Halloween Plans?

Halloween Plans?


What are you guys going to do for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Going trick or treating? Or perhaps a Halloween Party?

I’m thinking of just doing a small party at my house, and maybe give out candy :zoomeyes:


i throw a huge halloween party at my house and i think i invited too many people this year… and they’re all RSVP’ing [help]

I’m dressing up as Marshall Lee and you cant stop me


Does getting drunk count? :eyes:


probably absolutely nothing

not surprising considering halloween isn’t really big in the neighborhood im in; it’s been the same way last year. u.u


I’ll probably change my name and pfp on the discord server, something like, I don’t know, “Boo! Haunted account”

That’s all.


I don’t have plans for halloween, I’m not really someone who celebrates it. Plus, it’s a wednesday so I’m working too.


No really but i really want All day to sit and eat candys watching on tv tho ;3


I’ll just go out with my friends since it’s my birthday and we don’t celebrate Halloween here. I’ll probably get a little drunk too because why not?