I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 34 “Now That’s Flower Power!”
++ May’s swirly eyes
Huh May’s irises disappered for a moment. Weird.
Yay we meet Drew and he has Spiky Green Hair
++ May fighting with Drew
++ Jessie’s fire eyes
++ Good action scene.

  • Ash and May sweatdropping
    ++ May geeking out over the other coordinator
    ++ Torchic eating berries
  • And May getting mad and it for doing so.
    GLUK Berries is an odd name.
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ Another nice action scene.
  • Team Rocket’s weird faces
    Ha they have Pikachu fireworks.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Mostly just an average episode.
    The story was throwaway and forgettable. May is training for a Pokemon contest and meets another trainer who wants materials for Fireworks, and Team Rocket steals them. Weh.
    Thankfully, there was a decent amount of good action scenes, and some nice visual humor, so it wasn’t really a total loss. 6.5/10.


Second to last episode before Jirachi Wishmaker!
Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 36 “Win, Lose, Or Drew!”
++ May sweatdropping

  • May’s scared face
    Man this episode is boring
    ++ Finally, we get a good action scene. But this is a low point
  • Beautifly’s swirly eyes
    Aww look at Meowth sleeping on Jessie. Cute.
    +++ Very nice emotional ending.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A poor episode.
    The story was very uninteresting. I do not like Pokemon Contest episodes, generally. They’re like if you took a gym battle episode and got rid of the good battle scenes, and since those are the main draw it can’t help but be a death knell.
    It did slightly redeem itself at the end, with a good battle scene and very nice emotional ending, but it wasn’t enough as a whole. 4/10.


Time for another mega-sized review!
Pokemon: Jirachi- Wishmaker
Shut up Mr. Narrator you’ve been going for 3 mintues
Nice use of having No Music in the opening scene. Creates a nice atmosphere.
++ Ha I like the inflatable Wailmer
Woah major effects failure! A woman is shown lifting a rock and it looks like the rock is pasted on top of the background!

  • “They’re stuck in a dark place with impending doom and now way out! Sounds like my life!” wakemeupinside.jpg
    – lame onesided action scene
    ++ Aww, cute scene with May and Max. But did Max just call May “mommy”? Odd.
  • Also nice song by May.
    ++ Very nice animation for Jirachi’s awakening.
    Aww Jirachi’s cute!
    ++ Ha May’s weird eyes
  • Max sweatdropping
    ++ Ha it turns out Jirachi stole all the candy from a store. Classic
    ++ Ha after asking to Remove the Problem Jirachi removes May. Classic Jirachi
  • Some good faces
    Why is this movie so low stakes? Shouldn’t there be more than just cute legendaries?
    ++ Good action scene, tho
    I don’t like Jirachi’s voice
    Aw look at Max and Jirachi sleeping
    Woo things are getting interesting now
    ++ Nice intense scene with Jirachi’s energy being harnessed
    ++ Ash falling off chair
  • Team Rocket eating ramen
    ++ Nice emotional scene with Ash and Max.
    ++ Another nice scene of May giving a lullaby
  • Jessie: “Do you think i’m blind?”
    James: “It would explain the hair”
    ++ Nicely directed scene of Jirachi’s interrupted farewell.
    – Lame one-sided curb-stomp battle.
    Woo Groudon has awakened, and it’s draining the life out of the trees. It means business.
    And it just swallowed Brock and May! It really means business!
    +++ The climax scene was not up to par with some others, but it was very well-done and intense.
    ++ Very nice scene with them singing! They’ve never sung before so this was a nice treat. And it was a quite lovely song. Jirachi’s goodbye was also nice.
    Jessie and James are hugging! Rocketshipping confirmed.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent movie, but definitely the weakest of the first six.
    The story was pretty thin. It was mostly an excuse to have Max and Jirachi do fun stuff. It wasn’t until the last half hour, with the guy awakening Groudon, that things finally managed to get intense.
    On the surface, it should be only a 6/10, BUT it’s lifted because there were quite a few funny and emotional scenes. Max and Jirachi’s bonding was often very cute, and there were some pretty sweet moments between May and Max as well. So it’s enough to round it to a 7/10.


