet a girl with purple hair
++ Cacnea hugging James
++ Good action scene
Boo. Ash gets a cold from…water. I hate how the show still relies on that old wive’s tale.
And woo we meet a guy with green hair
Lol Ash’s voice cracked
++ Good action scene

  • Corphish’s swirly eyes
  • Tauros’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another nice intense scene.
    ++ Alakazam’s swirly eyes
    ++ And another good action scene.
    Closing thoughts:
    A very good gym battle episode.
    What put it a cut above other gym battle episodes was that the story was actually interesting. It was where the gang meets Anabell, a girl who can talk to Pokemon and sense their feelings. A cool plot, enabling it to not just rest on the laurels of the fights.
    Action was usually solid. Not much humor. But a good gym battle episode plus good plot is enough for an 8/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 25 “Second Time’s the Charm!”
++ Tauros’s wide eyes
Why was Ash smiling when telling Anabele he was being attacked

  • Ok action scene
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Alakazam’s swirly eyes
  • Corphish’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
  • Tauros’ swirly eyes
    +++ A really nice climactic scene!
  • Espeon’s swirly eyes
    Woah Anabele is in love with Ash. Good thing the episode ended right then and there without any dumb romance drama
    Closing thoughts:
    Not as strong as the last one, but still good.
    The episode started out slow, with a lame Team Rocket plot, but picked up nicely with a cool part of Ash trying psychic powers, followed by a typically solid gym battle episode in the second half. The action scenes were once again high quality, especially the last one. Not much humor. But I can give it a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 26 “Pokemon Ranger- Deoxys Crisis! Part 1”
Ugh I can’t hear them talk about the abnormal aurora without thinking about Steamed Hams
++ Brock’s heart-eyes

  • Brock’s heart eyes again
  • Sollana sweatdropping
    +++ Very well-done climactic action scene
    +++ Throughout the episode, the direction was very well done and provided a nice feel of intensity.
    Closing thoughts:
    A great episode.
    Sure, I didn’t mention much in episode specific positives, but the plot was really, really cool. It was where strange geothermal events and recent solar flares cause blackouts and are followed up by an appearance of Deoxys. Deoxys is in excrutiating pain, and when they find out why Meowth is possessed by it and used as a Vessel to communicate how it was “cold and lonely”. And then Meowth and Max are whisked to another dimension. Wow.
    That, plus an intense action scene (not much funny parts though) is enough for an 8.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 27 “Pokemon Ranger- Deoxys Crisis! Part 2”
++ Team Rocket’s rivers of tears
+++ Man the whole “kiddie” dimension thing is really cool. I wish every ep was this cool
Huh Deoxys talks about being cold, lonely and having no friends. Didn’t expect it to get so deep/angsty
Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping
++ Good action scene
+++ The entire climax scene was absolutely incredible. The mounting tension from the continued release and build-up of energy from the meteorite was extremely well-done, to the point where the meteor exploded, it felt like the episode would too. And the climax with Deoxys talking about how it wants to see the world and make friends, with the gorgeous violin theme in the background, was a perfect ending.
Closing thoughts:
A great episode.
Once again, the premise was really cool. It was where in the other dimension, Deoxys talks about how it was cold, lonely, and had no friends (surprisingly dark for Pokemon, ain’t it), and we realize it was in pain because energy was being built up around a meteor, which also caused all the strange phenomemon. The plot was very cool, and had me engaged throughout.
Not much humor, but the action scenes and amazing ending combine with the cool plot for an 8.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 29 “New Plot, Odd Lot!”
++ A good but short action scene
Why is the art so different? Jessie and James look weird
++ Cute flashback of young Harley and May

  • Cacturne’s heart eyes
  • Ha Bellsprout
    ++ Combusken’s wide eyes
    I hate how Ash’s VA always pronounces Team Rocket as “Team Racket”
    ++ Another good but short action scene
    Aww Harley petting Ariados
  • James’s wide eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    Another very poor contest episode.
    It had the same problems of the other contest episodes. It was just flashy move showing, with only a few redeeming qualities (a few pretty good action scenes, some funny faces, cute flashback). Thus, I can’t give it anything above a 3/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 30 “Going for Choke!”
++ Good action scene

  • Cacnea and Mime Jr. hugging James
    Am I the only one who doesn’t like how MC always says “Let’s get busy!” before each round? Sounds sexual
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Another good action scene
    Closing thoughts:
    A decent episode.
    The Team Rocket subplot was pretty lame, but the contest battles were as always good. It was good that they did all the move-showing before. So I can give it a 7/10.


Here’s my thoughts on the newest Pokemon movie:

As a whole, the movie was decent.

It took way too long to get going, however. Most of the first half was just antics at the carnival, and while some of it was funny a lot of it was fillerish. However, it picked up nicely in the second half with the whole Zeraora curse and town being struck by a poisonous gas, and remained entertaining through the end.

Though the plot wasn’t the best it had some aspects to compensate well. The fight scenes were the usual high quality that the movies offered, especially the excellent climax scene. There was some very funny bits, too. I especially liked the parts with Sudowoodo. The professor’s Chansey was great too. And the animation and direction was great too, as is the standard for the movies, though I wasn’t particularly a fan of the extremely obvious CGI in spots, which looked like we took a trip into Wii Sports Resort.

