How long are your stories?

How long are your stories?


So, chapter lengths. For the writers, you have an average wordcount/page count for your chapters? Do you try to hit a wordcount/page goal, or you keep writing until you feel satisfied what that chapter is meant to tell?

For the readers, is there a limit on the number of pages/etc you can read in one sitting, or you don’t mind at all as long as you finish reading that chapter?

(Inspired by discussions from another forum!)


It depends on the chapter, but I try to aim for around 3000. It seems reasonable for my fic in content and not too long or short. A sort of healthy balance heh.


My chapters generally seem to be in the 3-5k range for the most part. I don’t start with a word count in mind though, I set out to tell my story the best way I can not to prolong it unnecessarily.