Having Kids

Having Kids


Do you ever plan to have kids? How many would you want? If you do want them, how would you react to having, say triplets?

Or are kids just another responsibility in your eyes :zoomeyes:

I want one kid I think, since I was an only child I feel like I’d be a better dad with my focus on one.


2-3 I guess

triplets would kill me


No, they are expensive and honestly I would make a bad parent. (I have a few anger issues and am just lazy in general)




Yes, I’d want at least one kid, but not triplets lol.


Sure, I’d raise one or two if I got the chance to.

…Oh, not goat kids.

Given I already am hardly considering marriage, it’s not a stretch to state that I have no plans to raise any kids of my own.


I’d like to be a dad. I think I’d be a good one. I’d like both a son and a daughter, but I have a preference towards having a son because I want to have a relationship with my son that my dad didn’t have with me - and I often imagine playing sports with him and taking him to sporting events and all that typical guy stuff. He can be my workout buddy. I’d call him my little buddy.


Two would be perfect for me. One, no… four, nooo… three would be okay.

All the curveballs and unpredictability of dealing with having kids aside… I think I’m really good with children.


No thanks. I don’t like kids in general, and I’m not looking to go through the pain and time of having something I don’t want. ._. Plus they’re so expensive and require constant attention.


Probably not.

Kids are the pinnacle of responsibility.


I’d love to have kids! I mean, I’m not sure I could be a parent right now, but having a child would probably be the best thing to ever happen in my life if it ever does.


maybe if being 40 doesn’t satisfy me


Hell no


Maybe. I would have given a definite no if I was asked this a few years ago but I kind of like the idea now that I’m older - if I did have kids, I’d probably adopt 1 or 2 boys. I don’t really know though if that’s what I want, but when things are settled down then maybe I’d be more open to having kids?


I would like to have at least 1 or 2, but since I’m really fucking bad at interacting with other people irl, I don’t see that happening in the near future.


I recently got my first niece and have been spending a lot of time with her. She has really made me think twice about having kids because there was a time it would have been an absolute No. I think down the line I would be really down for adopting one.