Featuring fanworks on the zine

Featuring fanworks on the zine


Okay, so I brought this idea up to a few people and they say to bring it here to if there’s any interest. I thought it would be a neat idea to feature fanworks in the zine. As far as I’m aware the zine doesn’t go by weekly/monthly issues, but perhaps there could be a fanwork monthly feature to show off the creative side of the site.

I remember PokeCommunity’s Daily there were some discussions of doing something similar, but we only managed to do a couple of those, one to feature roleplaying and another some fanworks done for Halloween. So yeah, let me know what you guys think!


i think that would be a great idea, there could even be different categories. Like new artists, pixel art, cartoony etc. Just an added idea. But that would still be cool to add.


What qualifies as a fanwork?


Fangames, rom hacks, art, writing


I’m down with this idea!


Belated ‘yes to this’ post. (I did say I liked the idea elsewhere :V).

Let’s try to organise how this’ll be run. Ask for people to request their work be featured? Only permit people to nominate other people’s work? Staff selection? (Regardless we’d probably want to limit showcasing work by the same person every time for sake of variety).


I think I’m fine for now with people requesting their work be featured, then a mod and/or zine staff can discuss which ones will be featured first (and perhaps any edits and such that needs attention before the work gets posted).


This sounds like an interesting idea! Is there a certain theme to the fanworks or can we submit already finished art?


This is for the people overlooking the zine to decide, but I think past works should be fine!


Themed articles make sense to consider doing, and there may well be calls for collections featuring certain Pokemon. But both old and new art would be fine.