How long does your smartphone's battery last?

How long does your smartphone's battery last?


As the title says: how often do you charge your daily driver smartphone? How long does your battery last?

My OnePlus 5T is probably the best phone I’ve ever had in terms of battery life. With my use, I can easily pull off an entire day of battery life and charge it only once a day in the evening before going to bed with still 20-40% battery left, so I could even get a day and a half out of it no problem.
I use it quite a lot too, customers at work have my phone number so I’m using it a lot for phone conversations + Instant Messaging etc. and I also use maps everyday at least twice when going and coming back from work.


It depends what I’m using it for. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, and when I’m not at work, I can easily go two days without charging it because I’m not using my headphones with it to listen to music. When I come home from work, it’ll be on 20% or more, and if I don’t use it to listen to music or watch videos, it’ll easily last the rest of the day before I need to charge it again.


My Samsung Note 8 has had the best battery of all the phones I’ve had. I basically do the same as you Raff, charge it in the evening and use it throughout the day, but I usually watch some youtube and game on it a bit so by around 9pm it’s at 5% haha.


My pixel xl has a day of battery life but I play a lot of Pokemon Go which brings that down to 3 hours or so so I bring a power bank with me whenever I’m out, the 2amp output makes it charge almost as fast as the wall socket.

Definitely charge the phone more than I should then there are some days where I won’t use the phone at all.

If I were to upgrade I’d most likely get a battery Case for it.


My Galaxy S9 can last throughout my whole day now. I mostly use it in between classes, lunch, and for about 2 hours at home. It’s usually around 20-40% when I head off to bed.


I have a Samsung 5a and it generally lasts a couple of days without needing a charge with moderate usage.


Around 3 or 4 hours on a full charge when browsing or using Youtube.


I charge my phone nightly and I never let the battery run dry. Usually I average about 60-90 minutes per day of screen time, and that typically sends my battery down into the 60% range.


And I kept playing music on background for like 10 hours today. 'Nuff said.


Depends on how much I use it. If I leave my P20 Pro alone completely it can probably last three or four days (!!!) before needing a charge, and it usually charges within an hour. However, in playing Pokemon GO on it during the Articuno raid day, I ran it for about 5 straight hours without turning off the screen once and it only hit about 15%, starting from a full charge.


My Samsung a8 usually lasts through an entire day with normal use (worst case scenario, it still has 15-20 percent battery left). The good thing about it I’d that, even though the battery has a small capacity, it is still well optimized and allows for a smaller, lighter phone.
But still, I have just bought it, and I don’t know how well it will hold up in the future :thinking:


Huawei P20 Lite, two days, but normally goes in 10-12h used intensively.


oof i don’t have one, but my computer dies super quick


I think my phone used to last at least a week since I never really used it for anything besides calls and texts, and the occasional look on the Internet… Recently started using it heavily in school for Discord among other things though, so now I have to recharge it daily ;p