Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)


Alrighty, so,
Yakuza was passed on, I’m assuming Shiny was the mafia kill and the vigilante shot our cop >:0


Well, I was wondering how the Yakuza would turn when they made their conversion… however, the reasoning for why they chose now makes me wonder. Seeing as how Johnny role-claimed as Miller, they could have chosen him since nobody counter-claimed and he appears in the clear. Could have also been a desperate random selection of someone inconspicuous, seeing as they lost a Mafia so early on, but I won’t rule it out.

Score is 5 Town, minus the Watcher, Cop, a Vanilla and whatever the Yakuza chose against 2 Mafia being the Illusionist and the Yakuza’s chosen Goon. Losing the Cop to the Vig is a huge setback though, leaving us with only the Journalist left to investigate, and if we mislynch today, two night kills and the Illusionist’s gun will do us in, not to mention if the Vig picks wrong again.

Guess I’ll wait for jd and Canas to say something since they didn’t vote yesterday, and other suggestions for courses of action.


Oddly sus that Boss only finds the thread now when there’s been a mafia conversion :thinking:


I’m pretty sure the illusionist is one of the active players. Glitter wouldn’t have Yakuza’d and leave jdthebud, TheBoss or Canas alone with the new member. That makes no sense.

With that in mind, it’s gonna be far easier to make out who the illusionist is than who was Yakuza’d.


Nah, I meant TheBoss could be the new Goon. He’s fairly active on discord, so the invite to the mafia discord couldve reminded him to check the thread.


I was not replying to your post :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, among us four active players left, Sari has thrown around a few accusations and all Desox has done is roleplay as a knight on drugs, and I mean, I trust myself, so I’m unsure who it would be.

Although, it puts it in a whole different light if I keep considering you as the new Goon, which would make it convenient that you’re deflecting attention away from the inactives if one of them is Mafia as well. I also find it fishy as well that TheBoss only found the thread now, it does make sense that he might’ve been notified by another Mafia or Dedenne on Discord.

It is interesting to note that if Johnny is/was Miller, were he turned by GP and we lynched him, there’d be no way to tell what he was since he’d always flip as Mafia Goon. It’d make a better defense as well… :thonk: (Sorry, I can’t think in terms like Sansa and White Walker and stuff because it messes with my head.)


Yes, you can say that, but it’s all a WIFOM mess, because I’m the obvious choice and I could argue that GP being experienced as he is, wouldn’t pick the obvious target knowing how easy it’d be to come to that conclusion.

I’ll give you a better theory, GP only used his ability now because it makes it extremely easier to frame me, and whoever points the finger at me cannot be blamed because as you said, there is no way to tell my alignment, even upon death.

Which in turn makes you look suspicious in my eyes.


TheBoss, we all literally get a notification that redirects us to the post, come on. Don’t feign ignorance and come up with better excuses next time.
[Lynch] TheBoss


Either way, your reveal as Miller has put us in quite a pickle, as even if I trusted you then I don’t know if I can trust you now is the issue. I’m just pointing out what might have gone through GP’s mind at the time, and I don’t think that clears your name. I don’t know him as well as you do, but I doubt he’d leave the responsibility of Mafia to an inactive player and if we’re relying so much on meta information, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t trust me enough not to incriminate myself :wobblurk: And sure, you may be the obvious choice, but for someone like me who overthinks everything, an ‘experienced’ player might assume that since it’s obvious someone like GP would never make that decision. So my instinct says to go with the opposite. (Oh yeah and I looked up WIFOM and it is basically a mess now) However, I agree with Sari’s call that TheBoss is the most sus person at the moment, so I’ll follow through from earlier and [Lynch] TheBoss. heck why am I so indecisive

If in fact something does come of this, and Boss flips Mafia, there is a way to check you, Johnny; I suggest that the Vig visit you in that situation, since it would be 5-1 and with that kill and the night kill Town would still be at 3-1 if wrong and 4-0 if right. And even if we were wrong, at least we’d have Miller confirmed because being killed would have you flip as Miller.

If TheBoss turns Town, then the Vig shouldn’t act because at 4-2, if they killed then the night kill and the Illusionist’s gun would immediately win them the game.

(Also I swear if someone says they saw me typing and stop it’s because some of the buildings at school don’t have reception, so don’t you dare.)


Okay hold on I know I’m only arguing with myself but I just realized something so I’m going to do a quiiiick 180 real fast and [Unvote] TheBoss or whatever

It occurred to me just a little while ago (and I know this is all getting a tad too meta but heck it all) that the Discord server just got a shiny new Mafia channel about eight hours before TheBoss spoke. So I’m going to consider the fact that I might be jumping to conclusions about him way too fast, and that he might’ve been reminded by that instead. On the other hand, I’m going to have a slightly different take on Johnny’s suggestion and propose that the new Goon is probably one of the more active members. I don’t think GP would just give a Mafia role to someone who’s not been known to speak a lot and possibly just get lynched or time out from inactivity.

