How many tabs do you have open right now?

How many tabs do you have open right now?


What are they?

On my phone I have 11 tabs open.

  • Three AO3 fanfics I’m currently reading.
  • Four SZ tabs (one for topics I wanna revive, a fanfic, 30 Days of Music, and Latest Topics.)
  • TemTem Steam page.
  • Three Google searches (“psyllium husk powder,” “what are clipping masks,” and “dark types weakness.”)



I’m not much of a person to have tabs open, so usually it’s just two open (split between my hw page and a forums page, but you made me open another one :zoomeyes:)

  • Four SZ tabs (one for topics I wanna revive, a fanfic, 30 Days of Music, and Latest Topics.)

Is it mine? = P (runs)

6 tabs at the moment.

-A google doc for a RP I’m writing
-A site for a community college (research, lol)
-Site for the RP I’m in
-Tumblr page for a Voltron fanzine I’m checking out
-Safari Zone


A spreadhseet, Facebook, PC and Safari Zone


You’ll see~ :3

I’m trying to finish the AO3 fics first since they’ve been sitting in my tabs for * cough * months. * cough * But I will get to SZ!


my tabs are A MESS atm

like i have 17 tabs open rn but they’re a mix of xkcd what if comics, PC, SZ, my email, my school email, imgur, twitter… yeah. :x


Computer I have 16 tabs open, mostly readings, analysis and my college portal along with SZ and Smogon stuff.

On phone I have 7 which is the exact same almost except 5 are literally just logins to the portal and one is SZ and one is Smogon ahaha.


Ignoring Safari Zone, two. One is Reddit to lurk on, the other is Youtube.

I can get a bunch of tabs if I’m researching into Pokemon or Monhun to help try and determine what I want my builds to be though


One for uni
Another for Youtube
Last one for SZ

Four if count Microsoft Edge


Youtube, and one for browsing, which happens to be this website right now.

Once in a while I get craaaaaazy and open 3 tabs if I need to keep something open for whatever reason (rare)


Facebook, Email, Mafia, Facebook, Discord, This Topic, Email, Twitter, Reddit, Twitter.

I don’t close tabs but I only just reset Chrome like 10 mins ago lolllllll.


13 at the moment. Most of them are written resources for things I want to do, as well as spreadsheets, and one for an anime I was recently watching but they just finished their season, so I can probably close that one.

  1. This is despite having an extension to help me manage my tabs LOL


4 tabs, currently. This one, two google Docs of fanfics i’m writing, and one fanfic on DeviantArt.


Four; Twitter, ResetEra, Safari Zone, and Amazon Music.