Time for the seventh season, welcome back Misty!
Pokemon: Advanced Challenge Episode 8 “The Princess And The Togepi”
++ Some funny bits with Team Rocket

  • May’s carat eyes
    ++ Team Rocket’s dot eyes
    Misty hides behind Ash for protection! Pokeshipping confirmed
  • Good action scene.
    Woah Who’s That Pokemon was retired! End of an era
    ++ Another good action scene.
    Huh this episode’s where a Togepi is needed to perform a rite of passage ceremony so that the new queen of some kingdom is crowned. Kinda odd for Pokemon ain’t it.
    ++ Some good facial expressions, and sweatdropping
  • Misty throwing Brock
    Closing Thoughts:
    Unfortunately this episode wasn’t particularly good.
    The plot (posted above) was an awkward attempt at doing a generic medival fantasy plot, and given that I don’t really like those, it’s only inevitable I wouldn’t like this.
    Tho there was some good action and humor, like always, I could only give a 5.5/10.


Whoops- turns out I accidentally missed 4 episodes that I was gonna watch. How embarrassing sweatdrops. So let’s go back.
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 1 “Jump For Joy!”
++ Another nice Meowth boss fantasy

  • Brock’s heart-eyes
    ++ May’s wide mouth
    ++ Some good action scenes.
  • More good facial expressions from Brock.
    Huh when was the last time a Pokemon captured a human? Usually it’s the other way around.
    ++ Another good action scene.
    So the Shiftry just wanted Nurse Joy to help an ill Nuzleaf? Good. I was scared it was…something else.
    ++ Yet another good action scene.
    ++ “It’s scary, and hairy, and looks like my cousin Larry”
  • Wobbuffet clapping
    Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping confirmed.
    ++ Good action scene.
    Nice direction in the scene where Nuzleaf is healed.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very solid episode.
    The story of this episode was where Nurse Joy gets kidnapped by a Shiftry, and Ash and the gang have to rescue her. A human hasn’t really been captured by a Pokemon before, so this was an interesting twist. I also like the ending where it turns out they were really trying to help a Nuzleaf.
    The action scenes were especially good this time around, and the humor was as always solid. So an 8/10 it is.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 2 “A Different Kind Of Misty!”
++ May and Brock sweatdropping
++ Magnemite’s X-eyes
Aww Plusle and Minun are cute!
++ Good action scene.

  • May sweatdropping
  • Brock sweatdropping
    Woah Ash is the Chosen One a second time
    Ha look at Plusle and Minun’s ears drooping
    ++ Good action scene
  • Magnemite’s X-eyes
    ++ Another good action scene.
    ++ Max dragging away Brock
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent episode.
    The plot was decently interesting. It was where Ash meets the keepers of a lighthouse, who think that Ash is the “Chosen one” who can protect the stone that powers the lighthouse. Though the scenes where Ash trained to make the guy a hero were boring, the rest was okay.
    Action and humor were good too, so 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 3 “A Poke-BLOCK Party”:
“Whismur gets so distracted by the sound of it’s crying that it will continue to cry until it gets exhausted” 2meirl4meirl
Yay we meet another girl with green hair
++ May and the other girl sweatdropping
++ More funny antics in the maze.

