Favorite Book and/or Book Reccommendations?

Favorite Book and/or Book Reccommendations?


“Have an unruly child who just won’t listen? You’ve tried EVERYTHING and just nothing works? Maybe you’re worried about their soul and need to give them a divine purpose that God can smile upon and when they die they can be welcomed into Heaven? Worry no more! Unwinding your child is the PERFECT solution!”

So my favorite book of all time is Unwind. It’s about a world set sometime in the future where children under 18 are used as organ donors. WHY would children be used as organ donors? How could that possibly be allowed? Well because they’re kept 99.9% alive of course and EVERY part of their body (except for the 1% that is useless and thrown away) is used! It’s an AMAZING book where you follow three teen protagonists who are an unlikely bunch forced to survive together by fate. This book tackles a lot of adult subjects and I enjoy every page of this book. I could probably write a book about everything I love about this book and why it deserves a movie.

The themes this book tackles range from religion, child abuse, child neglect, abortion, terrorist attacks and much more. If you want me to elaborate on the book or anything in particular about it, PLEASE!! Ask! I’d honestly love to.


Hm, don’t think I’ve ever read that book before. Have been a while since I’ve read YA books but I might check that out. Am curious though, are there adult characters in the book and if so how are they portrayed?

While I’m still here, I tend to recommend this book in several places but Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. It’s a mystery/suspense story about three childhood friends whose friendship stopped after a terrible incident, only for them to be brought back together years later after one of the guys’ daughter was murdered. It tackles some heavy subjects like sexual abuse, complex relationships, past demons, and such. The movie version won Best Picture years ago, but I think the book version is much better haha.


Oooh, I’m putting both of those on my list, they sound very good! My aunt had me read the Abhorsen series, and I immediately got hooked on it with the first book, Sabriel. Here’s the summary of that first book:

"Since the fall of the Royal Family, dangerous entities roam, ranging from the undead to powerful sorcerers and Free Magic elementals.

These living Dead are raised by Necromancers, diviners of the dead who roam the Old Kingdom or live in Death, using Hands to do their bidding. To remedy the problem of dangerous living dead, a necromancer under the title of Abhorsen uses a bandolier of Bells and a sword to put the dead to rest. At the time of Sabriel, it is her father Terciel who has the job of putting the dead to rest in the Old Kingdom, especially difficult since a new evil is rising."

Wikipedia explains it better than I do lol. Very good series, would recommend!



The adults are portrayed as a mixed bag but I’d say most were portrayed as bad. Parents signing their children off to be unwound because they couldn’t behave, using religion as an excuse for Unwinding. The laws of ‘Storking’ and so on but there are some good adults in there who do see what’s wrong with Unwinding.

Forgot to reply about the book you suggested! That actually sounds like something I’d be into. I think I’ll read that after I’m done reading “It”


Oohhh another fantasy book~ I’ll add this to my list, as well!