Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


Hee yep, it was a good game toward the end, though sucks that I lost Magi early and the town lost shiny and Zoska. Still fun though :zoomeyes:


I protected myself literally every night because I’m so tired of you fuckers killing me.


Well it seems to have been the key to victory, although we obviously would have done something different last phase if we had been in LYLO.


Dedenne is dead, they were the mafia.

Town wins!






Spaggy was definitely the MVP this game. She got her lucky shot and then her nice idea of the last two with guns/Bleeders to shoot the other.

And gaddamn, mafia loves having Dedenne as the bad boi


I still can’t believe we lost three Townies in one day lmao. If he had gotten on more kill it’d been over.


For real, it was almost a miracle with this game LMAO


gg :smiley:


I was going to shoot anyways, it was the best way to prove my role. But Shiny’s early shot definitely helped. I’d actually say GP had a bigger late game impact as he stopped the night kill twice.


GP definitely murdered all hopes I had with my night kill plans. I knew I had to take him or you out, and Sab the other. Sadly I killed the wrong guy heh




I need a count of all the times Dedenne was Mafia, as well as when he wasn’t


836:1 is the ratio