Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)


[Lynch] Zoska

Thanks Shiny and hopefully you don’t die :’)
That was pretty fast Johnny, nice :0


It won’t be that simple because with Miller, whomever it is appears as Mafia even after lynch, so ANY mafia member could CC OR** the actual Miller could CC and the cop wouldn’t really be sure who could be it.

That’s why Miller isn’t a town favorable role.


Yes, except we have a vigilante. The vigilante can kill one of the 2 claims, which is why I’m so sure mafia won’t falsely counter claim.

(The Miller fliips as Miller when killed during the night)


Ahh, alright. I see your point with the Vig.


Well, I suppose I see no reason for anyone claiming so early to be lying, since that’d just be a huge setback any way you look at it if you got caught. So I guess with that said, I guess I’ll also:

[Lynch] Zoska


[Lynch] Zoska

At least that’s an easy call. As for Shiny vs Johnny, obviously Shiny is most likely inno but I’d say Johnny’s claim is legit. It’d be weird for mafia to risk losing someone this early on in the game and Sansa would CC in a heartbeat if he was lying. It could be a mafia lure but… not for a non-threatening role.


Welp. Only one thing left to do.

[Lynch] Zośka

It’s just my luck that Shiny was guarding her waifu. I should’ve known better. I was gonna try and make this whole defence, but I suck so bad in these situations joycancer

Anyway, gg hf lads. Gramps out :running_man:


[Lynch] Zoska

To clear my name a little, I am hyper cautious with early PR role reveals for the reasons I mentioned above, I just don’t like losing an ability like the Watcher’s so early on. However in doing so I didn’t sit back and look at the bigger picture, ie scum being able to just utilise their other roles better with more unknown members.


I was watching my waifu sleep and I accidentally saw her be put to sleep with the fishes :frowning:


I, sire of socks supporteth the lynching of zoska, the one yond cameth from scumteros. To the gallows, mine own sire!

[Lyncheth] Zośka


u woteth mateth


Meth is a hell of a drug.


Is it? Never tried any

Night OneThe sun set on Westeros that day, the few people who had banded together quite confident in their kill.

Zoska has died, they were The Night King (Gramps)

Night has begun. You have 24 hours to send in your night actions.

Players@Zoska as The Night King
@Specifice as a Knight




You’re lucky your waifu was stalking your ass

Day TwoWith their King slain, the White Walkers make a quick advance toward the Valar. But, with their king dead, the Soldier was unsure if it would be best for them to continue on. Meanwhile, in the Valar, not much happened overnight, except a muffled bang could be heard closeby.

Glitter has died, they were a White Walker Soldier (Yakuza)
Shiny has died, they were Jon Snow (Watcher)
Tyler has died, they were Davos Seaworth (Cop)

Day has begun. You have 48 hours to vote on who to lynch. Lynching is done in [lynch] player format and there is no abstaining.

Players@Zoska as The Night King
@Specifice as a Knight
@Shiny as Jon Snow
@Glitter as the White Walker Soldier
@Tyler as Davos Seaworth




I speak :innocent:


Couldn’t find the thread :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: