Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Game of Thrones Mafia (Game Over!)

Valar Morghulis MafiaGame of Thrones Themed MafiaWelcome to the World of Westeros. Each of you have been working by your own accord, vying for power, revenge, justice, and in some cases, ecstasy. However, word has been sent from The Citadel, they have confirmed the previously thought false accusations of what lies beyond the Wall. The Whitewalkers are coming! It is time for each of you to lead your houses, followers and soldiers in an effort to protect Westeros and the Iron Throne, despite which of you, if any any, sit upon it next.

RolesValar (The Town)Daenerys Targaryen, is known by many names, and one of the last members of the House of Targaryen. She may visit one person a night and command Drogon to incinerate them. (Vigilante)
Jon Snow is the bastard born son of Eddard Stark. Can choose one person each night, and will see who visits that person. Can only see one visiting White Walker killing. (Watcher)
Tyrion Lannister, the imp himself. He may visit one person every night, any messages that person receives are given to the him as well. (Journalist)
Sansa Stark the eldest legitimate offspring of Eddard Stark. She will appear guilty on cop reports, and when lynched, will appear as mafia. When kiled, will appear as herself. (Miller)
Samwell Tarly is the eldest son of Lord Randyll Tarly. If killed, Valar will be engulfed in darkness during the next day. All lynch votes will be anonymous. (Lightkeeper)
Davos Seaworth, known as the Onion Knight to many, may visit one person every night, and will receive a report with that person’s alignment. (Cop)
The White Walkers (The Mafia)The Night King. The first of the White Walkers, he learns a role of any player who visits him, and can not be killed at night or shot during day. (Gramps)
White Walker Knight, one of the crowned White Walkers who seem to command great power. Begins the game with an Ice Spear (gun), and each night, may choose a player. May launch their spear once per game. The player they chose will be shown launching the spear. (Illusionist)
White Walker Soldier May visit one person, and themself. That person is converted into a White Walker, and the current White Walker Soldier dies. (Yakuza)

Rules-All Mafia Hub and Safari Zone rules apply
-Do not discuss this game outside of this topic, do not pm share or share any details that may influence the game in any way.
-You may make one post after you die, this may not contain any game altering information.
-Night Phase is 24 Hours, and Day Phase is 48 Hours.
-Do not post during the night phase
-Lynch format is [Lynch] Username.
-Vanilla Roles are given if more players sign up than roles allow, Vanilla Townies are Knights and Mafia Goons are White Walkers.
-There is no abstaining
-All actions are to be sent to be through PM on the forums or through DM on Discord. Also message me with any questions, Sunset#9727








In :zoomeyes:


It’s redemption time :fufu:


I would love to join!


Can I be the one who wins the throne of the game? In.


I’m in, obviously.




Sure I’m in.


OwO I’m in


Dedenne put a gun to my head and forced me to play this game.


Yeah I’m not surprised if all the people here were in that situation

sign me up pls

Night ZeroThe men and women of Westeros have begun making their plans as night falls. But, the White Walkers have now assembled, and are ready to bring their onslaught upon the Valar if they do not band together.

Role PM’s have been sent out, and night has fallen. We also have 3 lovely Knights who have joined the cause! Nobody may speak here for 24 Hours and likewise those with night actions have the same amount of time. You may PM me here or DM me on Discord if you have any questions!


Day OneAnd so another day passed, and the White Walkers continued hunting down those who would oppose them. One White Walker in particular saw a lone night in his cabin, and decided their kill for the night. What they didn’t know is Specifice screams were heard by someone lurking near.

Specifice has died, they were a Knight (Vanilla Townie)

Day has begun. You have 48 hours to vote on who to lynch. Lynching is done in [lynch] player format and there is no abstaining.

@Specifice as a Knight


Hi fellow medievals.


Well, I’m gonna guess since none of the high experienced players died right off the bat, there’s a likely hood they’re either all town or all mafia because I’d expect them to get rid of those with more experience as soon as possible.
Anyone find anything interesting :0?


Maybe they just felt bad for Johnny lmao.


Well, about the only information we got from the flavor text is this:

Sounds like the Watcher or Journalist (or Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister, if you’re into roleplay) potentially saw who killed Spaget? If so, that might be one mafia known already, although that’s a really informative role so it might be better concealed until later.


Probably afraid he’d just destroy the games if he got N0’d again joycancer