Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


Remember there is also a Blacksmith, so we have both a doc and a vest to protect people every night


Oh actually I’m mixing up for the gunsmith, and she dead so…

I guess GP just hit right every night?



The two of you need to claim. Don’t worry, I will too.


Odd that you don’t want to, especially since you’re not the deputy. But I don’t have much to lose, I’m the bleeder


Well, I was hoping for a slip-up, but I’m the Watcher. @jdthebud I need to know your role and who’s been visiting who (from any roles able.)


And if you claim Bleeder, well, you and Dedenne can just shoot each other and see who survives. :fufu: Maf will die, and actual Bleeder will live to the next day, keeping our Town numbers up.


Guess we’ll wait then


I like this.


I’m the Bleeder, actually, so Dedenne is the final mafia. Unfortunately for them, even if my gun is sabotaged (seems likley), I won’t die until the end of the next day, so town wins, yay.


Then I guess we wait for the shot. :eyes:



I have submitted the shot on Dedenne but Ho-oh is slow lol.


[Vote] Dedenne


jdthebud’s gun was sabotaged and backfired on him!

He will not die until the next day phase.


Also Ho-Oh isn’t slow…she was off chasing Kyogre. :frowning:


Hee hee


Boom! Specifice is dead. They were the Watcher.


[vote] dedenne




Something tells me I’m dead


Good try Dedenne, unfortunately the lack of kills hurt you bad.