I Review Pokemon Episodes

I Review Pokemon Episodes


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Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 4 “There’s No Place Like Hoenn”
Huh, this episode is about a gym battle where May is wary because family runs it. Haven’t we heard this song before?

  • May’s large sweatdrop
    ++ Max’s introduction scene
    And yay Max has blue hair. Gotta love the odd hair colors
  • Ash’s blank eyes
    I like how Ash calls Max “kid” even though he’s not much older.
    Wow now we meet May’s parents. One of the few companions who’s parents are actually shown.
    ++ More nice expressions
  • Torchic pecking Max
    ++ Nice action scene
    Wait, the battle is over already? Does this mean…
    – Yep we get another Team Rocket caper.
    ++ Max getting thunderbolted
    ++ Max’s fake crying
    ++ Max getting ember’d
  • Some good action.
    Huh Caroline says that Max traveling with him would be a “lot less worry” for her. Isn’t she sad that her son is leaving? Jerk.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A decent episode.
    It started off as a great gym battle episode, with good action as well as some of the best humor yet (love the wacky animation). But by the second half it turns into a mediocre Team Rocket caper, though with more good humor. Since it had an 8/10 first half and 6/10 second this averages out to a 7/10.


Oh, this is interesting! Seeing your reactions to the following episodes will be fun. I’ll be looking out for more! :smile:


By the way, the + and ++ denote things I like in an episode, but I can’t get + to work because of formatting issues.
Anyway onward.
Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 5 “You Never Can Tailow!”
++ May’s face at the beginning

  • Pikachu tilting head
    ++ Pikachu freaking out over no food
    ++ Pikachu’s very wide eyes
    ++ May’s very wide eyes. This episode has excellent visual humor.
  • May’s wide mouth
    Was that chocolate cookie called that in the original? Or was it changed by 4K!DS?
    ++ Nice intense action scenes.
    Woah welcome back Brock! That was a short retirement wasn’t it.
    ++ Pikachu’s wide mouth
    Man Brock looks so much older now.
    ++ More great facial expressions
    Ah classic 4K!DS changing rice balls to sandwiches.
    ++ Ash and May drooling on Brock, and his response “Um guys, you’re drooling on me” (Geez that sounds much grosser written out)
    +++ Excellent action scene!
    Aww look at Pikachu’s droopy ears.
  • May hiding from Tailow and excuse “I’m not hiding, i’m just introducing myself gradually!”
  • Nice fourth-wall breaking with the splitscreens.
    ++ Torchic’s swirly eyes and May’s tears
    ++ Team Rocket’s art-style changing
    Closing Thoughts:
    A suprisingly good episode!
    I say surprisingly, because the premise looked_very_ dull and fillerish on paper, in fact the only reason why I watched it was because it was important. But it managed to salvage it with excellent visual humor (the expressive animation) some of the best of the show to be exact, as well as some great action scenes. The great action scenes wouldn’t lift it much, but the humor is enough to bring it up to a 7.5/10. Bravo!


Goodbye Arbok and Weezing!
Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 7 “A Poached Ego!”

  • Brock’s weird face
    ++ I like the scene of May finding out about the Jennys/Joys
  • Arbok’s very wide eyes
    ++ Good action scene
  • “Wha happen?”
    Yay we meet another side character with green hair
  • Fearow’s swirly eyes
    Jessie and James hug! Rocketshipping!
    ++ More good action.
    ++ Wobbuffet’s swirly eyes
    +++ Very nice emotional scene with them bidding farewell.
  • Fearow’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    The story was very uninteresting, just another Pokemon Poacher plot. It’s a shame such a good show can have such poor plots at times. There were some plusses, however, that kept it from getting a lower grade. The action scenes were nice, and there was some good visual humor. As well, the ending scene hit all the right feels with them leaving. So overall, 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 8 “Tree’s A Crowd!”
++ Ash sweatdropping
Huh in Episode 1 May thought Treeckos were creepy, now she thinks their cute. Fast change
++ Meowth’s odd fantasy and Jessie’s wide eyes
Woah May being a jerk
Brock: “I Wonder what happened to Ash and Pikachu?”
May: “Who cares! Let’s just enjoy Brock’s delicious cooking!”
++ Nice emotional scene with Treecko protecting the tree. Nice animation too.

