How often do you misplace things?

How often do you misplace things?


Like, is anyone actually good with not losing things? I feel like everyone misplaces things often, but I just misplace things everyday :woman_shrugging:

Also what do you usually misplace? For me it’s my keys, wallet, remote and phone, but I can find my phone pretty easily. The other ones give me mini heart attacks.


Yeah, I misplaces things a lot. Usually my phone because I carry it around a lot. The weirdest place I left it was in the fridge. I had it in my hand while I was looking for something to eat, put it down on one of the shelves and closed the fridge door. I spent like 20 minutes trying to find it before opening the fridge and seeing it there hahaa%23


i misplace my keys and my phone a lot more often than i’d like


Sorry, I just saw the word “misplace” and I immediately had to rant a little bit… I literally misplace things every day as well, but at this point I just consider myself beyond help. Pencils are the main thing I misplace all the time, I’m not sure why, but I swear sometimes I’ll be really good with holding on to them and other times I’ll lose one every period, and sometimes you think I put it down next to me and then spend the next ten minutes scouring my room to find out it was somewhere ridiculous on the other side of the house.

I haven’t had my phone long enough for me to start forgetting it, but every time I bring something in a separate bag to school or get something I can’t fit in my bag in class, I’ll leave it in every single class I go to unless someone else reminds me since I rely so heavily on routine. Whenever I take off my glasses or watch, I take for granted to always be on me, then I always end up putting it somewhere different and somewhere dumb and can never find it until after I stop looking for it. And worst of all, whenever I forget some paper or folder that I need for school, I either can’t find it in time or I don’t remember it until right after we leave the house. In short, I’m an organizational train wreck and I’m going full steam ahead until I crash.