  • Another nice boss fantasy
    Ash and the Whismur girl are sleeping back to back. I ship them
    ++ Jigglypuff drawing on their faces
  • Meowth smashing into the wall
    ++ Yet more good facial expressions
    Team Rocket sleeping back to back! ROCKETSHIPPING!
  • And even more good facial expressions
    ++ Max’s wide mouth
    “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!” sick ref Jessie
    ++ Another great scene with the trickster hitting the wall, plus his mangled version of Old MacDonald
    ++ This is essentially MemeFaces the episode
  • The King Of Tricks’ swirly eyes
    ++ Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Team Rocket’s swirly eyes
    ++ And finally another funny Jigglypuff scene.
    Closing Thoughts:
    What a fun episode!
    The episode was where the gang enters an obstacle course, where the prize is a lifetime supply of PokeBlocks. The premise lended itself to a lot of fun throughout, and it was consistently entertaining. I especially was fond of Ash’s idiocy in this episode, it helped things out.
    The humor was where this episode especially excelled. The animation was especially expressive this time around, and there were tons of great facial expressions and slapstick throughout, making it one of the funniest eps of the show.
    Overall, though i can’t really give a much higher grade, an 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 4 “Watt’s With Watson?”
++ Good action scene.

  • Another nice boss fantasy.
    ++ Magnemite’s x-eyes
  • Voltorb’s swirly eyes
    – Ugh, one-sided action scenes. Why? Usually the fights in this show are great.
  • Magneton’s x-eyes
    – The action sucks in this ep!
    ++ A good emotional moment
    Huh turns out Ash’s curbstomping was because of being overcharged.
    ++ Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Good action scene.
  • Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Meowth’s wide eyes
  • Seviper’s X eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A poor episode.
    It was a gym battle episode. Normally it would be great, but this time, not so much. The battle scene was a one-sided curbstomp, with Ash taking down all the Pokemon in one hit. I mean sure, it was because Pikachu was overcharged, but still, I watch gym battles for the action scenes, and those fell short.
    There was some good visual humor and good fights at the end, but still, only 3.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 9 “A Togepi Mirage!”
“Go break time and space!” man that sounds cool
++ Good action.
++ Misty tugging Brock

  • Some good Team Rocket faces
  • The Shedinja’s swirly eyes
    Ugh this episode is generic medival politics again. Save it for Game Of Thrones
    +++ Really cool action scenes with the Paradise Togepi
    ++ Nice emotional scene with Misty bidding farewell to Togetic
    Closing Thoughts:
    An average episode.
    Once again, the plot was boring. Save the monarchy politics stuff for Game Of Thrones, please.
    Thankfully, it wasn’t a total loss this time. The action scenes were particularly great, including the long one with the paradise Togepi, and Misty’s farewell to Togetic was very emotional. Some good visual humor too.
    So I can give it a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 11 “I Feel Skitty!”
++ Torchic hitting rock
++ May’s scream

  • May’s face
  • Brock’s heart eyes
    Yay we meet another character with blue hair
    ++ Some nice Brock womanizing scenes
    ++ Another funny Meowth fantasy
    +++ All the scenes of Skitty playing around are really cute/funny
    ++ Meowth falling in love with Skitty
    ++ Good action scene.
  • James’s very wide eyes
    ++ More good facial expressions
  • Another good boss fantasy
    ++ Meowth and Wobbuffet dazed from the Sweet Scent
  • Meowth’s very wide eyes
    Why does Skitty always say “NAY!”
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very cute and funny episode.
    The storyline wasn’t particularly special. I thought it would be another “they try to save ill Pokemon” ep but it turned into a Team Rocket ep instead.
    However it was more than made up for. The humor was excellent, with lots of great visual moments throughout, and very nice scenes, from lovestruck Meowth to the boss fantasies to Brock’s womanizing. And as well, Skitty was very cute throughout, it’s antics were very entertaining. And finally, the action scenes were their usual high quality. Hats off for making the most of the situation. 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 14 “Pros And Con Artists”
++ Some good facial expressions

  • Good scene with Brock
    ++ May’s swirly eyes
  • The gang sweatdropping
    ++ Grace’s odd facial expression
  • The guy jerking his head
  • Guy sweatdropping
    ++ Wobbuffet eating the Pokeblocks
    ++ Ash sweatdropping
    ++ Good action scene.
  • Tailow’s swirly eyes
  • Some decent nighttime atmosphere
    ++ Team Rocket sweatdropping
    ++ Another nice emotional scene with May
  • More sweatdropping
    ++ Team Rocket being drawn in an odd artstyle
  • May sweatdropping
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    Like usual for contest episodes, the story was unspectacular and didn’t really engage me at all. There’s not really much more to say on that front.
    There was a good fight scene, some decent emotional moments, and nice humor, but overall it was only enough for a 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 15 “Come What May!”
++ May and Drew sweatdropping
++ Good action scene.
++ “What happened?” “We happened!”