Now on one hand, it’s still possible that whoever was made TheBoss the new Goon made it their first duty to spam notify him and make sure he didn’t get called out of inactivity. The majority of times, we’ve seen a lot more inactive Town than we have Mafia, precisely because the Mafia are able to communicate a little bit better. So don’t think I’m ruling it out, I very well might re-vote TheBoss because all he did was send some weird message and not give his take on anything. It’s literally the definition of scum, but it’d also be pretty ironic too if we lynched someone because they tried to break their inactivity.

If we’re supposed to be looking at the active players, I’m slightly suspicious of Sari. I know I have a bad history of lynching Sari, but I have a few reasons and I’d like to hear her response to them.

  • Right off the bat, calling all of the experienced players sus for not dying; didn’t like that very much, extremely dependent on meta information in my opinion, although so far we’ve confirmed GP and Zoska were Mafia at one point so it might have been either a bit of a reach of a hunch, or an attempt to spread blame.
  • Now I know this whole ‘Johnny is the Miller’ thing was a bit confusing back then, especially since Shiny was leading, but Sari agreed with that accusation pretty quickly, and nobody’s counter-claimed so far, so even if you’re Mafia now you probably weren’t back then.
  • Both Sari and Desox were pretty quick to cast suspicion on TheBoss, but I don’t know what that means. With the other realization I mentioned above, he could have just randomly sent a message and been used as a scapegoat, or he could be scum. However, even if he is scum I disagree with Sari that he might be the new Goon, for reasons I already said. I guess we could lynch him and see how he flips, unless he or someone else has got something to say to that. If he turns up Town though, just know that my eyes are on you two :eyes:

Aghhhh, I still don’t know what to think about Johnny… converting you is either too obvious to be true or so obvious that it’s a bluff and it is true. Having the Vig visit you at this point will still prove your actual alignment, but I’m not sure if it’s a risk we’re able to take. It’s definitely an option though if we do manage to lynch correctly today. In summary, apparently all of my suspicion is on everybody who’s talked so far today, although it’d be more on Johnny and TheBoss as a pair because Johnny doesn’t really seem to want to address the accusations at TheBoss very much, or on Sari and Desox because they are accusing TheBoss too much. I’d really like @Conos and @jdthebud to say something and for @Theboss to defend himself because this is getting rapidly more intricate and I’d very much like an outsider opinion on the whole mess thank you very much

Please don’t persecute me for not proofreading, I have no intentions on majoring in English and this is honestly just the whole mess of my thoughts on everybody in as straightforward of a message as I can get.


When you drop out of the lynch cos you realise you can accuse two more people based on the lynch you joined after agreeing with one of them which is Sari are you for real Magi

[Unlynch] TheBoss

[Lynch] Magipika


Well that’s silly, I’m only dropping out of the lynch because I thought I acted too hastily. Everybody’s got a little bit of dirt on them to some degree, but all of this is contingent on whether TheBoss is actually Mafia or not. For someone who seemed to be laying low up to now and only sent something that looked like you were high, you’ve suddenly been pretty quick to jump on other people yourself. You seem to be reacting more to the amount of possibilities I was willing to consider and less so to what the possibilities actually are. I’ll keep that flip in mind and wait for the others.


I have to agree with Desox, here. It is pretty suspicious, don’t you think?

You vote TheBoss. Unvote him and point fingers at Sari and Desox because they also voted TheBoss, but then you also think I’m suspicious because I didn’t even talk about it? So which is it?

To add to that, I didn’t even address that because it’s weak. You can’t honestly expect me to even think about lynching TheBoss for something like that, much less when he’s probably gonna get killed for inactivity, along with jdthebud and Canas.

So, what do you have to say for yourself? Honestly? To me it seems that you wanna get rid of the inactives because they’re easy targets, whilst also casting doubt on others, preparing so that you can vote them next phase.

This has given me a new perspective on all of this. It could be that you’re mafia and TheBoss is your partner. You’d know that he’s gonna be killed by inactivity so you casted a vote on him to clear yourself as innocent when he gets killed.

That said, between you and TheBoss, I’d rather lynch you, right now, since he is gonna die of inactivity at this rate.


I only bring up these suggestions because I don’t know TheBoss’s intentions. I was okay voting for him at first because it seemed like could have coincided with being notified by Mafia, but then I thought about it and realized I might have been baited into acting too quickly. And from the looks of your reactions, it appears I did.

My doubts about Sari and Desox are relatively circumstantial; Sari’s been relying a lot on meta evidence, and Desox contributed absolutely nothing on Day 1 but suddenly becomes more responsive today. These are all objective; I just brought them up for discussion or defense, but clearly they were all just ignored and taken personally instead.

You, on the other hand, are accusing me for reasons that aren’t entirely cohesive either. Saying I’m going after inactives as easy targets when all I ever even considered was TheBoss, but you’re saying he’s my partner too? That in itself is odd; you’re getting upset at me for lynching TheBoss for too many reasons.

First you say that my argument against him was weak, when I wasn’t even the first one to accuse him; if anything, my initial explanation was much more comprehensive than either of those before me. But you didn’t even look twice at them.

