I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


Alright, this is it, the LAST episode done by 4K!DS! (i’m skipping “Pasta La Vita”)
Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 57 “A Hurdle for Squirtle”
++ Pikachu scratching himself like a dog
++ Jessie’s face when she’s collapsed
– A pretty underwhelming fight! They just stood around for most of it, followed by Harley curbstomping Jessie. A rare misstep for the usually good battles.
++ Team Rocket turning white
++ Good fight here.

  • Weepinbell’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
  • Ariados’ swirly eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    Once again, the first half didn’t really do anything for me. And even when the battles did begin, the first scene, Harley vs Jessie was a curbstomp battle and not even very funny. Thankfully it picked up near the end with a pair of good fights, but it was only enough for a 5/10. Shame that season 8, and by extent, the 4K!DS run, had to end on such a low note.


Alright it’s time for a megareview
Pokemon: Lucario And the Mystery of Mew
++ The opening scenes aren’t quite as good as for example the first movie or Deoxys, but they’re still very cool, especially the parts with Lucario’s aura vision, and the wide shots of the hundreds of Pokemon fighting.
– However, I don’t like how it gives a “European medival fantasy” atmosphere. I don’t like that stuff
+++ A really cool scene showing technology passing through the ages. looks more like the beginning of a history documentary than a Pokemon movie, but still super cool.
Aww it’s a Pichu! So cute.
++ Pikachu’s horrified expression
The animation once again looks excellent, though I don’t like the uses of extremely obvious CGI.
– Terrible song playing during the battle. I don’t like the theme “Unbeatable” at all.
++ The battle is good, though.
++ Brock’s heart-eyes
Man the CGI background people look really obvious, like DS graphics
Aww I like the scenes of the Pokemon playing around.

  • The guy’s swirly eyes
    Ha Lucario’s voice reminds me of Shadow the Hedgehog
    ++ Mime Jr. well…miming Brock
    — Lucario saying “I don’t have any friends, and I don’t want any” in THAT voice makes me cringe
    ++ Ash and May’s weird eyes
    Boo Ash gets a cold from…falling into water. I hate how shows still follow that Old Wive’s Tale
    Oh look we have the scene of Lucario eating chocolate that caused everyone to think it likes it.
    +++ The atmosphere starting around the 40 minute mark is really good! Music+animation+etc makes it seem really epic. Especially the Time Flower part
    ++ A nice emotional scene with Ash apologizing to Lucario
    Lol Regirock’s voice sounds like a dubstep voice sample
    +++ Lovely scene introducing the Tree of Beginning.
    Jessie and James hug out of fear! Rocketshipping
    Alright now things are picking up further. The movie wasn’t really so hot at first but has got gradually better.
    Wow first Jessie and James get absorbed and pre much ded, now Brock, May, and Max are all dead
    +++ The entire Tree of Beginning part is really cool and intense so far.
    Woah, Ash died. For the second time
    ++ And his death was nicely emotional, and Mew resurrecting everyone looked very lovely.
    Team Rocket hug again. Rocketshipping
    +++ Extremely cool, but short, flashback to Sir Aaron’s death
    +++ The climactic scene with Ash and Lucario both using their aura was really, really nice as well.
    +++ And finally, though not quite the emotional gut-punch of, say, 4Ever, the death of Lucario was really emotional. It was especially poignant for playing the death of Sir Aaron over it, really capturing the parellels between the two characters.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good movie.
    The first half or so was pretty weak. I didn’t like the use of Medival Fantasy elements, (never been a fan of those), and the plot wasn’t very interesting at first. The Rescue Pikachu stuff wasn’t really very engaging, and the whole ball scene was way too long.
    But by the halfway point of the movie, and especially by the point when the Regis were introduced, things got very interesting with the Tree of Beginning plot and the whole time flower stuff, and it built until the ending of the movie, which was as intense and emotional as expected for the franchise.
    The action scenes were quite good, and though there wasn’t much good humor, there was a lot of nice emotional moments especially, once again, the ending.
    And as usual, the animation and atmosphere was great. The CGI was cringeworthy at times but for the most part things looked very lovely, especially scenes like the intro to the Tree of Beginning and the opening scene, but the entire final half felt really nice and “epic” too.
    So it’s not one of my very favorites, but quite good. 7.5/10.

…And with that, the 4K!DS era is done. However maligned the dubbing might be, I enjoyed it. There was some cringeworthy parts (“These donuts are great!”) but they didn’t do much in the way of censorship or plot-altering, and the voices were usually good.


And it’s time for Battle Frontier, and the TPCI era!

Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 1 “Fear Factor Phony!”
Oh man the voices are much worse. They all sound like poor imitations of the past actors. Jessie and James don’t sound awful, but May, Max, Brock, and ESPECIALLY Meowth are poor.
++ The characters necks lengthening

  • The gang sweatdropping
    ++ Team Rocket doing the same thing with their necks lengthening
    ++ Jessie’s weird face
  • Meowth sweatdropping
  • Meowth sweatdropping again
    ++ May sweatdropping
    ++ A nice emotional flashback of Abra getting abandoned.
    ++ The heart coming out of Wobbuffet’s mouth
  • Decent closing action scene.
  • The Psychic Pokemon’s shocked eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    An okay episode.
    The plot started out with an interesting Spooky plot with them going to a haunted literal Ghost town. It does get weaker once the psychic vs ghost Pokemon plot is revealed and they throw a party (Plus another lame Team Rocket plot) but as a whole the episode was decently engaging.
    There was some alright action, good humor and even some nice emotion, so I can give it a 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 2 “Sweet Baby James”
++ May’s neck stretching
++ James shutting up Wobbuffet

  • “Me and Jessie? I’d rather DIE!” Yeah right
    ++ Nice emotional scene with Chimecho
    ++ Jessie’s heart-eyes
    ++ Jessie and James rummaging in the fridge
  • Jessie and James’s scary faces
    ++ Another nice emotional moment with May and James’s shared worries.
    +++ Very well-done emotional farewell to James’ Chimecho, which also had some funny bits in the flashbacks.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Just an average episode.
    This episode was where May’s Munchlax and James’s Chimecho get sick and are taken under the care of James’s grandparents. Unlike most Pokemon get sick episodes this one wasn’t very exciting or interesting.
    There was some good emotional moments (especially the ending) and funny parts, but as a whole it was only a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 4 “Wheel of Frontier”
++ “My aching hair!”
SICK use of live-action explosions.
++ Good action scene
++ Grovyle’s swirly eyes
+++ A particularly intense action scene follows
++ Hariyama’s swirly eyes
How can Hair ache James
Wow that was a quick defeat

  • Snorlax’s wide mouth
    +++ Great action scene, especially the ending of it.
    ++ Medicham’s swirly eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    This was a very good episode!
    Sure it was just mostly another gym battle episode, but what made it great was that the battles this time around were very intense, and thus worthy of an 8/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 5 “May’s Egg-cellent Adventure!”
++ May getting shocked

  • May’s surprised face
    ++ Munchlax’s plus eyes
    ++ A very silly action scene, which is good
  • Vileplume’s swirly eyes
    ++ Voltorb’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good shocked face from May
    ++ Team Rocket’s swirly eyes
    I like how Vulpix eggs have their tail pattern
  • A decent climactic action scene
    Meowth- “I love the free market!” Republican confirmed.
    ++ “You’re giving me a pain, but I can’t say where because kids watch this show!”
    Aww it’s a Vulpix
    Closing thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    The premise was boring. It was just them going to an egg farm and Team Rocket steals the eggs. Lame. I only watched it because importance.
    There was some good action scenes and funny moments but only enough for a 5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 6 “Weekend Warrior”
Aww Squirtle looks cute with flowers
++ May sweatdropping
Lol the rock guy sounds just like Metallica’s James Hetfield

  • A few decent bits of emotion in the otherwise super boring family drama scene
    – Lame curbstomp battle
    ++ Vileplume’s swirly eyes
    ++ A good climactic action scene.
    ++ Venusaur’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    Yet again, a mediocre contest episode.
    Though I did like the whole washed-up rock star parts, otherwise not much interesting happened. There was a good fight scene near the end of the episode the first of the two was a lame curbstomp. There was some decent emotion as well, but as a whole I could only give it a 5.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 8 “Tactics Theatrics!”
++ Ash’s wide eyes
++ Ash turning to stone

  • The girls with heart eyes
    yay it’s another guy with green hair and one with purple hair
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Another good fight
  • The girls getting heart eyes again
  • More heart eyes
    ++ Final action scene was good with some very intense bits
    Closing thoughts:
    This was as usual a good gym battle episode. The battle scenes were good, especially the last, and there was no lame Team Rocket plot. 7.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 9 “Reversing The Charges”
++ Exeggutor’s swirly eyes
++ Good action scene
++ James’ weird face