  • Meowth’s wide eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • Rosalia’s swirly eyes
    ++ Another good action scene.
    Aww May hugging Beautifly
    Huh Drew hands May a Rose? Could they be in love
    Closing Thoughts:
    Thankfully, this episode was decent.
    It was a contest episode, but unlike the last episode this one was more battle-centric. And since the battle scenes were their usual high quality (especially the last one) I can give it a 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 18 “Fight For The Meteorite!”
++ Some good faces
++ Jessie blowing up the phone
++ Team Rocket sweatdropping

  • Jessie’s large head
    ++ Crawdunt’s swirly eyes
  • Max sweatdropping
    Scientist guy explains meteorites to the viewing audience. Pokemon becomes The Magic School Bus
    ++ Good action scenes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode.
    The story was very interesting. The gang happen upon Team Magma, who steal a meteor they use to power a volcano. I’ve always liked the episodes which were more high stakes than the norm, and this was no exception.
    The action and humor were as usually solid, so I can give it a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 19 “Poetry Commotion!”
++ May’s sad face
++ Brock’s head exploding
Man what’s up with Flannery’s hair? It looks like a palm tree

  • Brock’s heart-eyes
    ++ Max sweatdropping
    ++ Everyone sweatdropping
  • Another good Meowth boss fantasy
    ++ Flannery’s grandpa’s disguise
  • Another good disguise
  • Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Good action scene
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode.
    There wasn’t really much of a good story here, mostly a mix of Team Rocket caper and them cleaning up the gym match, but that is somewhat forgiven by how they were just setting up the next ep.
    Action and humor were strong, but overall, only a 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 20 “Going, Going, Yawn” (Awful title)
++ Flannery sweatdropping

  • Flannery’s grandpa sweatdropping
    ++ More sweatdropping
    ++ Magcargo’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • Corphish’s weird eyes
    ++ More good action scenes.
  • Slugma’s swirly eyes
    ++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes
  • Treecko’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good climax to the fight scenes.
    ++ Torcoal’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    Once again, like most gym battle episodes this one was good. The action scenes were solid throughout, especially the ending with Corphish falling asleep! As well there was good visual humor, and minimal Team Rocket intrusion, so a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 22 “All Torkoal, No Play”
++ Good action scene

  • Torkoal spraying the gang
    ++ Pikachu sweatdropping
    ++ Another good action scene
    I hate Torkoal’s voice. it sounds like it’s dying
    ++ Torkoal sweatdropping
    ++ Team Rocket sweatdropping
    ++ Another good action scene.
    ++ And another good action scene.
  • Pikachu’s blank eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent episode.
    The storyline wasn’t really much special, with the gang just going through a valley to get to Mauvile City. However, it was made up for by several great action scenes, plus the typical good visual humor, for a 7/10.


Time for the last two eps before Destiny Deoxys.
Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 25 “Disaster Of Disguise”
++ Skitty chasing his tail
++ May sweatdropping
Was expecting Phantom to have a deeper voice TBH
+++ Very good action scene! The animation is a cut above most.
++ The woman grabbing Ash

