Games which made you cry

Games which made you cry


As the title says: have you ever played a game which made you cry or made you feel emotional?

I cried when I finished the main story in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. The mix of the scenery, the story and the music just made me feel so involved that I couldn’t control myself, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions… I’ve never felt like this because of a game.


Not cry, but really emotional: Final Fantasy X. That game sure does mess you up, because you will be sad, but it’s one of those “for the greater good” moments.


Hmm… any PMD game, honestly. Just emotional roller coasters I must say. Other than the PMD games, Earthbound got me pretty tearful at the end of it. After going through such a long journey and seeing your own name, it got me really good.


It didn’t make me cry, but Life is Strange is an emotional rollercoaster. Undertale too.


PMD: Darkness, Time and Sky, for the main story and some parts of the postgame as well, but wow was it really crazy.

Undertale, and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door as well. Undertale mainly for my emotions toward certain characters, and yeah spoilers, and Paper Mario it was moreso because the adventure was actually finished, and I felt realllly strongly for the characters I met along the way.


Wow, it’d be easier if you asked which games haven’t made me cry, haha. The emotional and story aspect of games are my favorite parts, so it always hits me very hard when something happens.

I’ve cried at Okami, Okamiden, PMD Rescue Team, PMD Explorers, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 15 (so hard,) The Last of Us (the opening scene!,) The Walking Dead Game (by Telltale; so heartwrenching,) Life is Strange, probably Kingdom Hearts 2, LoZ: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Undertale (omg my heart,) Ib (an RPGmaker horror game that had me crying for days,) The Witch’s House (another RPGmaker,) Nier: Automata (oh ouch, that hurts to remember, amazing game,) Shadow of the Colossus, Journey (such an underrated game…)

I can guarantee there are more, I’ll post them if I remember them.


omg yes thank u for reminding me, Nier and Nier:Automata are big on the feels


Ori and the Blind Forest, the entire opening cutscene… my heart.


Okami made me cry a lot more than I thought it would.

Also PMD: Sky. The only two games that ever made me cry to date.


Some of the late-game stuff in Persona 4 made me well up a bit, and it’s not often that a game does that to me. Undertale did hit some feels but not to the same degree.


Echoing some already mentioned:

  • Final Fantasy X
  • The Last of Us
  • The Walking Dead but only season 1, unless crying because the other seasons were so bad counts

And one that was relatively recent for me was Detroit: Become Human. Say what you want about David Cage but this was a pretty good one and some scenes definitely made me cry.

Another major tearjerker for me is To The Moon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played/watched this be played, and it still gets me every single time. A lot of stories lose its emotional impact when you know what happens, but with this one, as the story plays out in reverse and you learn more as you go back in time, I feel like when you restart the game from the “beginning”, you catch a lot more details that were seemingly insignificant at first, but gain significance as you learn more about the past and those realizations add so much emotional impact imo.

To The Moon is easily one of the best stories of any medium to me, I am so glad they are making a film for it and I hope it lives up to the original.

@Specifice - I’m curious though! What about Ib really made it emotional for you? I don’t know why, but this one never really clicked with me. I got major feels from The Witch’s House too (don’t think I cried though), but I really did not like Ib even though it’s a fan favourite - I couldn’t like the characters or story at all for some reason and I never understood the massive cult following it gained. I thought it was good, but not great.


OOF, TO THE MOON ;_; That one hurt my heart so bad. So amazingly well-done, Freebird knows how to tell stories, that’s for damn sure.

Can’t remember if I cried during Detroit, but I know I got misty-eyed when we screwed something up in the end of Kara’s story. >_>

I wanna say that they hit me hard because I watched them years and years ago, so I was less emotionally prepared for certain things in games lol. The ending where a certain someone is plucking blue rose petals and a certain someone else dies is what really got me. :’ ( I also felt pretty bad for Mary once you learn all that stuff about her. I was incredibly invested in these characters when I watched the Let’s Play, so it was rough haha.

The Witch’s House omg that ending was so ruthless and sad. At the point where you could tell what words she was saying? I was done lmao



I think I vaguely recall the stuff with Mary, but perhaps it’s just too long ago for me, haha. I just remembered not liking it very much, but fair enough!

And YES The ending to the Witch’s House was so sad, that was such an interesting twist I wasn’t expecting, omg.

It was definitely Kara for me too, haha. I know people are generally less invested in her story because it doesn’t tie into the overarching plot as well and a lot of people don’t like the twist, but I was most emotionally invested in her story, and like everyone could die and I wouldn’t be sad but if Kara, Luther or Alice was hurt I was like ;__; THE FAMILY



They all need to be protected <3