How do you discover new music/bands?

How do you discover new music/bands?


I get mine from a couple places.

Sometimes I’ll find a song through YouTube with AMVs, MonsterCat, FunkyPanda, etc. I’ve found a lot this way.

Another good way (but not necessarily reliable) I’ve found is getting lucky with the music that’s playing in stores or in a public area and using the Shazam app to get the artist and song title. This has saved me many times lol

And sometimes I’ll get recommendations from friends, or even recently, I heard some good songs from the SZ Discord karaoke channel, so I’ve got a good few sources.


Every week or so, Amazon sends me an email with new MP3 releases. I normally click on the albums that have cover art that catch my eye, and take a listen to a song or two from those albums, before deciding on adding it to my buy list, or just moving on.


By sheer luck or someone else :3c

Same! Though…sometimes I can’t find it on Shazam. That app finds you songs by listening to what you play for it.


YouTube autoplayyyyy

No really I just use dubtrack to find some stuff, and I’ve found some nice bops since we added that music bot but I mostly find my music from what I check out on Billboard.


If I like a song on the radio, that’s typically how.


Often, I’ll just do some research into similar artists or bands to ones that I already like - e.g. bands similar to Young the Giant or Two Door Cinema Club. Then I’ll check out bands and artists I haven’t heard of, and if I like them then I’ll investigate their songs too and so on. Apps such as Pandora help a lot when doing this! Recommendations from friends also helps a lot - my friend and I used to share Spotify playlists with each other with songs that we thought the other person would like, then we’d discuss what we thought of them. It was a really cool way of expanding my music taste. Hanging out on sites such as and Dubtrack help too!


Either I hear a song in a video that sounds awesome, so I hunt it down and fall in love with it or the entire artist or I get Johnny and Aaron to show me new shit because their taste in music is superior to everyone else.