Then you say I voted him in order to get rid of the inactives, but one paragraph ago you already say they’re going to be killed by inactivity anyways, so what’s the point?

And then you suggest that I’m throwing him under the bus as an inactive Mafia, but why would I even try to consider trying to build him a defense after I rethought it if he was basically secured to be lynched once Sari locked in, or killed by inactivity? Once he got killed, I’d be incriminated immediately. I just didn’t want to fall victim to confirmation bias like I always do, but apparently making mistakes is sus.

So what do I think of you? Well, as of today, you’ve had a lot less to say and a lot more to criticize. Desox, I don’t know the playstyle of that well, it could be a retaliation vote for all I know. You though? Usually I’d imagine you’d consider everything that was said and make your own reads, but it feels like you just nitpicked the most contentious things I said and put it in the worst light possible. I think it’s equally possible that you suggested we look for the Illusionist among the active players because the inactives are going to die anyways, and then you looked to me as the first possible scapegoat to pin the role on, just so you could get more people out of the way at once. Don’t think I forgot the last time we went head to head.

You wanted us to look at more active players because you think the Illusionist is among us, and I think the new Goon is among us, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I don’t see anybody else trying to figure that out, just a series of votes getting upset because they’re being looked at more closely. Did you need someone else to throw around some reads so you could instantly call them unfounded? Maybe I looked too closely and now I’m paying for it. Such is life.


That’s way too much text for what little it says… but anyway

First off, let’s clarify that this is just a game and nothing should be taken personal. If you’re using an appeal to emotion as a tactic because you’re mafia, then it’s all good, but if not, then I’ll have you known that calling you out on your contradictions isn’t personal, it’s how you play this game!

Now that that’s out of the way:

This here is a very desperate defence. You should know that the word “inactives” doesn’t exist, it’s a simple typo. I use the word “inactive” because, if you are mafia, and your tactic was to go after an inactive player, then you would simply pick someone at random. Meaning that it could’ve been someone other than TheBoss and it wouldn’t matter.

I didn’t say your argument was weak. Here’s what I actually said:

Again pretty desperate defence. It looks like you’re purposefully missing the point and grasping at straws with typos or ambiguity.

You’re confused. Read my post again, I very clearly stated that what I theorised had given me a new perspective. So why are you mixing two perspectives that are mutually exclusive?

Not really, because you voted for him first. It can very easily be a WIFOM tactic. The fact that you don’t consider this possibility is pretty suspicious as well.

It’s funny because this is exactly what you just did by picking at typos and shaping ambiguous statements to fit your arguments.

This doesn’t make much sense, Magipika. If you’re gonna “throw reads around” you should be prepared to be scrutinised. The fact that people are holding you subject to scrutiny, doesn’t mean that they are upset, so I don’t know where you got that from.

Last thing: this is as far as I get replying to your posts. Out of everyone here, you are my main scumread and I’m not gonna convince you that you are mafia, I’m not gonna make you admit that you are, either. The town has been pretty dead this whole game and these lengthy back and forths are nothing but a detriment to the town. Unless your next post is the greatest defence in history, don’t bother. You should at least claim your role, on the off-chance that you’re just a very confused townie.

I haven’t voted you, yet, because I don’t wanna be the person who loses the game, so I’m gonna give you the chance to claim your role. That being said, it’s probably time to mass-claim already. If we don’t hit mafia today, we lose the game.


I’m probably just reaching at this point since there’s so little to go on, but since there’s a high chance we’re going to lose a lot of Town today I figure I might as well claim before it’s all over.

I’m Vig. Made a bad call with Aaron, I got caught up with all of the suggestions for Watcher to claim that it seemed odd that he’d be changing his mind so late. (Might’ve been time zones, but the thoughts never come together quite right…) I can’t get a read on anybody today though since nobody alive has sent enough messages for me to do so. Mainly only willing to make this claim because if I don’t, I’m probably going to get lynched, and I probably would’ve made another mistake tonight if I didn’t. Not sure where this really gets us, and mildly wondering if this is just going to get me shot.


I’m here and will read back on everything, sorry for going afk had a busy week, will edit the posts with my thoughts when I finish up.


Alrighty, since the day is going to end real soon, I’m going to go along with my suspicions from earlier about TheBoss because I can’t really see scum on others due to inactivity.
[Lynch] TheBoss
I’m going to trust Magi on the role-claim. Perhaps next time you should aim for inactives :0?

Night TwoThe Valar steps forward, sure that their lynch will change the tides.

Magipika has died, they were Daenerys Targaryen (Vigilante)

Night has begun. You have 24 hours to send in your night actions. @jdthebud, @Theboss looking for a bit more activity. In the future if I am absent for the phase change (sorry!) Any votes casted after the time passes will be null.

Players@Zoska as The Night King
@Specifice as a Knight
@Shiny as Jon Snow
@Magipika as Daenerys Targaryen
@Glitter as the White Walker Soldier
@Tyler as Davos Seaworth