Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


It looks like either the Mafia forgot to attack (not sure if that’s likely, unless they’re afraid of hitting Bomb?) or the Doctor protected their intended target. There isn’t really any flavor text, so I doubt it was the Bleeder or Bulletproof roles that were possibly attacked.


From the post, it doesn’t seem like any other guns were sabotaged either so maybe they’re lying low or they just plain forgot? :thonk:

  • Zoska failed to vote yesterday and made one past last Day phase about how she had contemplated shooting herself (maybe busy? wyd?)

  • jd said he didn’t care if the Fool wins and voted for Desox (bruh, if they win, we lose.)

  • Sam wondering if extra guns on Night 0 is a good thing and Shiny answering that question in defense of Kitty’s shooting.

  • Shiny and Glitter understandably wary of me being Fool, given the shooting.

  • Dedenne leaning Town on me but still questioning to clarify motives for the shot, and him and Glitter noting the mess-up I made in my response.

I think I’m feeling Town from Dedenne the most, and a bit on Glitter and Shiny as well. Not 100% sure on Zoska, Sam or jd.


For a game that’s supposed to be wild, it’s…so quiet :frowning: So…


Shiny went to shoot their gun…

But it backfired and shot Shiny!

Shiny did not die.


Oh my <_<"


I have come to the conclusion that Shiny is 100% Townie.


I’m definitely confirmed town, now. I’m Bulletproof LMAO. Sad day for the Sabotaugie-boi but ay…

ANYWHO. I went to use my gun on Sam in hopes he was a mafia man who forgot to put a night kill in because he’s been mostly quiet here so…I figured (since it happens to me) he forgot he was in a game.

He hasn’t given important info because either he really doesn’t have any or since he doesn’t play mafia much he is inexperienced with pretending to say bullpoop to help the town. Since I have no gun now, for now I’ma [Lynch] Sam


Also, would love to hear JD’s news. Perhaps he saw someone visit me? :fufu:


I don’t think he has any information for us lol

But I would like some kind of defense from Sam since he’s being voted. Also Zoska and jd wyd (and why were you willing to let the Fool win, I just need to know this my guy ;_; )

[Vote] Sam




Also, this happened /just/ after Magi’s death so…Zos could be lowkey hinting that she’s maf. How entertaining and shocking would it be for all of us if the last maf just up and shot themselves dead right after their comrad’s death.


That was also the only post she made. :eyes: But she may also get mod killed, depending on how the last 20 or so hours go.


@Specifice the fool wins separately from town and mafia, not in place of them. It doesn’t really hurt us to lynch the fool day 1, but it did hurt town when GP killed him with a gun. I’m totally assuming GP is town because there is no way he does that as mafia.

And yes, I have no helpful information.


How does that hurt Town?


We don’t get the single win, you always want to be the sole winner, but Glitter said fuck Fool’s lives.

Anyways, I’m really busy today, so I’m sorry if this is brief, but:

Well Shiny is confirmed town obviously, what a time to shoot your gun though lmao. Zoska has been extremely quiet, Jd I’m getting a town vibe from kind of? He’s just been quiet so he could simply be a vanilla. Spaget is a strong town presence I think, especially with her reasoning behind shooting Magi dead. Glitter I’m also feeling town from, because he’s pushed for reasoning from Spaget and also didn’t want anyone to automatically clear anyone. This could be an obvious mafia strategy but he’s not very active here or trying to push them as being suspicious, just trying to open up people’s minds I think.

And that leaves Sam, regarding this:

If your gun was sabbed, nobody forgot the game. A night kill must have been put in and the person must have been protected. Sam played mafia quite a bit though and is more experienced than most imo, perhaps rusty though. So either a forgetful townie who’s not all that invested or he’s just lying low as mafia.

We have 24 more hours, I’m just going to see what Zoska, Sam, and GP have to say before casting a vote.


Question is, who would bet on me shooting more than anyone else? I was either their 1st or 2nd choice, after all. Who would think I’d definitely shoot my gun soon? Or at some point. Lets not forget they also aimed at Kitty.

Could be Zoska or Glitter. Magi was maf so Im sure he has a lot of messages there helping decide who were the targets before his death. Im sleepy atm so I cant even form my thoughts properly enough


or 1st and second.

Well, to take a different approach, who would be most fearful you’d shoot them? Who were you suss of day 1?


Just Spaggy LMAO


Hmmm, probably too general to figure out who’d be scared of you. Simply anyone who would thinnk you’d take that chance.

Also kek.


We got flavor text for N0 that people were watched and a gun was sabotaged. Given that we got no text today makes me think that it was maybe left out on accident? So there could be another sabotaged gun floating around.