  • Fine action scene.
    ++ Meowth’s swirly eyes
    ??? Damn WHAT is with that ending? It appears the tree died…but then a new tree grew in it’s place and planted many more seeds…but it turned out it was an illusion and the tree actually died…WHAT???
    ++ Good fight scene afterwards, however. And as bizarre as the ending was it was very well-animated.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Despite the bizzare ending, a quite good episode.
    The story, with Treecko trying to save a dying tree, was quite engaging, and had some nice emotional weight to it. The animation direction was also very good in this episode too.
    There was some good visual humor as well, and nice action, though the story was the main thrust. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 10 “Taming Of The Shroomish!”
What a bad title
++ May’s blank eyes

  • Wobbuffet fun
    – I don’t like how stereotypical May is in this ep.
    ++ Brock freaking out over the curse
    I like how Shroomish constantly looks grumpy
  • Log falling on Meowth
    I like Brock being so cowardly
    Yay we meet another side character with blue hair
    ++ Cacnea hugging James
  • Team Rocket’s swirly eyes
  • Some decent emotion with the Shroomish
    ++ Good action scene.
    Man Team Rocket got CLOBBERED!
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode, nothing outstanding but quite solid.
    The story of the episode was quite engaging, with the gang stumbling upon a mansion which appears to be haunted, though it turns out to be a bunch of Shroomish, who’s home is being torn down. A nice somewhat environmental premise, it also had some decent emotion and a surprisingly bittersweet ending (Mansion and forest are torn down)
    Action and humor were good too.
    Overall, a 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 14 “All Things Bright And Beautifly!”
++ Ash falling over

  • Beautifly landing on May
    ++ More great wacky expressions
  • “I’d love to join you, but I have a Beautifly on my head”
    – Man this episode is mostly really boring
    +++ The entire scene of Jessie’s contest entry
    ++ Good action scene
    – Kinda weak one-sided one
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very weak episode.
    The story was very dull. Both the A-Plot with May and Max watching a Pokemon Contest and the B-Plot with Ash training Pikachu’s iron tail were very uninteresting and unengaging, and that makes it very hard for it to be enjoyable.
    There was a good action scene, and some very nice humor, which helped a bit.
    But ultimately it was not enough. 4.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 16 “Gonna Rule The School!”
** Ash’s bizarre outfit
Kenny is afraid of Touching Pokemon? sounds dirtier than it should
** May’s wide eyes

  • May’s blank eyes
  • Brock falling over
    ** Another good scene with Brock and Lotad
    ** “Pikachu has the softest, cutest little cheeks!”
    – Not a fan of the students in the class. Very annoying.
    ** May’s sweatdropping
    ** Good action scene.
    ** Very nice climax with a creative ending.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Another mediocre episode. This season’s sorta falling off.
    The story was mostly uninteresting exposition, with the lame Team Rocket steal Pokemon ending. Not helped by the fact that Max’s classmates were really annoying.
    However, it was quite funny, and the action good, so I could still give it a 5.5/10.


After two weak episodes, will a gym battle ep turn the tide?

Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 17 “Winner By A Nosepass!”
++ Brock’s wide mouth

  • James’ random scream
    ++ Good battle scene.
    ++ Treecko’s swirly eyes
  • Geodude’s swirly eyes
    ++ More good action
    “I wonder where he gets all that confidence”
    “Especially when he has nothing to base it on”
    Sick slam Brock.
    ++ Nosepass’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A solid gym battle episode. The action scenes were very good throughout, and had a nice sense of intensity and competitive-ness. 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 18 “Stairway To Devon!” (Pun of the century)
** Max hiding his broken PokeNav.

