Draw the pokémon above!

Draw the pokémon above!


Next is Dewott!


Sorry I’m late
but here’s what I’ve got
I managed to scrape up a sketch of Dewott
Though I don’t understand
How you draw stuff so fast
cause if my art’s not planned then I often procrast-
inate on the sketch
but enough about me…
Maybe someone should try drawing Combee! :heart:
(That second line could have had a very easy rhyme but I try not to be vulgar xD)


God when it’s big and under this lighting it looks kind of terrible doesn’t it :zoomeyes:


Omg I love him! <3 <3 <3

I always get nervous about starting something on paper, cuz I worry about erasing so many mistakes that I just trash the paper. Which usually ends up with me not drawing anything at all, unless I’m feeling particularly confident.


Draawwww… Wartortle