Hello! 🐇

Hello! 🐇


Hi! I’m Sybil aka softsybil on most other sites, it’s good to meet you all! I haven’t been super active in the Pokémon community before due to general shyness, but I have been super passionate about Pokémon games/collecting for a while. Hopefully joining will help me be more active in the community! I mostly draw and create comics. I joined through the discord server! See you around! :sparkles::rabbit2:


Welcome Sybil! I’m glad you decided to join the forums and I can’t wait to chat pokemon with you here and on discord :zoomeyes: and more art is lovely to see especially since your style is quite amazing. See you around :wave:


Welcome to the forums!! Omg your profile picture is so damn cute! <3 I can’t wait to chat about Pokémon and art with you! ^^


Thank you both! I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone ^^


Welcome ^-^ I was very shy when I first joined too. Everyone here is so nice & caring it really makes you feel at home. Can’t wait to see your art & chat more on discord! (:


Hi there and welcome to SZ! :smiley: Yeah, we all love Pokémon here, so you’ve come to the right spot for that! ^^ Feel free to let us know if you need any help or have any questions! :heart:


Welcome to Safari Zone! It’s nice that you can draw comics, It will help many peoples around here, Also, You can showcase your art too :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to see them. :blush:


Hello and welcome! It’s good to see you joining the forums, we have lots of other artists here. Have fun and see you around! Obviously, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hey there! Welcome to both the forums and the server! I really hope you have a blast on here and I do hope we get the chance to chat