How do you create your art? 🎨

How do you create your art? 🎨


Pretty much the title. Which programs do you use and what hardware do you run?

This could go for for physical drawings and digital work as well, not just drawings but photography or 3d art and everything inbetween.

For myself, I use Photoshop CC for editing photos, Gif images and some digital sketches as well.
Blender is my go to for 3d modelling as the shortcut system is great and it’s free and open source.

Currently just have a mouse as I sold my old wacom, the surface area was too small to draw on.
Leaning towards a Huion Tablet as they are far cheaper and have great reviews.
As far as physical drawings, a4 copy paper and a biro or 0.7 mechanical pencil does the job.

I’ve been focusing on photography more and have some film and digital cameras, just lower end used stuff to learn on and do a course.



I pretty much just use Asesprite. While I do only really have a mouse or a dodgy touchpad, the issue with both of those is largely mitigated due to how I place each pixel, and can easily do touch-ups thanks to how I’m working at a greatly magnified scale (since anything less than x300 or so is complete suffering otherwise).


I have a Huion tablet that I use for all my art and for software I’m now using CSP, although up until just recently I used Krita. CSP is leagues better in case anyone is wondering.


I primarily use printing paper and a pencil or pen for normal art. If I want it colored I just scan it and color digitally. For sprites I use MSPaint with a mouse and use Gimp for whenever I want to change any colors comfortably.


Digitally I’ve been using Procreate with my tablet and using my finger to draw with since I don’t have a stylus haha

Traditionally, I have a ton of sketchbooks and lined notebooks laying around, sometimes I may use them, other times I may doodle in loose paper with a pen or pencil.

I’ve downloaded a pixel art app for both my phone and tablet, but I’ve never done pixel art, so I haven’t used them yet cuz I’m a little nervous on how they’ll turn out.

For photos, I’ll use my phone or my good camera (I forget what brand it is). Hoping to learn how to make them look like professional photos, haven’t tinkered enough with it yet.


Photoshop + an old Wacom tablet

i actually like Illustrator better but i don’t understand how it works at all so i barely use it