I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 13 “It’s Still Rocket Roll to Me”
++ Max’s big eyes
I like how Max’s glasses light up when he’s excited.
++ Another nice boss fantasy
I like how the art-style of boss fantasies are very chibi
Huh the space shuttle in PokemonWorld looks just like ours. Americanization at work
++ Ash riding on the centrifudge, and his swirly eyes

  • Pikachu imitating other Pokemon
  • Chimecho blinding James
    ++ Team Rocket’s swirly eyes
    ++ Corphish trying to take control of the shuttle
    ++ More Team Rocket swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode.
    This episode was where the gang goes to watch a space shuttle launch, and Team Rocket tries to steal the shuttle. Space has always fascinated me ever since I was a little kid, and so I enjoyed seeing this episode.
    No really good action scene, but good humor, so a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 14 “Solid As a Solrock”
++ Another nice boss fantasy.

  • Pikachu’s wide mouth
    ++ Pikachu falling to the ground like paper
    Wow Team Rocket get a song
    ++ Good action scenes.
    ++ Jessie and James’s reactions to Meowth’s name for the robot
    Ugh why did this have to turn into a generic Team Rocket ep
    +++ The last action scene is really good and intense!..
    — But WHAT is with the Thunder Armor thing? It’s not a move from the game! Pure Deus Ex Machina.
  • Solrock and Lunatone’s swirly eyes
    Closing thoughts:
    A decent but flawed gym battle episode.
    The action scenes were very good, especially the last one, as was the humor, and it could’ve been an otherwise good episode, but there were two flaws.
    The first was that Team Rocket intruded on the battle, something which is usually avoided and really messed up the pacing here.
    And the second big flaw was that when Ash is being curb-stomped, he manages to have Pikachu and Swellow use a move called “Thunder Armor” which does not exist! It only serves to just hand it to him, and that annoys me.
    Still, I can give the episode a 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 16 “Where’s Armaldo?”
++ Max’s wide eyes
++ Max sweatdropping

  • Brock’s heart eyes
    Huh this ep is where a guy revives extinct Pokemon for an amusement park. Sounds familiar.
    ++ Another boss fantasy
    What’s up with Armaldo’s eyes? Maybe it’s based on something with eyes detached from head tho
    ++ Corphish’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very good episode.
    The story was very interesting. It was where the gang meets a scientist who clones extinct Pokemon. Though obviously a riff on Jurassic Park, it was very interesting in it’s own right, especially when the Armaldo goes crazy and they have to find it.
    That plus good action and humor means an 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 17 “A Cacturne For The Worse”
++ Meowth sweatdropping
Yay we meet a guy with long purple hair

  • Harley imitating May
    Ha I like their Wobbuffet grinder
    +++ Jessie yelling at them and their amazing faces
    Aww Azurill is cute! I agree with May.
    ++ Azurill’s swirly eyes
    ++ A good action scene
    +++ A particularly great finale, especially with Harley pushing May to the breaking point.
  • Cacturne’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent contest episode.
    The first half was pretty boring but when it got battle focused in the second half it was good. The last action scene in particular was pre intense so I can give it a 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 18 “Claydol Big and Tall”
++ The old guy offering souvenirs

  • The guy asking again.
    ++ Meowth’s wide eyes
    “Claydol. The Clay Doll Pokemon”. Wow so creative
    ++ James’s swirly eyes, plus the silly animation in general.
    Umm so James and Ash just dressed up as Eggplants…
    ++ Jessie’s wide eyes
    Turns out both of the book instructions were actually the opposite of what was said
    ++ A really lovely but short song! Reminds me of Lugia’s song.
    And now they dress up in ridiculous outfits to stop it.
    ++ Wobbuffet’s outfit
    +++ Turns out that Wobbuffet’s disguise was pretty enough for Claydol. Ha!
    Closing Thoughts:
    Pretty good as a whole…
    The episode started out good and interesting. Team Rocket awakens an ancient giant Claydol, which wreaks havoc on a nearby village. Thus, the heroes and villains have to team up to stop it. Could be a standard good episode, but then things go wayyyy off the rails. Ash and James dress up as Eggplants (!) to lure the Claydol in. Once that fails, they dress up as “beautiful maidens” to try to lure them in. However none of their singing and dancing is good enough for it…Except for Wobbuffet 's (!!!) and that allows them to get it. Though a lot of this part is stupid, some of it was very amusing, and combined with the first half it’s enough for a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 21 “Absol-Ute Disaster” (quality pun)
++ May’s tired face
++ Jessie’s random scream
Yay Team Rocket have British accents
Woot another kid with blue hair

