Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)


Right it’s anyone’s guess as to why Spaget got killed, but assuming all experienced players are mafia is a bit of a leap in logic… it could’ve been random for all we know.


Hi whomstever watched Spaget please note that person I’d say is Mafia, flavour text imo implies it was the one visitor other than whoever was “lurking”, however please do not out with that information right now, that’s an easy and VERY crucial kill for Maf.


I’m guessing they killed Spaget because more often than not the more experienced players would get killed early in the games and they didn’t want anyone ruling that in?

I have a few small FOS right now and it’s at Tyler (For one) for his comment. Since he’s implying that someone clearly saw the murder but shouldn’t out it (because they’d be mafia targets) And sure that is true, it could also be good to get this info out since these games usually end by Day 3 to 4.
Others have said similar and I of course know the why, I just know waiting could be a bad choice and can also just be a cover up to keep Mafia hush-hushed


A reveal this early in the game is not a great idea, especially with a role as powerful as the two suggested (namely the former). As it stands, doing so would give us one Mafia member and then that role will most probably be killed the following night, due to how much trouble it can cause them.

Not outing right now means they can get a few more bits of info and as a result catch more scum out, whilst keeping scum in the unknown about who they are.


Yeah I suppose, there are too many possibilities (more so negative) that could flip it anyhow.

Also, I’m not sure if I missed it but since theres a few more members than the roles stated and Spaggy got Vanilla townie, does that mean theres a fourth mafia?


Dedenne said in his Night 0 post that three Knights joined the cause, I don’t think he’d add a fourth mafia member without telling us. Plus having 4 mafia out of now 11 players would be pretty hard for Town to deal with.


Ohh okay, thank you! @w@ my bad


To be honest, if it means nailing a mafia, I don’t think that losing a PR is such a bad thing. Sounds like Aaron is just trying to prolong the time before the mafia is revealed. Could be overly cautious townie but it does give me warning bells.

Currently scum leaning on Aaron and town leaning on Shiny.


Watcher should out. There’s a Gramps, Illusionist and Yakuza, not to mention there’s the possibility of dying by the vigilante’s hands.


I also think the watcher should out, since there’s not a large likely hood they’ll be able to catch another killing, and it’d be great to get one mafia right off the bat the first day before watcher is killed by any means. We’d still be left with journalist, who can lay low and gather info.
My current reads are town for Tyler and Shiny though. He just seems very cautious which is reasonable given it’s the first day. Not sure about others yet.


Anyway, I don’t think the town will lose even if we lose the investigative roles and I feel my role will be #1 choice for counter claims, so I’m gonna go right ahead and reveal as Sansa. It’s not every day that you get to know you’re the miller.

That said, I think the mafia’s in a bit of a pickle here. They’re potentially one man down already and there are no vanillas in this game, meaning we can simply mass claim and find them all. That will force them to make bold moves, such as throwing their buddies under the bus. I think it’s very likely this is being discussed in mafia chats, or any other bold moves like that.

Seeing so many town/scum reads are setting off alarms for me. Based on one post? It reads as desperate mafia to me.


I feel as though it might be a good idea for the Watcher to out themselves as well considering all that was said by those who have already commented but…it seems weirder for two townies to out their roles rather than one. Especially one who outted as Miller, pooossibly a haux to protect themself as mafia, or avoid the Illusionist’s ploy.

Either way, if the Watcher chooses to out themselves, I encourage townies to look at who suggested it would be a good idea in case they’re killed the following day.


Shiny suspects Aaron for telling the Watcher not to out and now says to look into the people who do want the Watcher to out? Well shit, if that ain’t suspicious I don’t know what is.


I was sus of Tyler because the Watcher saw a mafia member kill and outting COULD help the town. Though this was before Tyler made a point about it only outing one, while then getting killed the following night. So with that in mind I was seeing it more from both sides and felt less suspicious of him.

Then I also weighed in what others have said about the Watcher outing themselves which could be some good points too, we don’t even have many players this game so outing one mafia member could be good for town.

So I’m more so going back and forth of getting points from more people than just my own thoughts, though I will say it’s suspicious that you’d out yourself as Miller and then immediately after try to paint one of the few people with town reads by others as suspicious for trying to weigh all options.


Yes you are going back and forth, and you’re contradicting yourself. Either you think it’s suspicious to out, or to not out. You can’t have it both ways, if you do, then you’re mafia trying to sympathise with the town.

Also, why is it suspicious? There’s literally no reason to keep my identity a secret, besides, you won’t see a counter claim. I guarantee it, the mafia won’t risk falsely counter claiming my role right now.

Claiming now is the best course of action, it will help the cop and avoid false counter claims later.

So is claiming suspicious? No. Is calling you out suspicious? No. Is contradicting yourself suspicious? Yes.


Hmm, I have to agree with Shiny that claiming Miller is sus and a great play for mafia if believed.
Trying to convince us by saying it’s good for cop because you’ll flip as mafia when investigated is a great way to cover yourself.


It’s not really that suspicious, if I’m not Sansa, someone will counter claim it.


Oh and I said to keep those who said to “Out the Watcher” because that could also be mafia just trying to get a useful PR out, just so town keeps that in mind of more potential sus. So it’s contradicting but that’s all it is. Mafia makes you feel conflicted and can easily make you contradict yourself.

You can, because that’s how mafia can make you feel when nearly everyone is suspicious to you.

It’s suspicious because you can make yourself appear innocent as Miller with still feeling free to accuse whomever like a mafia member

Perhaps that’s another reason why you (if you’re mafia) would want to take this role. It wouldn’t SEEM like a mafia would want to take it. (Though outing yourself as Miller is more desirable than being plain mafia to cops)

I’m sorry my thoughts contradict and are all over the place, I’m less organized than someone like Magi, lol. I’ll put my other comment in a whole new comment since I now had to defend myself against Johnny.


I know that puts me on line for who could be suspicious(me being contradicting), but hear me out. I was all over the place on whether or not to out and just as I was about to, Johnny came after me (great) so this might be taken as a grain of salt by other townies but everyone will see if I’m shot/lynched/killed the following night that my word was true.

I’m sorry however this helps or ruins it for town, RN it feels helpful considering the amount of members and things that could go with a Vig.

I’m the Watcher. I decided to watch Spaggy and saw that Zoska had visited her, then Spaggy was dead. At first I didn’t even consider outing myself (earlier today) because I thought Illusionist was the same as Framer but after some reading…it’s not, lol.

Now, is it suspicious to out myself NOW after Johnny so thankfully started pointing fingers at me? Yes but I’m pushing myself to because if I stick to trying to defend myself without giving anything away, he’ll probably win town over. He has won town over while being mafia before and I fear this may happen again. So keep that in mind too, with Johnny. He could be Miller but he’s shown to be a pretty convincing Town while secretly being mafia to others, before.

Goooosh that was obnoxious to write all at once, my words might be jambled.

**Edit, before I forget. [Lynch] Zoska


Shiny, it’s simple. If I’m not Sansa you will see a counter claim.

[Lynch] Zoska