Global Warming

Global Warming


Global warming - it’s an issue which has been kicking around and gaining audience exponentially, with the potential risk to our environment growing more and more as a result of it. A quick rundown of global warming is that due to holes/damage in the Earth’s atmosphere, more ultraviolet rays from The Sun can come through unfiltered, heating up the planet more than normal. This however cannot necessarily escape back through the holes and therefore a greenhouse effect starts to kick, where the Earth will slowly get warmer and warmer, until it gets to dangerous levels where ice caps will melt and the global sea level will rise.

What are your views on this? Do you believe it is a thing? Do you think we can still remedy this and if so, how? Or do you believe we’re at the end of the tether and we should now start looking at ways of adapting and living with this?

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It’s absolutely a thing that’s happening, and I’m honestly terrified that more things aren’t being done to help it, at least, not that I’m aware of, seeing how things only seem to be getting worse. ._.

I don’t believe we should just give up and adapt. Humans are the ones that have done the damage to the planet and the other creatures on it, so we need to be the ones to fix our mistakes, take some goddamn responsibility. It pisses me off to no end that people make out like the environment doesn’t matter or that the effects won’t happen in their lifetime. So you’d just doom a planet and every species on it because it’s going so out of your way to recycle or not pollute? For the love of god, own up.


I have an overtly pessimistic viewpoint on this, and it’s that the big forces that could actually make a reasonable step forward are also the ones responsible for furthering this crisis.

Sure, the average person can help reduce their impact by altering their diet, carpooling, and investing more into green energy (such as solar panels). At the same time, we have things going on that also contribute to the environmental destruction that ties into global warming - An example of this would be Jair Bolsonaro allowing logging companies to tear apart the Amazon for their own gains, a process that, in addition to contributing to pollution, cuts down on our largest source of oxygen (as the Amazon provides about 20% of the world’s air). And it’s not like we can really deal with him soon either, given his recent election. While far from the only example, it’s one of the more notable ones as to why I feel human extinction is just around the corner if we don’t just pack up and leave for other planets.


^ I agree with all of that. The people in charge are a huge reason that this is going downhill so fast, especially now.


For starters; yes, I do believe it’s a thing, just because you can’t feel the average temperature increasing a few degrees doesn’t mean it isn’t having a profound effect on the environment as a whole.

On a small scale, like Fawful said, the most we can do as individuals is the small things, like saving energy, reducing waste, etc. The political side of this whole fiasco is what bothers me the most though, or rather the fact that it has a political side at all. I’m not aware of all of the details regarding climate change legislation, but I’m sure everyone’s aware of the Paris Accords, the international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The one the US dropped out of? More on that in a second. It’s good that this issue is starting to be recognized and action taken on a scale this large, because perhaps if we all work together we might be able to reverse the effects we’ve had on the planet. I’m not sure how much it will take in order for this to work, but
I’m being optimistic.

Now for the US. The fact that the US dropped out of the agreement on Trump’s call because it “undermines our economy”? I’m not sure if our president is even aware of the ramifications of climate change, or if he considers it too far in the future for him to care about. Global warming is an issue which has a detrimental effect on everybody, not just the United States; to pull out of this as one of the most developed countries in the world is not only going to set a bad example for other nations, but it’s incredibly selfish that we’re refusing to contribute to something this important when so many others have done their share.

Here in the US, it should be our responsibility to help raise awareness about climate change and try to convince at least somebody in the government that we ought to be doing more as a country. We shouldn’t have people rejecting climate change legislation because our president denies its importance, and they don’t know any better. The existence of global warming is a nonpartisan issue, even if you don’t believe it exists; the only thing we should be debating is how we should handle it. If we can recognize this as an entire country, maybe focusing on things like coal plant emissions and deforestation can once again be our main focus.

Apologies if anything I’ve said needs to be fact checked, I’m going off of what I’m familiar with and I might have gotten some of the details wrong.


Global warming is definitely a thing and it’s undeniable that it’s having great effects on our planet. The thing that makes me think the most about this is that when I was a little kid at this time of the year, we used to easily go below 0 °C especially at night… Right now as I’m writing this the temperature outside is 15 °C and it’s 2pm.

I’m scared that we’ve almost reached a point of no-return. We as individuals, contribute with small things such as shutting off electronic appliances when they’re not in use or, using a bike, go by foot or catch a bus rather than using a car, but I haven’t seen a real effort yet from major entities.

This is no good news either: