Hello I am a new

Hello I am a new


Hello my name is Shiny and I like pokemon and the discord server and I definitely am n-not being forced in-into this by someone whose na-name DOESN’T rhyme with Wespurr on the server–

oh and I also draw a lot! :^)


Omg hi welcome ur finally here you took months wows.

And I can’t wait to see more of your art!


It took YEARS tbh but with the positive encouragement I received I am here and ready!!!


Hello and welcome!

It’d be nice seeing your drawings.


Thank you!!

Haha I’ll upload them soon~


Welcome to the forums, fellow nerd! :smiley: Yeah, careful of Dedenne, they have an agenda. >.> I love your profile pic!


Thank you, NERD POWER!!!

Oh believe me, I know. She’s a sneaky lil one <v<…Hee~ Thanks though! It’s one of the drawings I plan to show here


Hello and welcome! We have lots of artists here, you’re in the right place. :3


(Aahh your profile pic~) I noticed that!! Just wish I knew how to upload some of my pics here XD


Hi and welcome to the forums :smiley:


Thank ya so much!! <3


No problem! I see you’re from Florida, it’s great to see I’m not the only Floridian here :smiley:


O hey new artist ahhhh

Welcome welcome, glad to see you here. Actually saw some of your art in Discord, they were pretty lovely aaa


Cute avatar!


We’re EVERYWHERE though!!!


Gosh thanks so much!! (Nice to see we both like Steven Universe too~)


Thanks a BUNCH! QvQ I drew it!!


Oooooh nice!


Heyoo welcome to the family