  • Jessie sweatdropping
    Team Rocket hug. Rocketshipping!
    They hug again.
    Why does Ash always introduce himself as being from Pallet Town? Does everyone even know where that is?
    ++ Wow turns out that Absol was actually predicting a flood! Nice twist.
    ++ Good final action scene.
    Team Rocket hug a third time! So much Rocketshipping
    Closing Thoughts:
    An okay episode.
    The plot was where they meet a town where a large number of bridges have collapsed, and an Absol is blamed on it. It could’ve been a lame plot but was made at least fine by a good twist at the end where it turns out that Absol was warning of a major flood that could stop the village.
    Not much good action or humor but premise enough for a 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 22 “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snorunt!”
++ Meowth’s wide eyes

  • Corphish sweatdropping
    Aww Snorunt is cute.
    Ha I like how the snowmobiles have a face.
    ++ Wobbuffet’s sad “WOBBA”
    ++ A good chase scene
  • Team Rocket’s shocked faces
  • Aww Snorunt’s cute dance
    ++ Another good action scene.
  • Corphish’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    There really wasn’t much story to be found. It was mostly just Snorunt antics and a lame Team Rocket story.
    There was some good action scenes and humor, plus Snorunt was cute, but it’s only enough for a 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 23 “Do I Hear A Ralts?”
that’s some obvious CGI for the trees
++ Ash and Max’s reactions to their frozen clothes
Why did Ash’s hat and Max’s glasses just unfreeze between shots? Animation error
++ Another good boss fantasy.

  • Team Rocket’s bad disguises
    ++ Good action scene
  • Nice emotional moment with Max breaking down
    ++ Another very nice emotional montage of Max trying to save the Ralts. Even the cheesy music doesn’t have a problem!
    ++ Team Rocket’s shocked faces
    Geez apparently if Ralts hadn’t got to the Center within another hour, it would’ve died.
    ++ And yet another good emotional goodbye.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very good episode!
    This episode was where Max finds a very sick Ralts, and has to get it to a Pokemon Center quickly by himself, despite facing many obstacles. The premise was very emotional and lended to a good amount of heartfelt moments, somewhat magnified by the fact that Max is quite young and had to do it himself.
    Action scenes were quite good and there was some nice humorous moments as well, so I can give it an 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 24 “The Great Eight Fate!”
It’s called SOOtopolis? I thought it was Zootopolis.
Ha he has a Wailmer. I like those.
++ A good action scene.

  • Snorunt’s cute dance
  • Snorunt’s swirly eyes
    ++ The action scenes are usually high quality.
    ++ Seaking’s swirly eyes
    ++ Selio’s swirly eyes
  • Grovyle getting lovestruck
    Closing Thoughts:
    An okay episode. It took a while to get going, but once it did the action scenes were as usual high quality and intense. 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 25 “Eight Ain’t Enough”
++ Grovyle hitting itself
++ Grovyle’s swirly eyes
++ More good action.

  • Luvdisc’s swirly eyes.
  • Corphish’s swirly eyes
    ++ Whishcash’s swirly eyes
  • Swellow’s swirly eyes
    +++ An excellent climax to the battle!
  • Milotic’s swirly eyes
    Wow the rain badge looks like a TriForce
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good gym battle episode, as usual.
    The action scenes were as always very good, especially the climactic one, and I liked the visual humor with the swirly eyes. The subplot with Team Rocket I could do without, but still, 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 27 “Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?”
++ Pikachu looking up in shock
++ Good action scene.

