I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 28 “True Blue Swablu”

  • Nice atmosphere with the opening storm scene.
    ++ May’s very wide mouth
    Wait a second Swablu’s song has the same melody as Jigglypuff’s
    ++ Torchic pecking May
    ++ Another nice Meowth fantasy
    Aww look at May and Swablu sleeping
    ++ Max’s story and May’s reactions
    ++ Very sweet montage of May taking care of Swablu.
  • May’s weird eyes
    ++ Nice emotional ending
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode.
    The story was very good. It’s where the gang finds a seriously injured Swablu, and nurse it back to health as well as helping it re-learn how to fly. It was a cute and emotional story overall.
    There wasn’t any good action scenes but that wasn’t really the focus. Some good humor and emotion though.
    Overall, a 7.5/10.


GIANT Treecko?
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 29 “Gulpin It Down!”
++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes
++ Lovestruck Brock
++ Some fine action scenes
“Soon enough, we’ll be Gulpin!” Imagine if they meant that literally…
“Seems subatomic particles are a bit unstable” I would’ve never knew!
++ We close out with a fun Giant Monster Battle!
– Why did Treecko go back to normal size just because it was tired? Seems sorta clumsy.
Closing Thoughts:
A fun but flawed episode.
The story was wacky and entertaining. It’s where a bunch of Gulpin come into town and eat all the food, and they gotta get them out. But there was some wasted potential. Near the end of the episode, a teleportation accident makes Treecko and Gulpin giant! Godzilla style monster battle ensues, before Treecko reverts back due to being Too Tired. It was cool, but why couldn’t that have been the full episode? Giant Treecko causing havock would be loads of fun.
Complaint aside, it was an enjoyable episode overall. Aside from the fun story there was also some nice action scenes throughout, so I can give it a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 34 “Balance Of Power”
Why was Caroline massaging Max
++ Team Rocket’s big eyes
++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes
+++ Pikachu’s big eyes
++ Good action scene

  • Slakoff’s swirly eyes
  • Torkoal’s swirly eyes
  • Vigoroth’s swirly eyes
    ++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
    Huh why was Ash sadder than normal about Pikachu fainting
    Eek Grovyle’s voice sucks
    Ha I like Wobbuffet’s hat
  • Max’s wide eyes
    +++ Really nice emotional ending!
    Closing Thoughts:
    Another good gym battle episode.
    The action scenes were as usual high quality, and there was also a really nice emotional ending from the fact that Max’s dad lost. The facial expressions were also great. 7.5/10 overall, close to an 8 but not quite.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 37 “Grass Hysteria!”
Huh May was captured by a Skarmory. Interesting. Humans aren’t usually captured by Pokemon.
++ Some good action scenes throughout
May was captured early. Sort of a waste.
Sigh and now it’s another Team Rocket ep
++ Good action scene
++ Another nice emotional ending
Closing Thoughts:
A disappointingly average episode.
The plot started out interesting, with May getting captured by a Skarmory and them having to rescue her. Unfortunately, she is rescued halfway through, and the rest was a generic Team Rocket episode. Sad
Action scenes were fine but there wasn’t any good humor. Overall, only a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 38 “Hokey Poke Balls!”
++ Brock’s heart eyes
Ha Pikachu scratching himself like a dog
Welcome back Ash’s Bulbasaur.
++ Good action scene.
++ Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping.
Closing Thoughts:
A poor episode.
The plot was just a typical uninteresting Team Rocket episode. It was nice for Ash’s Bulbasaur to return but that was the only good bit.
There was a good action scene but unfortunately not much good humor to lift it. So only a 4.5/10.


You’re living in a Time Machine
And you can choose just who you are

Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath, “Time Machine”
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 40 “Me, Myself, And Time”
++ Neat and creepy song!
++ Nice creepy atmosphere with the fog
Wow the character of the day has a normal hair color

  • Pikachu playing with Baltoy
    Ha Ash’s singing is awful
    ++ Good action scene
  • Ash’s wide mouth
    ++ Confused Ash
    – Pre lame Team Rocket fight
    ++ Woah, the woman is actually Callista from the future! Really neat twist!
    +++ Excellent atmosphere in the final scene.
    Closing thoughts:
    A very good episode.
    The story was quite engaging, with Ash meeting a girl named Callista, and helps her search for some ancient artifacts. The more mythical plots i’ve always been interested by and I like this one. The ending twist at the end was also really neat.
    Wasn’t really much good action, but nice visual humor and one hell of an ending twist gives it an 8/10,


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 41 “A Fan With A Plan”
++ Drew sweatdropping