  • Ash’s swirly eyes
    ++ Pikachu’s swirly eyes and sweatdrops
    I really hope the Phantom doesn’t turn out to be the kid. Would be way too obvious and cliche
  • Team Rocket’s sweatdrops
    ++ Ash’s swirly eyes
    ++ Turns out it was actually Timmy’s father! Nice fake twist guys. I was sure it would turn lame.
    ++ Tommy’s swirly eyes
    – Wait it actually was. LAME.
    ++ A nice emotional scene
  • Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Good action scene.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A dissappointing episode.
    The episode was about a mysterious masked trainer called The Phantom, and a boy named Timmy who dissappears whenever he’s around. I was expecting it to avoid the predictable “they’re the same!” twist, but nope! They did it anyway. Sad.
    Action scenes were a bit above par, and humor was good, but still, only a 6/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 26 “Disguise Da Limit”
++ Wartortle’s swirly eyes
Ugh why did they skip the battle?
++ Good action scene here tho
++ James’ wide eyes

  • Meowth sweatdropping
    ++ Good emotional scene
    ++ Another good action scene.
  • Max’s wide eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent episode this time around.
    It was another contest, true, But it had very good fight scene emphasis as opposed to flashy moves, and so I could give it a 7/10.


Megasize review:
Pokemon: Destiny Dexoys
+++ Terrific animation and atmosphere throughout the opening scenes.
+++ The first action scene was also excellently well-done, the space atmosphere made it incredible.
As a whole the first 10 minutes didn’t feel like Pokemon, but in a good way, similar to the opening of the first movie.
Huh the robots find people’s personal data and location. I wonder why that sounds familiar…
++ May’s facial expressions with the robot, including her weird eyes
++ Brock doing his thing
++ Torkoal flaming Pikachu
++ Good action scene.
Wow Khory pre much has PTSD with his fear of Pokemon. dark.
++ Jessie and James sweatdropping
Team Rocket don’t know what passports are. Illegal immigrants?

  • Jessie dancing
    Huh to stop Ash from fighting May pre much hugs him. Advanceshipping?
    ++ May’s weird eyes
    – “This Side Of Paradise” is a not good song
  • Pikachu sweatdropping
    ++ That random guy going “yay! party!”
    ++ Ash getting thunderbolted
    Ha Brock said Gotta Catch E’m All
    ++ Minun getting carried away was nicely emotional
  • The hot dog cart getting carried away was the opposite.
    Wow Tory communicates with light! that’s really cool
    ++ In general the whole DoomsDay Prepper style sheltering parts are very cool.
    ++ All in all a lot of the action is done quite well.
    Khory kinda foreshadowed Lily a bit with his Afraid to Touch Pokemon thing
    Aww Plusle and Minun hug
    +++ Very pretty animation with the Aurora Borealis sequence
    ++ Munchlax getting carried
    ++ The noises Snorlax makes when Ash is stepping on it’s flab
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good comeback.
    First thing’s first, the animation was fantastic. The backgrounds, locations, direction, and whole atmosphere created made it close to the best animated movie of the series.
    Of course, that alone wasn’t what made the movie great. The plot took a while to get going, but when it got going, it was excellent, with Ash and the gang caught in the crossfire of a centuries-old battle between Deoxys and Rayquaza, and trying to communicate with light to tell it to stop. More sci-fi than fantasy and all for the better.
    Nice comic relief throughout and the action scenes, though not up to par of past movies, were mostly good, and the first one was excellent.
    As a whole, the best movie since 3. 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episode 27 “Takin’ The Lombre Home!”
++ Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping
++ May and Ash’s wide mouths
++ Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping
Why didn’t Mudkip and Lotad’s mouths move

  • May and Max sweatdropping
    ++ Very nice music during the flashback scene.
    ++ I love the raindancing scene. It’s just so funny for Lombre of all things to be given a godlike status.
    ++ Ash and Max’s wide eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • “Kiss our assets goodbye!” Adult much?
    ++ Brock’s womanizing
    Closing Thoughts:
    This was a very good episode.
    The plot was very neat and goofy. In this ep the gang, looking for water, find a village which has been suffering from drought, and upon arrival Brock’s newly evolved Lombre is treated like a god. I like the more mythical plots of the show and it delivered on that front, and I also really liked the fact that Lombre was treated like a god when it’s not really a very “powerful” Pokemon.
    There was some good action and nice goofy bits as well. So all together an 8/10.