Favorite plant or flower?

Favorite plant or flower?


My favorite types of plants are succulents, so along with Tea Roses, Haworthias are my favorite plants~ <3

What about you guys?


These are what they look like btw

Tea Rose (smells like tea, hence the name)



Daphne odora Aureomarginata is the first one. The flowers are adorable, but it’s the scent of them that gets me. It’s quite strong, but very sweet. I love it meowjustright

Second one is Clematis Vyvyan Pennell. The flowers that bloom on them are huge.

I work in a plant nursery and we sell both of these plants. They’re awesome :zoomeyes:


Venus Fly Traps

Pitcher Plants


Clovers, I used to eat these as a kid and I liked the taste, reminded me of cherries. XD


TIL Clovers are edible

Anyway, for me it’d have to be the Carnation.
There’s not really any specific reason, I just like the colors of a Carnation the most.


Also a fan of succulents, I have a haworthia too, a snake plant and some smol echeverias.