  • Meowth sweatdropping
    Why does Elekid go like “BE BE BE BE”
    ++ Another pair of good intense scenes.
    ++ James’s fire eyes
  • Decently well-done scene with Pikachu getting struck by lightning.
  • James’s enlarged head
    +++ Very well-done final action scene! The intense atmosphere throughout was great.
    Closing thoughts:
    A very good episode.
    The story was interesting this time around, with the gang encountering an Elekid who gets an electricity buildup which causes it to go berserk. Though somewhat similar to the first AG episode, it was somewhat different, not being life or death but still intense in it’s own way.
    Some funny parts, and action scenes throughout were quite well done, especially the final one conveyed a great sense of “epic” intensity.
    Thus, I can give it an 8/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 10 “The Green Guardian”
++ We start off good with an intense scene of Celebi preventing a fire

  • Brock’s heart-eyes
    Yay we meet another girl with blue hair
    And she has a Plusle! Cute
    ++ Ash sweatdropping
    ++ James and Meowth’s visible sigh
    Jessie and James hug. Rocketshipping woot
    ++ Diglett and Dugtrio’s wide eyes
    ++ Pikachu making faces
    ++ Nicely done scene with all the vines disappearing
  • A decent climactic action scene.
    ++ And finally a well-done final scene of Celebi stopping another fire.
    Closing thoughts:
    This episode was good.
    The storyline of this episode was where the gang finds Celebi injured, and in his weakened state he makes a forest covered with vines, posing problems. The plot was decently entertaining, even if it turned into a generic Team Rocket plot near the end.
    There wasn’t really much good action scenes but there was some nice humorous moments, and several scenes with Celebi, especially the beginning and ending, were very well-done.
    Overall, a 7.5/10


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 11 “From Cradle to Save”
++ Ninja guy sweatdropping
Yay it’s another green haired girl
++ Classic lovestruck Brock
+++ The entire scene with Team Rocket was really funny

  • Some decently humorous moments in training but mostly boring
  • Max’s weird face
  • Jessie’s wide eyes
  • Some decent bits in the Team Rocket fight scene.
  • Brock’s heart eyes
    ++ A good emotional moment with Bonsly
    ++ And a nice action scene to close things out.
    Closing thoughts:
    Just an average episode.
    The premise was pretty uninteresting. It was just Ash and the gang training up to be ninjas before we get a generic Team Rocket plot. Meh.
    Thankfully, there was some good action scenes, and some very funny bits as well. Also a decent emotional part near the end. Thus I can give it a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 12 “Time Warp Heals All Wounds!”
++ Brock’s swirly eyes

  • Meowth’s weird face
    ++ Jessie’s swirly eyes
    +++ Woah, this was unexpected. The grandma at the train station waits there because the grandpa died in a train accident and she doesn’t believe it, and is still waiting every day for him to come back, and was going to tell him she was having a baby on the day he died and never got the chance. I did not expect this out of Pokemon! The flashback scenes itself were very well-done and emotional.
    I like how Meowth calls May the “Twerpette”
    ++ Nicely done scene with Squirtle making it snow
  • Meowth’s big eyes
    ++ Another pretty scene with the Volbeat around the tree. The lovely music really helps.
    ++ And finally, though the ending song was pretty cheesy, it somehow managed to work in making the episode feel much bigger feel than normal. It made it feel more climactic, like one of the movies.
    Closing thoughts:
    A great episode!
    The story was, as mentioned above, surprisingly dark. After the aformentioned flashback stuff, however, they go back in time through grandma’s old locket, allowing them to change the past so that grandpa doesn’t die. The plot was atypical of Pokemon, but really cool and kept me engaged from start to finish.
    There was also a number of well-done emotional moments which fit the plot, and as a whole the animation and direction was really good. Some scenes could pass for one of the movies, and it felt much bigger and more epic than the usual episode. All these factors allow me to give it an 8.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 13 “Queen of the Serpentine!”
Aww I like May’s Eevee. It’s really cute.
Yay it’s a girl with green hair
And Yay Lucy has a ridiculous hairstyle
Wow more weird blue hair
++ Good action scene

  • Seviper’s swirly eyes
    ++ Donphan’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene, especially the climax.
    ++ Milotic’s swirly eyes
    ++ “I love looking into your eyes, Skitty. It reminds me of Brock”. I like how they comment on the fact their eyes are both closed.
    Closing thoughts:
    A decent episode.
    It started off slow with another lame Team Rocket caper, but once the Battle Frontier stuff began, the action scenes were the usual high quality for the show. 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 15 “Harley Rides Again!”