Overall, ok. 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 32 “Grating Spaces!”
++ Brock sweatdropping

  • Brock’s weird face
    ++ Another nice boss fantasy
  • Brock’s sibling’s wide eyes
    I love Pikachu’s cheerleading outfit and fans. It gets me every time
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Charizard, Aggron, and Team Rocket’s wide eyes
  • Meowth’s wide eyes
  • “But if this ever happens again…well, it better not”
    Closing thoughts:
    Just an average episode.
    The plot was mostly boring. It was just where Team Rocket “remodels” the Pewter Gym while they get a Charizard and Aggron (and immediately lose them). Not much interesting happened. The only plot revelation was that Brock’s Onix was shown having evolved into a Steelix (which is why I didn’t skip).
    There was some nice action in the second half (took up a decent chunk, which is why it wasn’t worse) and a few funny bits, but overall only a 6.5/10.


Pounding in your temples, and the surge of adrenalin
Every muscle tense to face the enemy within

Geddy Lee of Rush, “The Enemy Within”
Similiar sounding song title out of the way, let’s do this
Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 33 “Battling the Enemy Within!”
“Put that down Ash!”
doesn’t put it down
ball comes rolling at them

I love when characters encounter problems from their own stupidity.
Lol possessed Ash’s voice and dialogue is so cheesy and I love it

  • “Seems like Ash has a sore throat!” I also like May’s casual “he’s…not himself today” response.
    ++ Very cool parts with Ash and the king fighting for control.
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Sceptile’s swirly eyes
    ++ And another cool climax scene with everyone trying to urge Ash to come back.
  • Jessie sweatdropping
    Closing thoughts:
    This was a very cool episode.
    The episode was where at another Battle Frontier battle, the gang falls into ancient ruins. In there Ash awakens and is possessed by the spirit of an ancient king. The battle goes on, and Ash and the king fight for control during the fight. This was a very cool storyline. I really like the more “mythical” plots of the show as well as “hero possessed by evil spirit” plots, and so I very much was engaged. Even if the King of Pokelantis’s “i’m gonna take over the world!!!” dialogue was hilariously cheesy.
    Not much good humor but the action scenes were solid, and there was a number of very cool scenes, especially the ones set inside Ash’s mind where he fights for control. So overall, I can give it an 8/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 34 “Slaking Kong!”
I like Wobbuffet’s wig

  • Some pretty decent intense scenes.
    ++ A good climactic action scene, with a nice homage to King Kong.
    – Boo the giant Slaking was just a Team Rocket robot. Lame twist.
    ++ Seviper’s swirly eyes
    +++ Very nice climax!
    Closing thoughts:
    A pretty mediocre episode.
    The plot was disappointing. I was hoping that it would be a fun King Kong homage (as listed, as well as shown by the title), but instead it was just a mediocre Team Rocket plot. It got pretty interesting near the end with the giant Slaking going on a rampage but then it turned out that it was just a Team Rocket robot. I hate when episodes rely on these dumb, Scooby-Doo style twists.
    Not really much good humor. However it was saved from being a disaster because the action scenes especially near the end were quite good, and not quite enough to be a winner overall but enough to lift it to a 6/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 35 “May, We Hardly Drew’d Ya!” (what a terrible title)
++ Jessie’s large head
++ Caroline sending “good vibrations” and May sweatdropping+weird face

  • Brock’s heart-eyes
    ++ More good heart eyes from Brock
  • And even more.
    I like Wobbuffet’s cap
  • Jessie sweatdropping
    Okay Harley dressed up as May looks horrifying
    ++ May’s weird eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    Another lame contest episode.
    The first part of the Grand Festival once again was boring and had nothing to lift it, except some funny bits. But it’s good that they got the move-showing part out of the way so that the next eps will be devoted to the battles. But this episode, having so little to redeem it, only gets a 3/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 36 “Thinning the Hoard!”
++ James and Meowth sweatdropping

  • Decent action scene
    Aww the girl petting the Ninetales
    ++ Some nice emotional moments with Drew’s breakdown. Good atmosphere too.
    Ash petting Pikachu is cute.
  • Cacturne’s swirly eyes
    ++ Wigglytuff’s shocked face
    ++ Good action scene.
  • Wigglytuff’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene.
  • Harley’s shocked face
    ++ Loudred’s swirly eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    Thankfully this episode was decent.
    The opening half had some pretty mediocre contest scenes but the scenes with Drew breaking down over the battle were nicely emotional and there was a decent fight. As well, the second half we went into the battle scenes, and they were once again quite exciting. Some funny parts too. So I can give it a 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 37 “Channeling the Battle Zone!”
Wow Harley threatened to choke May. Cool it dude
++ Some very good battle scenes.
+++ Wow, the Combusken vs Absol battle was insane! One of the best for sure.
++ Another good fight between Aipom and Pikachu
Boo May lost. Why can’t they win stuff?
+++ And wow, a really good emotional scene after May loses the battle and breaks down. The string music in the background made me misty-eyed.
Closing Thoughts:
A really nice contest episode.
The action scenes in this episode were great, especially the awesome Combusken and Munchlax vs Absol and Flygon battle, which was one of the best of the season. No really good humor but there was also a GREAT emotional ending, so I can give it an 8/10. Definitely one of the best contest episodes.