  • The Can-opener robot scene
    Hmm apparently the Devon Corporation makes “Everything”. Do antitrust laws exist in Pokemon?
    Not a fan of May’s “I GOTTA GO SHOP MORE!” attitude. A bit stereotypical?
    ** The running gag of all the machines not being finished yet.
    Aww man I was hoping the machine that allowed people to become Pokemon would be finished. Unfortunately it is not finished yet, depriving us of a fun transformation hijinks ep.
    Yay Team Rocket’s disguise amounts to…glasses.
  • “Hi, we work here. That’s why we have white coats”.
    ** The whole Team Rocket scene is quite good.
    ** Good action scene.
    “Since he’s using a Crawdaunt, I assume he’s Team Aqua”. Profiling much?
  • Pikachu nibbling on food.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A great introduction to Team Aqua.
    The story was very interesting. Trying to get his broken PokeNav fixed, Max meets the president of the creator, Devon Corporation. He finds out about their projects, including a machine that can recreate extinct Pokemon, but the chemicals required get stolen. The premise was very engaging and fun.
    The action was it’s usual strong self, and so was the humor. I also liked how Team Rocket ended up invoulentarily saving the day!
    So overall, a great episode. 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 20 “Sharpedo Attack!”
++ More Wobbuffet
Aww look at Pikachu and Torchic cuddled up.

  • Ash sweatdropping
    Why doesn’t their hair get wet when they go in the water?
    ++ Good action scene.
  • May sweatdropping
    “Sharpedo- The Brutal Pokemon” woah that’s a cool term.
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ Nice emotional scene with Brock and Sharpedo.
    – Disappointing action scene. Team Rocket are knocked out in one hit!
    Closing Thoughts:
    A disappointing episode.
    I was expecting the episode to be an intense ep where they try fighting off a group of Sharpedo at sea. Unfortunately, aside from a brief bit at the beginning, it just felt kinda run of the mill for most of it. It did get very good near the end of the episode, however, with Brock trying to take care of a poisoned Sharpedo.
    Humor wasn’t particularly a focus, and action was mostly good except for one clunker.
    Overall, an average ep. 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 21 “Brave The Wave!”
++ May carrying pillow
++ Ash’s swirly eyes
Yay we meet the gym leader and he has blue hair. Love it
Love the zooming on still pictures
++ Max and Ash sweatdropping
Yay I like Makuhita. It’s cute
– Kinda one-sided action scene.
++ Good action scene.

  • Taillow’s swirly eyes
    ++ Machop’s swirly eyes
  • Pikachu gasping
    +++ Great climax to the battle.
  • Treecko’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    A fine episode.
    The plot started out with some lame surfing bit, but thankfully turned into a nice gym battle episode by the end, with action scenes that were as always well-done. There was some good humor as well. Overall, a 7/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 23 “A Hole Lotta Trouble!”
Woah the old Narrator’s gone. Sad.
Yay they meet ANOTHER side character who has blue hair
++ I like the scene of the heads bouncing down the cave

  • Max sweatdropping
    ++ Some nice wacky faces
    Wait a second I thought Meowth had no nose. How does he smell the fresh air?
  • Ash and Brock sweatdropping
    ++ James freaking out over Aron
    ++ Jessie trying to climb out of the hole
    ++ Jessie’s weird faces
  • More good faces
    ++ Some good action scenes
    Jessie and James hug! ROCKETSHIPPING confirmed!
  • Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Team Rocket’s faces
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very fun and humorous episode.
    The story was very entertaining. The gang and Team Rocket get lost in a cave, with Max, Pikachu, and Meowth, May and Jessie, and Ash, Brock, and James in three separate groups. I like episodes where the Heroes and Villains interact like this, and it was very fun to watch.
    There was lots of great humor in this episode as well. Action wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t a focus.
    So 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 24 “Gone Corphisin”
++ Wobbuffet sunbathing
++ Pikachu getting covered in seaweed
+Treecko sweatdropping
++ Good action scene.
Woah 4K!DS called riceballs “rice balls!” they didn’t edit it to donuts! nice work.
++ Another solid action scene.
++ May and Max’s dot-eyes
Huh they repeated that scene

  • May sweatdropping
    ++ Good action scene.
    Aww look at Ash petting Pikachu.
    ++ Well-done climax to the episode.
  • Ash getting sent flying
    Closing Thoughts:
    A good episode.
    The opening bit with the training was pretty weakish, but it picked up nicely, being a fun fast-paced episode where the gang tries catching a mysterious Pokemon, with good action and humor and minimal Team Rocket intrusion. 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 25 “A Corphish Out Of Water!”
++ Corphish eating
++ The gang sweatdropping

