Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)


Phase change was also on hold for a sub in, @Ho-Oh has replaced @Conos. :zoomeyes:


Oops, I forgot when the phase ended xD


Day ThreeWith many of the powerhouses of the Valar now dead it should have been quite quiet last night, but whispers could be heard as the White Walkers plotted.

Sari has died, they were Tyrion Lannister (Journalist)

Day has begun, you have 48 hours to vote on who to lynch. If you didn’t see, Ho-Oh will be subbing in for Canas. Also starting this Day Phase early.

Players@Zoska as The Night King
@Specifice as a Knight
@Shiny as Jon Snow
@Magipika as Daenerys Targaryen
@Saridlin as Tyrion Lannister
@Glitter as the White Walker Soldier
@Tyler as Davos Seaworth



Game OverSeeing the Valar’s numbers dwindling perhaps Desox lost hope, one may never know why a Spear was thrown through his gut. Who was the culprit? Apparently Desox himself…

Desox has died, they were a Knight (Vanilla Townie)

Lol the game has ended, the Mafia wins! @Johnny and @Theboss

Players@Zoska as The Night King
@Specifice as a Knight
@Shiny as Jon Snow
@Magipika as Daenerys Targaryen
@Saridlin as Tyrion Lannister
@Desox as a Knight
@Johnny as a Yakuza’d Miller
@Glitter as the White Walker Soldier
@jdthebud as Samwell Tarly
@TheBoss as the White Walker Knight
@Ho-Oh as a Knight
@Tyler as Davos Seaworth


Well, that game was insane :dyinglol:


Jesus it was Johnny again, I fell for his wiles :zoomeyes:


I didn’t ask to be mafia, okay :cry:


Thanks for continuing on our legacy meowoevil


My suspicions were true D:

nvm that last one I’m just a little slow xD


TheBoss out here lurking and making the deciding kill smh


I think it was just hard for the Town because there was so little time and information to go off of, but it was worth a shot :’)

I want to know how to fix my massive analysis posts, was a lot of it a bit of a stretch or are you just really good at deflecting blame Johnny :eyes: Because a lot of the times I come up with a lot of hunches but I can’t tell whether or not I’m wrong until afterwards, not the greatest detective work but oh well…


Let’s see:

Even if I was town, I probably wouldn’t have gone against TheBoss just because of that, and I most likely would’ve suspected Sari because of it. Maybe even think you and Sari were in cahoots. But in the end, I think I would’ve end up thinking you’re town because of your hesitance and taking back your vote on TheBoss.

I think your strongest point was to call me out on looking at the active players. You were onto something there, probably more active townies would’ve figured that out, too. Everything else was just me painting it as I’d imagine a scenario where I’m town and you’re not.

About Desox’s vote: I think his argument would’ve made sense to me, too, even if I was still town. You kinda contradicted yourself there, obviously not on purpose because you found another scenario that made more sense to you, but that’s something to keep in mind in the future. Townies can be confused and mafia will take advantage of that.


Well good game everybody, came close to winning but I’m sure we’ll get them next time :fufu:

I was right on the verge of uncovering it too, guess this is a lesson never to second guess yourself : P


WELL WELL WELL…congrats maf :>


This is a recipe for disaster, mate. It’s easy to fall victim of confirmation bias. Just go by what makes sense to you at the moment, always listening to what others have to say. I think an easy way to avoid confirmation bias is to listen to what everyone has to say, just to make sure you’re not just listening to the mafia.


I love throwing the enemy into WIFOM situations xD
Also rude us dead mafia win too.

And for a chuckle



I would’ve liked your post if you had dark theme


Same tbh