  • Brock’s heart eyes
    ++ Pikachu’s unamused face
    ++ Some more good faces during the May and Harley argument
    ++ Harley laughing
    ++ Team Rocket’s frozen faces, and Jessie with red eyes
    Aww Pikachu looks so cute with clothes and fan
  • Harley’s weird face
    ++ Scared Wobbuffet
    – Lame, one-sided action scene
  • Team Rocket’s scared face
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Harley’s scared face
    ++ Munchlax’s swirly eyes
  • Brock’s heart-eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    A pretty mediocre episode.
    It started (Very funny moments at the beginning) and ended (a good action scene) on good notes, but most of the episode was just another boring contest episode, plus a generic Team Rocket plot. So overall just a 6/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 16 “Odd Pokemon Out!”
++ Good action scene

  • Brock’s heart eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
  • A decently good boss fantasy
  • Max’s weird eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • Grovyle’s heart eyes
    ++ Grovyle’s horrified face
    ++ More good faces
  • Some decent emotion.
    Boo Grovyle evolved into Sceptile. I don’t like Sceptile as much
    ++ Sceptile’s horrified face
    ++ And yet another good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    An ok episode.
    The premise wasn’t so hot. The part with Grovyle getting attacked by Tropius and ending with Sceptile forgetting how to use moves were good, but I wasn’t fond of the romance and Team Rocket stuff.
    But it made up for any premise shortcomings with good action scenes, nice humor, and even a bit of decent emotion. So 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 17 “Spontaneous Combusken!”
Lol Combusken’s name is misspelled on the title card
++ Drew sweatdropping

  • James and Meowth sweatdropping
  • The girl’s big eyes
    ++ May’s weird eyes
    ++ Mime Jr. dancing
    The competing girl has a really annying voice. Reminds me of old videos I made where I put on a super annoying falsetto
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Mime Jr.'s swirly eyes
    ++ Nidoran’s swirly eyes
    ++ Skarmory’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene, especially the intense climax.
    ++ Vibrava’s swirly eyes
    Aww May hugging Combusken
    Closing thoughts:
    A decent contest episode.
    The episode started out boring, but the second half was more battle centered, and all the fights were good, especially the ending Combusken vs Vibrava battle. There was some good humor as well, and overall I can give this a 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 18 “Cutting the Ties that Bind!”
Ash’s voice sounds even worse
++ Good action scene
Aww Pikachu flexing it’s muscles
++ Another good action scene
++ And a good climax.
++ Team Rocket’s swirly eyes
Closing thoughts:
This episode was okay.
The plot was decently engaging throughout, with Ash and Sceptile getting split off from the rest of the group and the hazards they face. Even with a Team Rocket intrusion at the end I enjoyed it decently. There was not much good humor but some good fights. Overall, a 7/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 19 “Ka Boom With A View!”
++ Good action scene
++ Shiftry’s swirly eyes

  • Team Rocket’s weird eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • Heracross’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
    ++ Venusaur’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • Swellow’s swirly eyes
    +++ A great climactic battle!
  • Claydol’s swirly eyes
    Aww Ash glomping Sceptile
    Closing thoughts:
    Another good gym battle episode. The fight scenes were good throughout, especially the last one, and there was some nice visual humor. Overall, 7.5/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 21 “Curbing the Crimson Tide”
++ Poliwag’s swirly eyes
++ Gulpin’s swirly eyes
A talking Pokemon? This better not be just a stupid “guy in a mask” thing
++ Good action scene
++ The face doodlings on Squirtle
Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping
— BOO. It was just an act. A girl was doing the voice of the Talking Scizor. Lame.
++ Another good action scene
++ Good action scene
++ Scizor’s swirly eyes
Closing thoughts:
The episode was where the gang encounters a mysterious talking Scizor, who battles anything it comes across with. I was hoping it would be a cool “mythical” plot or at least meeting another talking Pokemon, but nope, it just turns out it was a Scooby-Doo style act.
There was good action, but not much good humor. Overall, a mediocre episode. 6/10.


Pokemon Battle Frontier Episode 22 “What I Did for Love!”
Ugh that green-haired girl has a really annoying voice. I do like how she has green hair though
++ Brock’s heart-eyes
Wow this character of the day has a NORMAL hair color and style? Madness!

  • The girl sweatdropping
    ++ The gang’s shocked faces
    I love Pikachu’s cheerleading outfits.
  • Brock’s heart eyes
    ++ Brock’s weird face+fire eyes
    I don’t like how the host says “let’s get busy” before each battle. Sounds sexual.
  • Decent action scene
    ++ Absol’s swirly eyes
    ++ A very good climactic action scene!
  • Brock’s shocked face
    Closing thoughts:
    Another mediocre episode.
    Once again, the move-show off portion of this contest episode was boring and nothing more then just flashy move showing. It got good at the end (and there was some funny bits) but it was too little too late. 5.5/10.