Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


Also are there any other mafia members that actually steal aside from the thief? Whether or not Tyler is killed as a member of mafia and that almost confirms Sari being scum we can at least confirm thief then.


I meant in the sense that it’s chance the penguin would talk about specifically Tyler’s visit since so many visits happen a night :sadgery:

Idk what the heck I am still in all honesty besides the fact I’m not mafia. And I wasn’t one of the people who visited Kitty since I visited Zos, who hasn’t said anything all day :eyes:
I didn’t find anything though as I stated earlier.

I’m probably either of the unknowns from town or third party since I didn’t visit the first two nights as well.


I did get that hint today. Although the other two days, only one hint was revealed, so maybe the Mafia got the other one and decided not to reveal? Information is power, after all…

It didn’t occur to me at all that the Thief doesn’t attend mafia meetings, that’s actually pretty enlightening and I’m glad that you pointed it out.

I didn’t see any other roles that did something similar to stealing, by the way, maybe there is but I don’t think there is another role.

As a side note, if you said you didn’t visit Kitty then you’re just saying that you’re neither a Doctor, Snowman, or Gunsmith. Isn’t that just more incriminating? :thinking:


Well after reading up on thief, I’m definitely not it since I didn’t receive anything :0?


We’re not suggesting you’re the Thief, you’re not the one the clue suggests was visiting. Either way, this is all going off of your word as a suspect that you didn’t get anything, so how can we tell anyhow?



i will still stand by my words though uwu


oh wait, aaron was the one who visited sari, not the other way around

that might mean that aaron is a possible thief?


That’s what I was implying, yes :eyes:

As for who didn’t talk yet today, only Zos hasn’t said anything but I think she’s sick so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.


Time’s up


Night Three

Tyler, the Toreador, is dead. They were aligned with the mafia.

@Desox as the Penguin
@Tyler as the Toreador
@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante
@Johnny as the Monk
@Shiny as the Virgin


and this is why you don’t run two games at once.
Apologies for the short day phase, got muddled up because I’m running a game on PC as well. Won’t happen again and Aaron has first dibs on replacing any inactive players.


Time’s up. Phase change coming shortly.


Day Four
Seems like two out of the previous three people have become extremely devout, although one was known to deal death to others. The third didn’t attend the church, maybe they’re too cool, but they caught up with someone else later.

Elsewhere the mafia scrambled after their target… a child. How low will they sink? Eh, then again… this kid was pretty messed up.

Dedenne, the Creepy Girl, is dead. They were a Third Party role.

@Desox as the Penguin
@Tyler as the Toreador
@Dedenne as the Creepy Girl
@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante
@Johnny as the Monk
@Shiny as the Virgin


Yeah, you see, I didn’t say anything because death was knocking at my door irl and I thought I had the second half of the day phase to help. Imagine my surprise when I see 24 hours later, the night phase has come for my ass hahaa%23

Also, last night I received a hint that [X] player passed an item to [Y] player (I know who they are). I don’t wanna reveal just yet, just in case the item they passed wasn’t the Creepy Girl’s doll. I guess this also reveals that there’s a second penguin waddling about? I think???

Idk, I’ll read through what’s happened so far and post again later.


Okay so, I’m 90% sure that Sari is our thief. Here’s why:

Even if Sari says that she didn’t target Aaron, Aaron (who was Toreador) did infact target Sari, which forces Sari to target Aaron back. (aka both of them bamboozled each other)

We know that Sari can’t be the Doctor, Gunsmith, and Snowman, because they targeted Chura, and Sari should’ve targeted Aaron because Toreador. She also can’t be the Penguin since Magi got the hint on that day.

That leaves Sari to have either 3 roles, 2/3 of those are mafia. Considering that she couldn’t have been the Silencer (or the unknown mafia role) because why the hell would Aaron target his fellow mafia on their chat, Sari could only be either the unknown inno role, or the thief… But then, a mafia did steal something from another mafia, which pretty much says to me that Sari is our thief…

What do you think?


Yeah, so I guess the whole situation was backwards? I guess that still means that Sari could be the Thief since she visited Tyler, and I presume just as the Thief doesn’t know about the other mafia members the mafia members don’t know who the Thief is either? I’m surprised that the Mafia ended up getting the Third Party but I guess in the end that all works out in our favor. All things considered, we should probably take care of Sari before she can do any damage if she is the Thief since she probably has some items on her at this point, especially since there’s both a Snowman and a Gunsmith and none of them have been used yet.

I passed on the doll last night because I thought it might be more risky on me, but if Dedenne’s dead then it’s probably safe to say now. As for who’s left, I can’t really get a reading on anyone who hasn’t said much… Zoska’s still recovering and Tealeaf’s been busy so not much has been said, while both Spaget and Fawful have said a few things here and there but nothing incriminating. If you guys have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them…


I think this late in the game, if we’re sure about Sari, we should probably take action and then figure out a lynch afterwards.


You owe me a free “one day without voting” modman, I was going to sleep on my vote and I woke up to the day phase being closed early :anger:

That said, I just realized my D3 action didn’t seem to go through according to my PMs. I’m not sure if this means we have a roleblocker or our game mod’s brain is leaking from running two games at once, honestly.


I didn’t count any missed votes from the previous day as a strike don’t worry.


Alright, that’s good :slight_smile:

Anyway, as for my observations… Well, other than the potential we have a roleblocker, we also confirmed that both 3rd party roles are dead (meaning we don’t have a jester). Therefore, the last “no night action” role has to be town or mafia as a result. Personally, I’m banking on another “no action townie” role that’s immune to night actions, unless Maf has a potential “no action” role too.

Also, I edited this post solely because I didn’t want to doublepost. If you check, only the first line should display in edits.