Favorite town in Kanto?

Favorite town in Kanto?


With LGPE coming out soon, and only a handful of us actually liking Kanto or even considering buying the games… It’s the perfect time to talk abount Kanto! Yknow before we all hate it more.

So yeah favorite town, and why is it your favorite?


Vermilion City because it has the SS Anne, and it’s always been the city with my favorite arrangement of music for Kanto!


Whichever one had the Safari Zone (I forget the name), mostly because I liked how there was a small pokemon zoo there and wish the idea was used in later generations too.


Fuchsia City, for the reasons stated above, and because it had the Safari Zone on it, and that was my absolute favorite place in the game, I would spend hours there trying to get rare Pokes.


Lavender Town because it has the most character, most actual story, doesn’t look too bad and god damn that music is good.


I definitely agree with the town’s pretty unique and man I love it’s theme!


(fr tho its pallet)


i feel like nothing will beat saffron city for me


honestly Saffron is a second close for me just because of the big-city feel and how I personally love downtown areas of most cities.


I forgot the name but it’s the town where you first appear in Kanto after beating GSC/HGSS’s main story.


Celadon City

You get eevee, game corner/rocket hideout, best gym leader, and the big shopping center.


Having just gone through my first Kanto experience, I think I’d have to go with Vermillion City. I like the idea of a coastal city, and it’s got such nice upbeat music as well. And best of all, they have the ferry there! Not as much to do there as some of the others, but very pleasant overall.