Farm's mystery [sign-ups]

Farm's mystery [sign-ups]



Far far away, in a countryside. There’s located an abandoned farm. There were rumors that the owner of that farm died, due to a sudden stroke and that his ghost hunt that farm. Due to which, no one dares to enter that scary and rusted farm. But if we look deeply. We will see a bunch of happy and innocent animals. They have been here befofe the death of their owner. They were living a good life. Until unless, one cloudy mid-night. A group of thief, trespasses the abandon property and kidnapp one cow’s child. The next morning, grief and sorrowness enter in the life of that animals for the first time. The wicked humans, started to this every night. The animals, were defenceless. As they are very week compared to that kidnappers, physically. The evil were enjoying, while the good have to throw tears. But one day, their leader, a dog, cried out “Our protection is in our hand, lets fight for it. We may not have much strength but we have the courage and determination, to be able to stop them. Brother and Sisters, we will stop them by using our brain”. And then, it all started.

Will the animals able to protect themself? Lets find out.


The game has two sides. Habitants (townies) and Kidnappers (mafia). Day phase is 48 hour and Night is 24. Voting shall be done in [vote] player name. If you miss two votes in total, you will be death. However, you can miss night actions, if you have any. Night actions should be done by PM in forum or DM in discord. My discord name is “Ash of Volcano”. Roles will be send to everyone before the start of Night Zero.



They win if all Kidnappers (mafia) are eliminated

Crow: He is also knknown as watcher of the night sky. Nothing can hide from his sharp eyes. Every night, he can visit one player to know his role.

Dog: The leader and the most respected animal among all. His vote is count is 2.

Cow: She is very gentle and kind. She has a child too. This gentle cow, had once lost her child. The child was kidnapped. Now, she has only one child. She knows who is Jr. Buffalo and can communicate with him.



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