Fawful's Art Dump

Fawful's Art Dump


My usual palette changed when I went from Paint.NET to Asesprite, so if something I dredge up seems to have a different style that may be why.

Apologies in advance if certain images seem smaller than others; I usually don’t upscale my art.

Some thing I drew, and to be frank I’m not entirely sure what it is. I think I based it off the bizarre enemies from MOTHER 3? The shading seems to point that way

A Cosmic Monolith from Epic Battle Fantasy. These things SUUUUUUUUCK to fight.

I sometimes make small sprites for weapons. This is probably my favorite from my Paint.NET days.

Think it’s something from a project I abandoned/forgot about? It’s been a while and idr this much nowadays, but generally I can tell if something is unfinished if it has a ton of dead space like this picture

I’m not good at portraits or freehand writing on art programs.

Couple “chibis” I drew and magnified for a friend. It’s at the center of one of my current personal art debates in a sense.

Some skill icon concepts I threw together. That’s about it.

More old chibis from a project I must have abandoned.

One of the Ultra Beast contest concepts I had for Total Safari Island when we had to make fakemon. If I recall correctly, the idea we had was to make a thing that lures things in with a cute appearance, before revealing its true form and spiriting them away. The normal version reminds me of Teen Titans’ Raven, in hindsight.

I’m not sure what purpose this serves myself. I think it was an attempt to practice drawing 8x8 images? I’m too lazy to go into Asesprite to check for myself tbh

moonA moonB
A couple moons I drew to familiarize myself with Asesprite. It’s pretty much just a circle laid over another circle, which is telling as to how it was a practice thing.

heatglaivebasis heatglaivemetal
When I’m making bases, I always do the lineart before the colored-in portion. I’m still not sure what to call this thing.

Villis LefenaCrocia
A couple of my characters. I’m not too satisfied with Crocia (the one on the right), though. Also part of an art style debate I’m running through.

Even in Asesprite, I still do these menu sprites for weapons. Something about this one feels a bit off to me though.

Yes, I like drawing this character. Aso at the center of an art-style debate. Not sure if I like this South Park-esque style or not.

I know there’s more stuff I haven’t posted in this dump, but I feel it’s getting long enough for now


Very nice sprites and pixel works! May I ask what made you switch over to asesprite? How is it compared to paint.net?


Ooooh, the Monolith, your weapon sprites and the Ultra Beast are my favorite! Such neat designs and nice detail!


I’ll be frank, one of the biggest factors is a larger palette to use. One of my biggest quirks is how I generally just choose a palette and stick to it while adding very little other colors, and Paint.NET’s is limited in my experience. There’s also how Paint.NET is more of a “free photoshop” despite being good for pixel art, while Asesprite is dedicated to my preferred medium. I do use a bit of Paint.NET still for stuff like screenshots and image editing (i.e. making everything sepia) though, so it’s not completely off the table.

And I’m honestly a bit surprised that the Monolith still gets a nice deal of love, even though it’s a half-decade old or even older lol


Wow I love these, pixel art is so underrated