Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


what the FUCK

GP and Zoska didn’t read back, which yknow understandable I guess. Except Zoska just uh well anyways. I don’t get how Glitter could say Shiny was faking even before she was dead. Zoska shot a townie and then revealed as bomb, though this doesn’t confirm her as a townie I don’t see why the bomb would ever reveal and so far there hasn’t been a counter claim. Granted Sam hasn’t been on and since that’s the case and we only have 6 hours and we just lost a townie…

[Vote] Sam


I mean, wth…




Reminder to keep the games salt-free.


@Zoska has two hours to vote or will be mod killed.



[Vote] Sam


@Sam pls


Boom! Zoska committed suicide. They were the bomb.


Yeet on them apples




Someone shot the sherriff… but they did not shoot the deputy. Oops no he got lynched instead.

Sam is dead. Sam was the Deputy.

You have 24 hours OR until all NA’s are submitted.

@Kitty :disappointed_relieved: Gunsmith
@Zoska :disappointed_relieved: Bomb
@Sam :disappointed_relieved: Deputy
@Desox :disappointed_relieved: Fool
@Magipika :disappointed_relieved: Mafia
@Shiny :disappointed_relieved: Bulletproof


Good morning!

Nobody is dead, isn’t that just wonderful?

You have 48 hours.


@Specifice @Dedenne @jdthebud @Glitter


What are your roles.


@Specifice how about you?


I’d rather see what everyone else says. Afaik I’m the most Townie looking player so far, so how come you don’t wanna say?


@Specifice still possible you shot Magi for the town cred.

Whoever is the Doc has been doing great so far btw.


Sure, but out of the 4 of us, 2 still have guns. I’m willing to bet one is Maf, so if we can narrow it down to 2 possible suspects by claiming, well, that would just be preferable. You can think what you want from my shot, but it was straight luck.

Are you implying that you’re the Doctor? Or that you’re not.


I find it a little odd that we just happen to save the right person every time. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Maf is abstaining from kills so that we kill each other (we’ve been doing great at that so far.)


Hi, I’m the doc.
Now everyone claim or we’re boned.