[Feedback] Night in the Safari theme

[Feedback] Night in the Safari theme


I noticed this while clicking on the information header. The font blends in a bit too much with the background, making it a little hard to read. Would anyone consider using the same font colors that are used for the notifications?


That doesnt happen for me, I wonder why its happening for you. Im not a staff but i had to check it to see if it was true, but mine is clear.

Now that I see it, might be a mobile glitch. Considering it looks like to be mobile


@Nina @Flower_Child could you help? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m using mobile. The issue pertains when I ask for the desktop site in my browser, though. I can’t really say if that amounts to anything but it’s worth mentioning.


Just checked on mobile & requested desktop as well. Displays fine for me. What phone are you using? iPhone?


i know about it just give me a bit


Nope, Android.

EDIT: I’m a douchebag. Apparently my Interface Theming app (Substratum) somehow affected the font in the information header. I don’t know how or why but it does.

You guys can write this thread off now. Thanks for looking into it, though.


device hasnt anything to do with it btw
anyways should be fixed


i don’t think it was that, it was happening for me too when i tried it


Yeah, I swapped back and whatever you did fixed it. Good stuff. Appreciate ya.


The font does blend in a lot in some spots. Like here for example. Said it was fixed but maybe missed this spot. bdd2bdc49e75c6569d6f467d27e62fb3