  • Ash’s swirly eyes
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ Cacnea hugging James
  • James and Meowth sweatdropping
    Man Corphish was literally steaming. Must be a pre high fever.
    Woah Carvanha ate a boat!
    ++ Corphish’s wide eyes
    +++ The entire sequence of Ash trying to get his Corphish to the Center is very well-done.
    ++ Ash and Pikachu sweatdropping
    ++ Team Rocket’s “scream” faces
  • Cute scene with Ash/Pikachu/Corphish sleeping
  • Another good action scene.
    ++ Team Rocket’s weird faces.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A very nice episode.
    The story was very engaging. Ash’s Corphish gets a terrible fever from eating lots of string (!) and Ash has to overcome many obstacles to get to a Pokemon center before it’s too late. The plot kept me entertained throughout the episode.
    The action scenes were also very well-done, and the visual humor was especially good.
    So I give it an 8/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 28 “A Three Team Scheme”
Woah a side character who doesn’t have blue/green hair
++ Some good faces
Team Magma have a neat theme song
++ Jessie and James sweatdropping

  • “I need a hug”
    ++ Ash and Max sweatdropping
    So far this ep is pre underwhelming. Expected more from Team Aqua AND Team Magma
    ++ The entire gang sweatdropping
    Well now the ep’s picking up
    “Leave it to the ancient people to ruin all our plans” Racist much?
    ++ Good action scene.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A disappointingly mediocre episode. Having both R/S Teams should’ve been a recipe for success, and it wasn’t.
    The story was disappointingly boring. It had a cool bit in the middle with them discussing the two Orbs to control land and sea, but most of it was just a generic Team Rocket caper, and wasn’t very engaging.
    The action and humor were their usual high quality, but I can really only give it a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 29 “Seeing Is Believing!”
++ Corphish knocking Birch down.
++ Meowth’s wide mouth. Or should it be wide MEOWTH? haha i’m soo funny

  • Decent action scene.
    ++ Meowth’s fantasy
    ++ Meowth’s swirly eyes
  • Cacnea’s swirly eyes
  • Team Rocket sweatdropping
    Ha I like how Beautifly is perched on May’s head
    ++ Cacnea hugging James
    ++ Good action scene.
    ++ Team Rocket hiding the Dustox, plus Jessie sweatdropping
    ++ More great faces
    +++ Very intense climax to the ep. Unfortunately it wasn’t terribly good as a whole.
    Closing Thoughts:
    Just an average episode.
    The plot was just another ordinary Team Rocket caper, though it did have some odd/funny bits with Jessie convinced her Cascoon is a Silcoon.
    The action scenes were quite good, as was the humor, but all in all only a 6.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 32 “Just One Of The Geysers”
Wait how did they suddenly end up in the air
++ Cacnea hugging James
Man Machop’s voice is not very good.
Ha Pikachu sitting ontop of Max’s head
++ Good action scenes.
++ Machop’s swirly eyes

  • Pikachu’s wide mouth
    ++ Corphish’s swirly eyes
    ++ More good fightin’
    ++ Hariyama’s swirly eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    Another good gym battle episode.
    One again, the fight scenes were very good throughout, and there was some nice visual humor. No Team Rocket intrustion (except for the beginning) is a plus too. 7.5/10.


Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 33 “Abandon Ship!”
Man Team Rocket are just wearing glasses and Ash still falls for it
– One-sided action scene

  • Seviper’s swirly eyes
    ++ As always, the atmosphere for the storm scenes is very well-done.
    Yay it’s another side character with blue hair
    ++ Meowth’s weird face
    ++ Max getting tied up again
    ++ Jessie’s blank eyes
  • More Wobbuffet fun
    ++ Corphish’s swirly eyes
    Nice twist with it turning out that the “monster” is actually Tommy’s old Marshtomp
    +++ Good action scene leading into very nice emotional ending, with Tommy trying to make Swampert remember who he once was.
    ++ Seviper’s swirly eyes
  • Meowth’s wide eyes
    Closing Thoughts:
    This was a great episode.
    The story was very interesting, with the gang going aboard an abandoned ship (where they meet a blue-haired guy named Tommy) but one by one, they start disappearing. A very neat and engaging story, which could have made a good horror movie in the hands of someone else. The ending, where it is revealed that it is his Marshtomp, (now Swampert) was also very emotional, with a nice “I know you’re in there somewhere” scene.
    The action and humor were also as usual strong, so 8.5/10.