  • May sweatdropping
    ++ May and Max sweatdropping
    – Pre bad cheerleading song
  • Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping
    +++ In general the opening fangirl scene was very funny.
  • May and Max’s blank eyes
  • Cassandra stealing turnips
    ++ Cassandra’s mom sweatdropping
  • May’s wide eyes
  • May’s sweatdrops
    ++ Good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    As a whole, a mediocre episode.
    The story was pre much nonexistent. It was just setting up the plot for the Contests and nothing else.
    But there was a good amount of good humor, and a nice action scene at the end, so I can’t really knock it too harshly. 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 42 “Crusin’ For a Losin’”
The fangirls can be pre annoying
++ Good action scene

  • Girafarig’s swirly eyes
    +++ A very good, tense battle
    Aww look at Ash petting Bulbasaur
  • Decent emotional scene
  • “Why aren’t these awful things selling?”
    ++ Jessie’s big eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    Another mediocre contest episode.
    There wasn’t really much story or good humor. The action scenes were very nice but very short and neither they nor a nice emotional scene were not enough to lift the episode above mediocre. Only a 5.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 44 “That’s Just Swellow”
Wow we meet another kid with weird blue hair
++ Jessie sweatdropping

  • James’s wide eyes
    Wow James actually called May by her name and not like “The Twerpette” or whatever
    Ha I like the Pikachu balloon.
    ++ Good action scenes.
    ++ May sweatdropping
    ++ May’s very wide eyes
    How was Meowth talking without moving his mouth
  • James’ high scream
    +++ A very good final battle!
  • Wobbuffet sweatdropping
    Wait is it called PROSTATE TOWN?
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode.
    This episode was another competition episode, with Ash and May participating in a flying Pokemon tournament. It was very entertaining throughout, with good action scenes and nice visual humor. So overall a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 45 “Take This House and Shuppet”
++ “The broad expanse of the universe…this has nothing to do with Team Rocket”
I would like to see the unseen incident that left everyone’s hair curly

  • Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Team Rocket sweatdropping
    ++ Their weird faces
    Man May is a jerk in this
    ++ The gang sweatdropping
    I like them trying to convince themselves that the house isn’t haunted.
  • Ash sweatdropping
    ++ Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good and fun episode.
    This episode is where the gang stumble upon a mansion that is haunted by a Shuppet, and after an argument with May Max and the Shuppet pull pranks on the rest of them. It was similar to the season 1 episode “The Tower of Terror”, and was similarly entertaining throughout.
    Good action scene at the end and nice humor. So overall a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 47 “Unfair Weather Friends”
“What lovely weather” and then it starts pouring. Kinda like the last few days here.
Neat it’s a Team Aqua episode
+++ Team Rocket deflating themselves was amazing
++ Team Rocket’s swirly eyes

  • Ash’s wide eyes
    I like the scientist’s Ditto, it looks cute
    ++ Ash sweatdropping
  • Wobbuffet’s intrusion
    Wow apparently Mille was actually in disguise the whole time? What a twist
    Yay and he has ridiculous blue hair
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ Brock’s wide mouth
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very good episode!
    The premise was very engaging. It was where Ash and the gang go to a weather institute, where Team Aqua are there and trying to steal data on Kyogre and Groudon. The plot was very interesting, “mythical” and high stakes, plus we got one hell of a twist at the end.
    Combine that with good action scenes and very good humor and we have a winner of an episode. 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 48 “Who’s Flying Now?”
Wow TIL James used to play violin
Aww it’s a Chimecho
++ Winona sweatdropping

  • yay its a hypercheesy dance pop song. It isn’t bad tho
    ++ Pikachu sweatdropping
    ++ James sweatdropping
  • The salesman’s berserk crying
    ++ The Pokemon’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    A boring episode.
    There really was barely any plot. All that happened was antics at a Carnival and James catching a Chimecho. Not very interesting at all.
    There was some good humor and a nice action scene at the end, but only enough for a 5/10.


Time to finish off season 7!
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 49 “Sky High Gym Battle!”
++ Filler sequence of Team Rocket dancing
++ Jessie’s wide eyes

  • Altaria’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene
    Why does Pelipper have a southern accent
    ++ Pikachu and Pelipper’s swirly eyes
    Wow she got a Shiny Swellow.
  • Grovyle’s swirly eyes
    ++ A very good climax to the battles.
  • Swellow’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A typical good gym battle episode, with good fight scenes, good humor, and minimal Team Rocket intrusion. 7.5/10 to close out the season.


