Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


Pretty quiet today. :eyes:


I think everyone’s checked in this day phase? Not many comments, but I agree that Specifice isn’t cleared as fool. But it doesn’t make sense for her to be mafia at all. Last game had some big brain strategy in that shot but in this game there’s nothing to warrant it. Spaget just took a chance as a townie.

I have a question for next day phase assuming I survive it.

[Vote] Abstain


Chances are she’s town sure but there’s no reason to auto clear either. It’s a WIFOM rabbit hole but I’d rather not take the risk of discounting anyone as mafia in such a volatile setup.

Why not ask the question now?


I’m super clear :wink:

I am curious about that question tho


I’m also curious :thonk: Why even announce you have a question today if it’s for tomorrow?


That’s how Mafia works indeed… :wobblurk:


Well it’s nothing spectacular. I wanted to wait so we could get a response and it needed have an entire day phase to discuss. While giving myself time to respond it appropriate.

Spaget, though that was a great shot. Why did you choose to shoot Magi of all people. And why did you decide to take the chance today of shooting someone so early with little comments? You didnt seem suspicious to Magi beforehand at all. Was it just simply a guess? Or am I missing something in what he said that was suspicious.


I’m curious about that too @Specifice


There’s a 12 hour extension (unless everyone votes in the next hour) (although more like 19-20 because of when I’ll be sleep) because there’s only one vote.


Okay, so here was my thought process. Firstly, I wanted to shoot the gun, because I don’t think I’ve ever had a gun in a Mafia game before and I just really wanted to try my luck lol Sam’s comment about EpicMafia would have already had five deaths by now gave me that last push to use it. :dyinglol:

As for picking my target…(my thought process for it was pretty meta so keep that in mind lol) Zoska just finished a game and Desox usually gets wrongfully killed, so I wanted them to be able to keep playing.

I can’t remember the last time I saw Sam in a game so I wanted to see how he played.

Even though I got a lucky-ass shot, Shiny still brought up the Fool thing, which is a good point, so having her question stuff made me lean a little Townie on her.

Dedenne and Glitter are most often prime N0 kills, so I thought they deserved a chance to play. :dyinglol:

I felt bad about throwing so much suspicion on jdthebud last game and getting him lynched, so that was out.

And that left me with Magi! I’ll admit, I was still a little salty about that last Mafia win, and I thought “What are the chances of him being Mafia again?” So I took a chance. Figured if I turned out wrong, at least this wouldn’t distract him from school stuff. <_<"

I didn’t realize I thought so hard about this tbh lmaooo


Also, I had already sent the message to Ho-Oh to tale the shot on Magi before he even said anything so nothing he said influenced it and a good thing too, because his response didn’t seem suspicious in the least <_<"

And don’t forget to vote, y’all!


You want me to die but maybe I’m maf now who knows. Maybe I’m town. But I’m no movie star, that we are sure of.

You maf I think. So I now know who to vote.

[Lynch] Sam


You think Spec is mafia? You’re wack.

[Vote] Desox


Yeah I think myself as very woke thank you.


I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure what your previous post meant. <_<"


You need to read like into the lines, I know it’s hard but if you squint your eyes a bit then you’ll have squinted your eyes but if you do too much be careful or you will know too much and I’ll have to kill you


Why don’t we just like shoot each other and then mafia won’t win anyways i think it’s a nice idea


I’m starting to think you’re the Fool. :eyes:


nice the plan is working maf colleague sam oh no theyll read this wait maybe not if i put a line over it