Gym Battle Requirements

Gym Battle Requirements


Want to face off against Brock with just your starter? Think you’re going to be allowed to face misty with an electric type and not a grass type? Well clearly you’re not thinking in the modern day y’all.

With the current Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games one of the largest differences with Gyms is that you are required to now meet certain requirements. Your pokemon need to be a certain level and you may have to have a specific typing.

Is this a good thing? Do you think it will carryover to the main games? Is it simply a new form of hand holding for Pokemon? Or something you think the company is just trying out?


It’s waaaaaay too hand-holdy. Not only does it insult challenge runs (including the common speedrun) by forcing grinding, even if it’s only for a specific pokemon, it sucks a huge amount of challenge out of it too since you’re outright told what makes the gym a piece of cake.

Thought about taking some coverage grass move with you so you don’t need to catch a grass pokemon for that ground gym, and enjoy toying with teams more as a result? Too bad, you have to have something with a grass type even if it’s as garbage as Sunkern! Even a child could find this overly patronizing and a terrible mechanic, as they could hate all the available grass types and prefer, say, this normal type or that bug type!