Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


Oh no it was left out of flavour text because I was lazy. /carryon


Using a town gun on a harmless third party (when we no lynched on D1 anyway) that can kill mafia slightly hurts town. It’s only slightly because it wasn’t used to kill a town member, and also there are a crap ton of guns.


Also to be honest Zoska’s D1 post seems like a mafia member shitposting just to say something, anone else get that impression?


I mean, yolo right?

Nah, in all honesty I kinda forgot about this game :dyinglol:


Boom Shiny was shot!

They were Bulletproof.

(They are now dead).


And that’s how much I didn’t read


Okay, so here’s the tea. I’m the bomb. I really haven’t been keeping up with this game because my soul’s been too consumed by something else, so I’ma lay my options on the table and read the thread later.

If you guys think lynching me is your best option, I’ll just shoot myself to save you a mislynch. Or I could shoot someone beforehand. Idk. I shot Shiny just now after she’s already been confirmed Bulletproof, that’s how much I hadn’t read.


As a fyi Shiny’s dead in case that wasn’t obvious.




I mean, that doesn’t look great from Zoska. Bit WIFOM there.
Honestly this game is weird, I’m not convinced anyone is town or not really.

Dedenne’s posts look the best so far but he’s well and truly learned no to change his posting style as mafia. Don’t clear Shiny btw, they could be faking this. Although doubtful since there’s no CC so the’re most like town.

Beyond that, I’m not totally sure. jd could be trying to throw some subtle shade there maybe but eeeeeh


Zoska what the fuck

Why shoot if you hadn’t read up?? She was our only confirmed Townie.

Glitter, Shiny is dead, she wasn’t faking. She also survived a sabotaged gun.


Now the question is, is Zoska fakeclaiming to trying to lure the Bomb out? But with one mafia left that seems like an incredibly risky play. Not to mention that he could have not claimed to shoot since it didn’t reveal him…wait a minute…

@Ho-oh why didn’t you say who shot Shiny, our guns reveal the shooter, don’t they?


Her gun was sabotaged. It backfired on her. She survived it but wouldn’t be able to survive another shot, hence Zoska’s gun killing her.


Y’all missing key events here



Also, I shot with a gun the GS gave me N0. Honestly surprised no one realised that when I said I’ll shoot myself after killing Shiny. Or the fact that no one thought it was a possibility someone had 2 guns until now. Y’all should know GS’s night ability has higher priority than mafia kill.


Also, I claimed because I literally give zero fucks.


As far as I know, no one forgot there was a second gun. We’re trying to figure out who the last Maf is, not where the GS gun went since that wouldn’t help us anyway.

Well, of Mafia was gonna kill you before, they sure as hell aren’t gonna do it now. Everyone, please backread. Also, Glitter is sus of everyone.


Is that a signal for me to shoot him


Just an observation. I don’t think he read back either, considering he said…

When Ho-Oh confirmed that Shiny didn’t die from shooting her gun and when her role was revealed after just dying. How could she fake that.


We still haven’t heard anything from Sam.