Favorite type of Chocolate

Favorite type of Chocolate


White, Dark, Milk, Seasalt, Cookies and Cream, Clusters, Covered Nuts, Covered Cherries, the list goes on. Which do you prefer?

I really love milk chocolate, and I can also do White if I’m in the mood, but dark chocolate always seems a bit too bitter for me. I also really love clusters, specifically walnut clusters mmmmm


Milk chocolate is the best. :drooling_face:
Best brand? Milky Way


White is not chocolate, it’s a fake.

I like chocolate with raisins and cashew nuts the most. But any kind is good by me.


milk chocolate is the best kind of chocolate

i really just dont care about the rest


I like white and milk chocolate the best.


White chocolate is my favourite.


I’m very fond of dark chocolate although we mostly keep milk in the house.


Milk chocolate is the best. Although I also like white chocolate and I don’t despise dark chocolate.
Damn I want some chocolate now.


I have no preference! I like dark, milk and white chocolate all equally!


i cant stand dark, white and milk are great. i love white best


White chocolate and that crunchy chocolate with the rice things mixed in.


Dark chocolate 90% Cocoa is my favourite. I don’t like sweet chocolate.


Dark and Milk Chocolate for the win!


Any chocolate that doesn’t have nuts in it, unfortunately because I have allergies to it…

But thinking about it like that makes me glad that I’m not lactose intolerant so I can have all this delicious chocolate! :fufu:


Easily milk chocolate

hershey’s bars and m&m’s are my favorites


Wow so many milk chocolate fans :0
I’m more of a dark chocolate fanatic. I especially love anything in the 70-80% dark choclate. The best additions to it would definitely be sea salt or hazelnuts (or any nuts really) in my opinion. I absolutely love Ghirardelli, Ritter Sport or Babaevsky.
I can eat other chocolates, but milk and white just seem wayy to sweet or creamy to me. Though I’ll gladly eat m&m’s, theyre addicting as well.



White chocolate is good too, and dark chocolate is alright! However due to reflux, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate which… why?? Why does chocolate out of all foods have to cause reflux :frowning:

Definitely doesn’t stop me from occasionally having Cadbury, Maltesers etc. though, because those are A+