Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun



[Unvote] Desox


Actually, I don’t really care if the Fool wins.

[Vote] Desox




What the fuck…

Anyways! Honestly most of that makes sense. Though it’s a lot of considerations written down tbh when I’m thinking all of that can come out in about 30 seconds going though each player.

I can’t tell if Desox is just a bad fool, or just a townie that wants to live? I wouldn’t take them to be mafia but idk it’s a very uh unorthodox strategy that’s for sure.

I’m sticking with my abstention. Everyone checked in, now we kind of just have to wait and see where the votes lie.

The only thing I question is the Shiny thing, the reasoning you gave for her being town was only pertaining to her comments after your shot. But I don’t really think Shiny is mafia, and your reasoning for shooting magi is still sound. Though you could be the fool, well Desox makes a better contender and I don’t see why the fool would shoot day 1. If anything it’d be better to wait, try to drive a lynch, shoot whoever opposes you and boom you’re lynched.

TLDR: 99.99% Spaget is town, everyone should vote. Wouldn’t take the chance on Desox today.

But anyways @Desox question, if Spaget is maf like you say whyd you vote for Sam. What’s the connection :eyes:


Oh oof, you’re right. I guess in her case I was just biased. :flirt:




If Desox is Fool this is the worst most unsubtle Fool play I’ve ever seen.


Shiny didn’t say anything about the Fool until after you shot.


Yeah, that’s what Dedenne said. I just didn’t wanna shoot her. :fufu:


I almost want to take a risky chance vote because we luckily had a maf death this day but I’ll abstain for now. [Vote] Abstain

Also sorry Ho Oh for voting late!! I honestly forgot I needed to make a vote :frowning: thank you spaggy for reminding me :heart:


[VOTE] Abstain

Not today, not today. Since we’ve got a maf down there’s no reason to stab in the dark.


[vote] Abstain

For now anyway since we can afford to.


[unvote] Sam

[vote] Desox


Nobody died…

Except Desox the Fool. He was shot by Glitter.

Message me with your NA’s - if you are using them (your gun etc) or not.


I hope Glitter dies honestly


It’s a lovely morning here in gunland and amazingly nobody died!

You have 48 hours.


I got nothin again smh


Hi I’m having a power outage and idk how long it’s going to last so if I’m not here that’s why.


Uh okay, nobody died so that’s good. I have no information that can help narrow down our last mafia though.


What’s the information?