  • Meowth’s shocked face
    ++ James and Meowth imitating Wobbuffet
    May and Drew are alone together. Shippers probably liked this episode a lot.
    ++ May’s pouting expression
    I like Mudkip pointing with it’s fin
    ++ “Wobbuffet’s probably out there getting Wobba-fed” plus Wobbuffet eating
  • Wobbuffet spinning
    ++ May’s reaction to the berries.
    ++ Wobbuffet’s scared voice
    ++ Another good action scene.
  • Cacnea hugging James
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very good and fun episode.
    In this episode, the gang gets stranded on an island, and split up with Team Rocket having to look for Wobbuffet, and Ash and them trying to find May and Drew (shippers delight). I always really like these sort of episodes where they get split up, they’re usually a lot of fun (Examples: Bound For Trouble, Forest Grumps, A Hole Lotta Trouble) and this one was no exception.
    There was a lot of good humor in this as well, and good action scenes. All in all, an 8/10.


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Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 29 “Mean With Envy!”
++ Snorunt freezing Ash
Yay it’s another green-haired boy

  • May sweatdropping
    ++ May’s weird eyes
    Wow we have recolored Jynx
  • Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ I like how they commented on how Meowth never attacks.
  • Meowth sweatdropping
    Aww I like the guy petting Mightyena
  • Joshua sweatdropping
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    Once again, there wasn’t anything in the way of an interesting plot, and they even had to throw in a stupid love triangle plot with May. Lame.
    There was good action and humor but only enough to lift it to a 5.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 30 “Pacifidlog Jam!”
++ James sweatdropping

  • Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Jynx chasing after Meowth
    ++ Good action scene
  • Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Meowth sweatdropping again
    ++ Wobbuffet doing his thing. Also the whole “That’s good, that’s bad” thing reminds me of the Simpsons
    ++ Good battle scene with very intense climax
    ++ Another good battle scene.
    ++ Jynx’s swirly eyes
    Aww Skitty wearing the ribbon looks cute.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent episode. The romance love triangle drama was lame, but the battle scenes were their usual high quality and there were some funny bits. 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 31 “Berry, Berry Interesting”
++ Ash getting burned from the berry

  • Brock getting ears pulled
    ++ Team Rocket getting hit by Munchlax
  • Max sweatdropping
    +++ The Pokemon’s reactions to May’s Pokeblocks were hilarious
  • Wobbuffet sliding on the floor
    ++ May’s weird face
    ++ May sweatdropping
    ++ Combusken and May’s reactions to Munchlax sleeping
  • Decently entertaining fight
    ++ More good faces
    ++ James getting burned from the berries
  • Munchlax eating really fast
    Closing Thoughts:
    Did not live up to it’s name. There was not much of an interesting plot here. It was just people cooking PokeBlocks and Team Rocket stealing them.
    But it still was good! The episode was really funny. I love the humor style of animes like this, and this really delivered throughout. I don’t need to list examples since I provided them above, but it’s enough to lift an otherwise poor episode into a 7.5/10.


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Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 32 “Less Is Morrison!”
++ Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping
Classic 4K!DS replacing a riceball with a sandwich

  • The gang’s reactions to Morrison and Ash’s terrible boasting
    Lol Morrison’s voice reminds me of the bully in Arthur
    ++ Good action scene
    ++ Pikachu and Beldum’s swirly eyes
  • Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping again
  • Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes
    ++ Max and Brock sweatdropping
    ++ May, Max, and Brock sweatdropping
    — Ash and Morrison’s bickering is really, really annoying
  • Another good boss fantasy
  • Ash and Morrison faceplanting themselves
  • Decent action scene
    ++ Meowth, Seviper, and Cacnea’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    There wasn’t anything in the way of an interesting story. It was just an introduction of Morrison which became a generic Team Rocket episode. As well, Ash and Morrison’s constant bickering and one-upping got really, really annoying after a while.
    There was some good action and some nice humor throughout, but only enough for a 6/10.


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Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 34 “Hi Ho Silver Wind!”
++ The kid sweatdropping
AdvanceShippers probably liked this episode, what with Harley thinking May and Drew were in love
++ Harley gasping
Wait that’s how Illumise is pronounced? I never knew

  • Ha Chimecho making a Wobbuffet face
    Closing thoughts:
    A really, really boring episode
    Nothing interesting happened. The story was just setting up the contest plot, and I don’t even like contest eps to begin with.
    There wasn’t even much good action or humor to make it above crap, I can only give it a 2/10. A contender for the worst episode ever.