Season 8 time.
Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 1 “Crazy As A Lunatone”
They lost their memories and can’t remember what happened, they say, smiling
So there’s a Nurse Joy #5 fragrance? What’s #1 through #4?
This is an interesting episode!
That’s no moon, it’s Team Rocket. Nice Star Wars ref.
++ Meowth’s swirly eyes
– Stupid argument about weirdness
++ Good action scene.
Closing Thoughts:
A good episode overall.
The story was interesting, with a Lunatone crashing from space and brainwashing an entire village. However, it turns out it was a mistake, so they have to try to get it home. The more mythical/space eps are always good.
Not much in the way of good action or humor, but the story was enough for a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 3 “A Scare To Remember!”
Aww Pikachu skipping is so cute
Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping
++ Team Rocket falling to the floor like paper

  • Meowth’s very big eyes
    +++ Throughout this episode Meowth and Pikachu’s bonding is very cute.
    Aww Jessie petting Pikachu
    ++ Jessie’s big eyes
  • James weird eyes
    +++ An excellent climax scene. From Meowth and Ash both trying to get Pikachu to remember right, to the scenes of Pikachu shocking Ash, to Ash’s struggle to get Pikachu back, to where they were floating in the water and the good times montage plays, the ending of the episode was both excellently intense and emotional, and worthy of a grade increase on it’s own. The mall-rock song in the background isn’t the best, but it’s far from the worst song to make it into Pokemon.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A great episode!
    The story was interesting, with Pikachu and Meowth getting lost after a battle with Team Rocket. Pikachu loses his memory, and Meowth convinces Pikachu that he is a member of Team Rocket while Ash and Team Rocket try to find their respective Pokemon. Somewhat a cliche plot, yes, but it was engaging throughout. The bonding between Meowth and Pikachu was cute as well. I love episodes where they bond (“Bound For Trouble” was a good one).
    The final action scene was, as mentioned above, fantastic, and there was a good amount of emotional heft as well, thus I can give it an 8.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 4 “Pokeblock, Stock, And Berry”
++ Pikachu’s weird sad face
++ Ash’s reaction to the sour berry
Yay we meet another girl with purple hair

  • “If it’s reminding you of my ex-fiance then yes”
  • Max sweatdropping
    ++ Ash sweatdropping
    ++ Swellow crashing and Ash’s wide mouth
  • Max sweatdropping
    ++ May’s shock
    ++ Combusken’s reaction to May’s food
    ++ In general May’s failure at cooking was quite funny
    – One-sided fight scene
    ++ Wobbuffet’s wide mouth
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    There was not anything in the way of an interesting story. It was just exposition for the next contest. There wasn’t any good action scenes either. There was some good humor, however, especially in May’s failure to cook well, but that only lifted it up to a 5.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 5 “Lessons In Lilycove”
++ Swellow hitting the tree

  • James and Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ The host sweatdropping
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ James’s very wide eyes
  • Jessie and Chimecho’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    Once again a mediocre contest episode.
    Most of it was just Pokemon showing off their moves, and it wasn’t entertaining at all. It did pick up near the end with a few good action scenes, and the humor was good, but in the end I can only give it a 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 8 “The Relicanth Really Can!”
++ Another Meowth boss fantasy
++ Some good action scenes in the water.
++ Wobbuffet intrusion
Closing Thoughts:
A decent episode.
There wasn’t really much good action or humor here. However, the premise, about the gang trying to find a buried treasure in a sunken ship, was decently compelling, and enough for a 7/10.


Wow time for high stakes stuff
Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 11 “Gaining Groudon!”
++ May’s weird eyes
++ May and Max’s shocked face
Woah Pikachu got possessed. Stuff’s getting real.
+++ Very intense action scene!

  • Ha I like Wobbuffet’s very wide mouth
    ++ James’ weird face
    “I have a bad feeling about this” sic ref
    Closing Thoughts:
    This was a very good episode!
    The premise was engaging and high stakes. Team Aqua and Team Magma have control over Kyogre and Groudon, and Pikachu is possessed by a glowing orb. A great high stakes setup, i’m expecting BIG things for the next episode.
    There was some really nice action scenes too, and good visual humor. 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 12 “The Scuffle of Legends”
Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping confirmed.

  • Jessie sweatdropping
    Wow now the Aqua guy got possessed by the blue orb
    +++ The stormy atmosphere throughout the ep is very well-done.
    +++ Throughout the entire episode, the atmosphere is really tense
    +++ The ending scene with the two orbs combining, with the music in the background, was super welldone. In fact, the entire atmosphere of the climax and ending was expertly done. Pikachu and Archie screaming as they get unpossessed especially.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Despite my lack of comments, this was a great episode, and one of the best of Advanced Gen.
    This episode featured the long-awaited climax between Team Aqua and Team Magma, while both Pikachu and Team Aqua’s leader are possessed.
    This high-stakes set-up lended itself very well to the episode. The action scenes were excellently well done and conveyed a good sense of tension and excitement, and the whole atmosphere of the episode was also excellent, creating an epic feel definitely on par with other of the best episodes of the show. Especially the climax, and the ending was also very lovely.
    Thus, it was a great ep overall. 8.5/10.