Favorite console(s)?

Favorite console(s)?


What’s your favorite video game console(s)? My favorite was the Nintendo Wii due to some fun games Nintendo had for it and Homebrew. I also like the Nintendo 3DS for the same reasons. Honourable mentions to PlayStation 2 as my first video game console and Xbox 360 because I remember playing coop games with my brother on that.


For me, it’d have to be:

-SNES: Only exposed to this through Wii VC when I was young, got an actual one a couple years back though. Has plenty of games that have aged really well considering the generation it’s from. Super Metroid’s a childhood favorite, and Earthbound’s one of my favorite RPGs.

-GBA: My very first system. Metroid Fusion, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red, and others have made this otherwise rather cheaply-built system one worth having played.

-Gamecube: First home console. Lego Star Wars co-op was a blast in my early years, while I also enjoyed Pokemon Colosseum/XD, Paper Mario TTYD, and Metroid Prime 1 and 2.

-DS: Absolutely amazing. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is simply gorgeous, and games like Mario Kart DS and Metroid Prime Hunters were great with friends.

-PC: I know this isn’t a console, but it’s worth mentioning anyway because it simply amazes me that an overpriced business machine from 1981 paved the way for such a great gaming platform. I’m also really fascinated by DOS games like Doom, Jazz Jackrabbit, and Duke Nukem (2D and 3D), and how fun they are considering the harsh limitations of PCs in the early 90s. Of course, I also have my share of modern games like Portal 2, Doom 2016, and Hollow Knight.


Any nintendo console :zoomeyes: Im a nintendo baby.

…Also the original Xbox because I have a lot of good memories with some amazing old games with it. (Destroy all Humans 1&2, Stubbz the Zombie, Conker: Live and Reloaded)

Playstation had just two games that I loved that come to mind, Spyro and this Shrek 2 party game that is more amazing than it sounds.


Ah, the Nintendo Wii, my one and favorite console… it had a lot of odd experimental games, but playing through Twilight Princess, the Mario Galaxy series, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn on it were some of my favorite childhood memories! Even though those are some of its most famous franchises, I loved how large and thought out the games felt even if they weren’t quite open world, great soundtracks too and some pretty priceless moments on my first playthroughs.


The ones I probably played the most are the DS family, though if we discount handhelds it’d instead go to the Gamecube simply because of the Chao Garden.


If you’re counting handhelds, I’d say the nintendo DS line then. I’ve had so many fun memories and great games I’ve played on there. The Pokemon main series games, new super mario bros, mario kart, and the fossil fighter games are some of my favorites.

And there’s still some games which I haven’t finished/want to purchase for it. These include PMD sky, bowser’s inside story, and the world ends with you.


My personal favorite has to be the Super Nintendo. Not just from a technical standpoint (For a gaming console, it was very well ahead of its time) but because a lot of well-known series started on it that everyone knows, such as Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, and other games became much more well-established, such as the Shin Megami Tensei series (SMT: if… basically spurred the Persona line of games) and Final Fantasy (V and VI are fan favorites, with VI often being named the best RPG of all time, not to mention Chrono Trigger).

A very close second is the Switch though, because it has so much power in such a small unit that I can do pretty much anything on it a game console can, but anywhere. The Sega Genesis falls into third though.