Hi Peoples,
One of the things I mentioned On Discord and wanted to elaborate moreso on here was the aspect of Guides. Two sections that haven’t blown up yet are the Roleplay Theater and Mafia Hub. Both, to my knowledge, have mechanics that newbies to each form would find confusing. Therefore, I would love to see some guides posted on SZ.

@NinjaAiden already said he may work on a guide for Roleplaying which is very nice of him! And Aaron mentioned the possibility of porting a guide from PC to here, which would be very helpful for understanding the basic mechanics and terminology. I wanted to mention it here to see if any other staff members or long-time roleplayers and mafia’ers?, mafia-enthusiasts?, would like to weigh in or add to how to make guides.


I will work on it 100%, I just ask you wait until the weekend when I have 4 days off and all the time in the world to make sure it’s crystal clear for you <3 Plus before then I’ve so much to do it’s crazy. I’m already up too late trying to finish the things on here I wanted today lmao. But yeah, for certain will do it!


Is a how to comment and critique on art guide needed you think? Because I’d love a “how to comment feedback on writing” or something or the other.


Possibly. Want me to get on that? I could throw it up tonight probably.

I’d love a feedback on writing guide, since I sometimes struggle to think where critique is justified and where it’s just taste.


I think a critique on writing is kind of covered in the section info of the writing section. But a how to critique art or give constructive criticism could be helpful! It wouldn’t have to be super intricate but could help say how to specify between constructive criticism and just plain criticism.


Done! Check the Media Studio, it should be there now :slight_smile: