Everybody Has a Gun

Everybody Has a Gun


Imagine if mafia killed 3 people night 0 :sweat_drops:




are you saying you’d like that :eyes:


There’s never much to say on a Day One, at first, besides try to protect the Watcher and be more careful of your guns than ever. If there’s something to be made from Kitty’s death, I’m not sure quite yet, but maybe we can figure something out when we get more evidence. I’ve got nothing else though right now, so if anyone has any ideas… :eyes:

And let’s try not shoot five people today >_>


No ideas, as of yet.



Im sure the only reason she gave one N0 is because she knew she’d be the first to die. Its a gun based game and Kitty is usually handed a gun because her keen eye on maf shots.
Alright off to bed town


Boom Magipika was shot by Specifice!

Magipika was the Illusionist.


Lol great shot Spec!


I was lowkey tempted to shoot myself just to see your reactions :dyinglol:



Also great start now. Only one more mafia member, and then there’s the fool. Just gotta be careful with lynches.


Oh wow, rad :dyinglol:


I’m leaning on abstaining here, but I’ll wait and see how the rest of the day goes.


[Vote] Abstain


I think we still got another 28 hours from now, so I’m still hoping for some comments by tomorrow morning. For now, GP and Desox haven’t said anything. But that’s not enough reason for any suspicion when both have been busy lately.

No vote for now, I’d abstain but I know I’ll be online tomorrow :fufu:


Spaggy you took a random shot? Omf… glad it was a good one :dyinglol:


Oh shit, true. I keep forgetting how much time is left literally every day phase.

LOL I just really wanted to be able to use it.


I was leaning on you being the Fool since you took the random shot, you still could be of course though XD But still




What about I get this game spicy and shoot someone? I’m feeling funny this game.
k no i’m kidding don’t shoot

Spaget playing it safe so soon :eyes:… noted.


Sorry for being quiet so far, the site was down when I tried to check in before.

Let’s not auto clear the one who shot the mafia guys, you should know better after the last game. Specifice is most likely inno it’s completely possible she isn’t.

Shiny looking alright to me so far, and a good point about Specifice not being clear of Fool either. Right now null on everyone else.