Gengar Day event has its shortcomings

Gengar Day event has its shortcomings


Gengar Day event has its shortcomings

Gengar Day may seem like a fun idea, but there's some areas that could be improved.

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Yeah, you can’t even tell it’s shiny unless it opens its mouth and even then that’s hardly worth it.

Three hour events are AWFUL. If you’re not lucky enough to have transportaion or have a day off from work when it happens then you’re just shit outta luck.


That seems like an awfully small amount of time to leave for Gengar oof


It’s the same timeframe they use for all of their community days. They did it for the Eevees, shiny Beldum, and others. It’s ludicrous.


Article updated. Basically Niantic support changed their story from “can’t evolve Haunter for Lick” to “lol we don’t know”.

Never been a fan of the 3 hour events either. =( I already have a possible outing with friends planned for next saturday and I’m not pulling out of it for this.